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A Lich

Full Liches (but not Nether Liches) are members of their own Lich faction instead of the standard Undead faction. The disposition modifiers for the factions ensure that Liches will not fight other undead and, conversely, that other undead will not fight Liches.

The primary difference between the Lich faction and the standard Undead faction is the relationship to Necromancers and Vampires: standard Undead will happily cohabitate with Necromancers and Vampires, but Liches hate them and will immediately attack (and the feeling is mutual: the faction modifiers ensure that members of the Necromancers cult and Vampire faction also hate Liches).

One other implication of the special Lich faction is that full Liches do not like each other. If two full Liches spawn near each other in a dungeon they are very likely to start fighting each other.

Most liches carry a magical staff that is randomly selected from a list of 22 possible staves. These staves are all high-level varieties (e.g., "greater/special" varieties of Generic Staves and other staves that normally only appear at level 18), since standard liches are only encountered starting at level 26. However, summoned liches and the King of Miscarcand can be encountered at any level. They therefore provide a possible way to obtain very powerful staves as early as level 1 (see Summon for notes on how to obtain a summoned creature's weapon).

Nether LichesEdit

A Nether Lich

Nether Liches are weaker forms of the villainous Lich. Because of this, they are encountered at lower levels and are extremely challenging for unprepared adventurers. They can still be encountered when Liches can, although they are much rarer.

Besides their ethereal appearance, they look identical to standard liches. All lich bosses can be a Nether Lich or a Lich, depending on the level of the player at which they are encountered.

Unique Liches/Nether LichesEdit

Creature Carries Health Frost Resist Poison Resist Fire Resist Magic Resist Reflect Spell Spell Absorption Attacks Soul
Nether Lich
Leveled Staff
100 100 -25 25 25
  • Leveled enchanted staff (always normal variety)
  • Three leveled destruction spells (two major, one minor)
  • Leveled major Summon undead spell (no Gloom Wraith)
  • Leveled major Absorb Health spell
  • Leveled major Shield spell
  • Leveled major Silence spell
  • 10+((lvl-7)/2) pts melee, unarmed (Min:18)
Random Staff
100 100 -25 25 25 25
  • Random staff with destruction enchantment (always Greater/Special variety)
  • Three leveled destruction spells (two major, one minor)
  • Leveled major Summon Undead spell
  • Leveled major Absorb Health spell
  • Leveled major Dispel on target spell
  • Leveled major Shield spell
  • 20+(lvl/2) pts melee, unarmed (Min:32)
Random Staff 360 100 100 -25 25 25 25 Grand


  • If a lich of any kind loses their magical staff, they become incapable of attacking. This is due to them having animations for using staves, but not for hand-to-hand combat, said animations being unfinished and left in the game files.