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Oblivion:Fort Farragut

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Fort Farragut
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# of Zones 1
Lucien Lachance, Dark Guardians
Important Treasure
Base Ring of Speed
10 Poisoned Apples
Console Location Code(s)
FortFarragutExterior, FortFarragut
Nibenay Basin
East of Cheydinhal, at the end of the Blue Road
Fort Farragut

Fort Farragut is a small fort east of Cheydinhal containing undead (quest-related). It contains only one zone, Fort Farragut.

Related QuestsEdit


  • A guaranteed magic item, a Base Ring of Speed, can be found outside the fort.
    • The ring is outside on one of the ruined walls of the main circle of the fort, on the northeast side. Go to the second level by climbing the hill outside in back, then go to the left and jump onto the wall in the front. You should be standing in a gap in the wall, looking straight at Cheydinhal. Look down and you'll see a small ledge in front of you. Step on the ledge and slowly follow the ledge to the left. You'll find the ring in the middle of an "X" configuration of gold coins. Grab the coins near the edge first so you don't accidentally knock anything down.
    •   Version 3.3.4 of the Unofficial Oblivion Patch changes the location of the ring and coins. With the patch installed, the items are moved away from the ledge to prevent them from being knocked off the ledge and likely rolling down the hill.
  • Lucien Lachance will only appear in Fort Farragut after the Dark Brotherhood quest Of Secret And Shadow (the prelude to The Purification) has been started.
  • A trapdoor in the roof of Lucien Lachance's chamber leads to the inside of a hollow tree northwest of the main fort door. This secret entrance can be used at any time, allowing bypass of all of the fort's undead guards.
  • 10 poisoned apples are in Lucien Lachance's chamber in a barrel to the right of the trapdoor. Poisoned apples are rare items that sell for a considerable amount of gold. They respawn every 72 hours.
  • This fort contains 18 Wisp Stalk plants.
  • Fort Farragut appears in ESO as Farragut Keep.


Key to Maps
Fort Farragut, Exterior

Zone 1: Fort FarragutEdit

Fort Farragut
Lucien Lachance's hideout

This zone serves as a gauntlet to reach Lucien Lachance at Q during the start of The Purification. Incidentally, Lucien can be reached via a shortcut (see Notes), but the rest of the fort still contains enough valuables to be worth exploring, although the path from the main entrance at C is fraught with traps. Upon entering, you will first come to the gate at M, which is opened by pulling a lever to your right (cyan dot on map). The gate opens into a medium-sized chamber, with two paths leading deeper into the fort, and one path leading up past a minor loot chest to the bridge in the middle of the room, which features another minor loot chest. The path to the southwest is blocked by gate N, locked with a Hard lock. If you are unable to unlock the gate, you must take the path to the southeast, which leads to an unavoidable pair of Darts traps (G). The N path leads to a Dark Guardian and a Cave In trap (I), which can be avoided by jumping over the Tripwire triggers at H or by running past the rocks before they fall. Both paths ultimately lead to the same small room with a Dark Guardian and a minor loot chest. The room connects to a dirt path, with a Spike Pit trap at L that can be jumped over if you spot it in time. Next is an intersection with the left path leading underground, serving as the way back if you fell into the hole. Proceed forward and avoid the path to the right leading underground at the next intersection, as the upper level will net you an avoidable set of Swinging Mace traps (J) rather than an unavoidable pair of Darts traps (G) underground. The path leads to a long corridor, which ends at gate O. Avoid the traps at J and pull the lever to open the gate; the lever also kills any remaining Dark Guardians in the fort. Head into Lucien Lachance's chamber and loot the two chests, jewelry box, two human hearts, and respawning (Very Hard-locked) barrel at E filled with ten poisoned apples.



  • 1 Barrel containing 10 Poisoned Apples (locked, Very Hard) at location E on map
  • 2 Chests 02 (1 locked)
  • 1 Chest 03
  • 2 Chests 04
  • 1 Jewelry Box (contains 50% chance jewelry, 50% silver nugget, gold change; non-respawning; locked)
  • The following alchemy equipment will always be found: 1 Novice Alembic, 1 Novice Mortar & Pestle, and 1 Novice Retort
  • The following potions will always be found: 1 Weak Poison of Affliction, 1 Weak Poison of Paralysis, and 1 Weak Poison of Sickness
  • The following plants will always be found: 18 Wisp Stalk plants
  • The other following items will always be found: 2 Human Hearts, 1 Leather Gauntlets, 2 Nightshades, 1 Silver Dagger, and 1 The Five Tenets
  • Some of the above items are clustered at the following locations:
    • At E: 1 Barrel containing 10 Poisoned Apples (locked, Very Hard), 1 Human Heart, 1 Nightshade, 1 Novice Alembic, 1 Novice Mortar & Pestle, 1 Novice Retort, 1 Weak Poison of Affliction, 1 Weak Poison of Paralysis, and 1 Weak Poison of Sickness
    • At F: 1 Chest 02 (locked), 1 Human Heart, 1 Jewelry Box (locked), 1 Leather Gauntlets, 1 Nightshade, 1 Silver Dagger, and 1 The Five Tenets


Doors and Gates:

  • There are two doors (at C and D) in/out of this zone, both leading outside
    • 1 Old Wooden Door at N (locked)
    • 2 Portcullis Gates at M and O


  • 1 bed at location b on map