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(RefID: 0003C808)
Location Forbidden Grotto, Paradise
Race High Elf Gender Male
Level PC+0 Class Mythic Dawn Adept
RefID 0003C808 BaseID 0003C806
Other Information
Health 38 + (3+1.8)x(PC-1), PC=5-28
Magicka 288 + 3.5x(PC-1) (max=400)
Responsibility 0 Aggression 0
Respawns Yes
Follower Paradise
Faction(s) Anyone wearing Bands of the Chosen

Eldamil is a High Elf adept in the Mythic Dawn cult, and was one of Mankar Camoran's chief lieutenants. He's found inside the Forbidden Grotto of Paradise, and will aid you in removing the Bands of the Chosen. He will also help you fight Mankar Camoran, if you so choose. He wears a Mythic Dawn robe, a matching hood and a pair of braided leather sandals.

Eldamil was one of the Chosen of the Mythic Dawn. He helped plan the Emperor's assassination. He was also the one that opened the Great Gate at Kvatch. While hunting down survivors after the battle, he was slain by three townsfolk who were hiding in a cellar. Thus, he was sent to Paradise. For weakness, remorse, and an obvious distaste for the supposed "Paradise", the Master banished him to the Forbidden Grotto to torture his former comrades who showed similar ingratitude for the gift of eternal life.

Eldamil possesses The Mage birthsign (+50 Magicka) and a Bound Dagger Lesser Power (100pts). In addition he can also cast a leveled Shield spell and a minor ranged Shock spell. However, since his Mythic Dawn Adept class doesn't have Alteration as a major skill, Eldamil will only be able to cast Novice and Apprentice Shield spells.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit


When first spoken to:

"You wear the Bands, but you're no prisoner. Who are you? What are you doing here?"

You have two options to reply with the first being:

My business is my own. Stand aside.
"Wait. I know who you must be. You're the one who killed Raven and Ruma. They told me about you, when I was still in their father's favor... And now you're here to kill their father. Of course. You came for the Amulet of Kings. Then ... Martin Septim still lives? There is still hope to stem Mehrunes Dagon's invasion?"
Martin still lives.
"Perhaps Akatosh heard my prayers. Even here. Even after everything I've done ... Listen, I can help you. You need my help if you are to leave the Forbidden Grotto."
Why do you care?
"I bear responsibility for much of the evil that was done in Mankar Camoran's name. I would undo it if I could. I never thought I would have a chance to redeem myself, waiting helplessly here in eternity. But now you are here. Perhaps you can kill Mankar Camoran. Save Tamriel from Dagon's final victory. I can help you. You need my help if you are ever to leave the Forbidden Grotto."

The other option is:

I'm here to kill Mankar Camoran.
"Can you really do it? Can you bring this eternal nightmare to an end? Can you defeat Mankar Camoran? And free all the souls of the poor fools who followed him? Listen, I can help you. You need my help if you are ever to leave the Forbidden Grotto."

Either option will lead to:

Who are you?
"I was one of Mankar Camoran's chief lieutenants. I helped plan the Emperor's assassination. I opened the Great Gate at Kvatch. We were The Chosen. We saw more clearly than ordinary mortals. We would destroy the world, and remake it. Mankar Camoran was our leader, our teacher, our Master. He had the secret knowledge. He dealt with Mehrunes Dagon as an equal."
Why would you help me?
"I was at the sack of Kvatch. They had no chance. We took them by surprise, and we carried the walls in the first assault. But they fought on anyway. Desperately. They seemed to think this decadent, mundane world of theirs was worth defending. I was slain after the battle was over. Three townsfolk hiding in a cellar attacked me when I entered their house, hunting down survivors. They tore me to pieces, although I have no doubt they were immediately killed by my companions. I've had plenty of time to ponder my deeds since I came here. Ponder, and regret. An eternity of regret. For my weakness, the Master sent me here, to torture my former comrades who showed similar ingratitude for his gift of eternal life."

