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Oblivion:Falanu Hlaalu

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Falanu Hlaalu
(RefID: 00028E74)
Home City Skingrad
Store All Things Alchemical
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 6 Class Alchemist
RefID 00028E74 BaseID 00028E73
Available 8am-8pm every day
When the Fighter's Stronghold download is installed, this NPC offers services at slightly different times. 8am-8pm; 8pm-10pm
Gold 800 Mercantile Apprentice (40)
Sells Ingredients, Apparatus, Potions, Clothing (Ring of Wortcraft)
Other Information
Health 55 Magicka 150
Responsibility 100 Aggression 5
Faction(s) Skingrad Citizen
Falanu Hlaalu

Falanu Hlaalu is a Dark Elf alchemist and the proprietor of All Things Alchemical in Skingrad. She sells alchemy apparatus, potions, and ingredients. She also seems to have a disturbing penchant for necrophilia.

Falanu sleeps in the double bed on the second floor of her shop between 10pm and 6am. She then takes a morning walk centered on the eastern bridge in Skingrad. Between 8am and 8pm she works in the shop, where she offers her services as an alchemy merchant. After closing up shop, she will wander around the interior for two hours until she heads to bed.

She wears a set of dark upper-class clothing, a black & burgundy outfit and a pair of gold trimmed shoes. She also carries her shop key and a small amount of gold. She doesn't wield any weapons, relying instead on a random set of leveled alchemist spells.


When you meet her for the first time, she will introduce herself and provide some intriguing background info:

"Me? I'm Falanu. House Hlaalu. As if that matters here."

When asked about Skingrad, she will enlighten you further and ask a disturbing question:

"I'm the only alchemist in Skingrad. Not much business here, but I can't go back to Morrowind. It's just like anywhere else in the Empire. By the way... do you happen to know what the fine is here in Cyrodiil for necrophilia? Just asking."

You will then be given three options to reply:

Uh... excuse me?
"Oh. Nothing. I was just wondering."
I have no idea.
"Thanks anyway."
Is it the first offense?
"Let's assume 'no'."
Then it's at least 500 gold.
"That's nothing compared to Morrowind. Thanks."

As an expert in alchemy, Falanu will give you a hint as to where you can learn more about your newly found Nirnroot:

"I dunno. Never seen that sort of root before. Head over to the West Weald Inn and talk to Sinderion. He could identify it for you I'm sure."

Once you have read Modern Heretics, spoken with Ulene Hlervu about "Cheydinhal", or spoken with Trayvond the Redguard, a new "Daedra cults" conversation topic will appear. When you speak to Falanu about this, she will mark Sanguine's Shrine on your map with the words:

Daedra cults
"What makes you think I'd know anything about that... But it just so happens I've run into some Sanguine worshippers up in the Imperial Reserve, a long way north-north-west of Skingrad. Can't give you any better directions, unfortunately. Traveled mostly at night with a guide, and didn't see much on the way."


The other residents of Skingrad have their suspicions about Falanu, and will comment:

"Maybe it's just me, but I find Falanu Hlaalu really odd. And I've seen him [sic] hanging around the graveyard with a strange smile on his [sic] face."

While others might say:

"There's just something wrong with that guy [sic]. And he [sic] has an odd smell about him [sic]."
"I'd stay away from him [sic]if I were you. There's something very wrong with that man [sic]."


  • It is implied through dialogue that Falanu can't return to her home province of Morrowind, and that she had previous run-ins with the law there, related to necrophilia charges.
  • Falanu claims to be the only alchemist in Skingrad. This is quite incorrect, seeing as she even refers you to the other one in town, Sinderion.
  • A ruined building bearing the same "All Things Alchemical" sign as her shop in Skingrad can be found on the southeastern shore of Lake Rumare.