You then have the option of accepting his help or refusing it:

How can you help me?
"No one wearing the Bands of the Chosen can leave this Grotto. The door will not open, and there is no other way out. I can remove them, but I will need time. The Dremora overseer will be here any minute to check up on me. You need to play along until he leaves. Just act like a prisoner, and do as I say. Once Orthe leaves, we can find a quiet spot to remove those Bands."
Fine. I'll play along.
"Good. Follow me, and don't worry. You can trust me."
I don't want your help.
"I understand. Why would you trust me? But you have no choice. I am the only one who can help you escape this place. No one wearing the Bands of the Chosen can leave the Grotto. You'll discover that for yourself soon enough."

If you re-enter conversation at this point he will still offer to help you:

"I'm ready to help you, if you're ready to accept my help."

If you accepted his help and try to speak to him again:

"Not now. Just do as I say until the dremora leaves."

If you agree to let Eldamil assist you escape the Forbidden Grotto, Orthe will enter the chamber and question the reason for you being in the Forbidden Grotto:

Orthe: "What's going on here? Who's this?"
Eldamil: "A prisoner, sent in by ..."
Orthe: "Show me some respect, worm! Unless you want to end up in the cages with them."
Eldamil: " ... Yes, kynreeve. Sir. This prisoner was sent in by Kathutet for questioning. I was about to begin."
Orthe: "This is not one of Mankar Camoran's chattels from the Garden. Who is he/she?"
Eldamil: "Nothing escapes your vigilance, kynreeve. Kathutet wondered as well. This is why he sent him/her for questioning."
Orthe: "Well ... carry on."
Eldamil: "Of course, kynreeve."

As long as you don't enter the cage at this point, Eldamil will warn you to get in it:

"Prisoner! Get in the cage!"
"Prisoner! Into the cage, now!"

Once you reach the top again in the cage he will shout:

Eldamil: "There's no way for me to cross, but the Master's immortality does have its uses. I will distract the dremora for as long as I can."

Should you enter conversation with him at this point, he will say:

"Let's get into the next Grotto. I'm sure we can find a quiet place to remove the Bands there."

As long as you're in The Forbidden Grotto, he will share the following on the topic of Mankar Camoran:

"Mankar Camoran lives in his palace, Carac Agaialor, which overlooks the Savage Garden from the top of the mountain. He never comes here. He stays in Carac Agaialor with Ruma and Raven. But these caves eventually lead to the Terrace of Dawn in front of his palace."

And he will share the following on the topic of Bands of the Chosen:

"Those bracers you're wearing ... that's what we put on the prisoners here. It prevents them from escaping, and makes them easy to control. I can get them off you, but I'll need some time."

After going through the door he will meet back up with you:

"You made it. I didn't think you'd have any trouble. Let's get these Bands off you … … there. You're not a prisoner of the Forbidden Grotto any longer. Let me come with you. Let me help you kill Mankar Camoran. I am not without power."
Sure. I'd be glad of your help.
"I am no match for Mankar Camoran, but perhaps together we can find a way to defeat him. Lead on."
No, I don't want your help.
"Perhaps you still do not trust me. Very well. I will not interfere. If Akatosh hears my prayers, go with his blessing."

Should you re-enter conversation he will still offer to help you defeat Mankar:

"I'm eager to help you defeat my former Master, if you're willing to accept my help."

If spoken to if you accepted his aid:

"Let's put an end to Mankar Camoran and his evil Paradise."


During combat, you will hear him shout the following while attacking:

"Come on! Together we can defeat him!"
"Death to the Master!"
"Mankar Camoran must be destroyed!"
"Death to Dagon's lackeys!"
"For Tamriel!"
"Down with this false Paradise!"

When hit he may shout:

"Do your worst!"
"I'm beyond fear."
"The pain redeems me!"

Unused dialogueEdit

When you reached the top again in the cage, Eldamil was also meant to shout:

"I'll meet you further along in the caves and remove the Bands when you get there. May Akatosh favor you!"

However, he will instead run off and so this line is never used.