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Oblivion:Rowley Eardwulf

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Rowley Eardwulf
(RefID: xx003288)
(lore page)
Added by Vile Lair
Location Wawnet Inn
Race Breton Gender Male
Level 10 Class Trader
RefID xx003288 BaseID xx003286
Available 12am-12pm, 2pm-8pm every day
Training Trainer (Basic)Sneak (Basic) Sneak, Basic (50)
Gold 2000 Mercantile Apprentice (44)
Sells Weapons, Armor,
Deepscorn Hollow upgrades
Other Information
Health 84 Magicka 220
Responsibility 65 Aggression 5
Essential Until all upgrades have been purchased
Faction(s) IC Citizens
Rowley Eardwulf

Rowley Eardwulf is a Breton merchant at the Wawnet Inn. He only appears after you buy the Vile Lair official download and will sell you all Deepscorn Hollow upgrades. He has 2000 available gold and sells weapons, enchanted armor, and upgrades for Deepscorn Hollow. He also provides training in Sneak up to level 50.

According to Greywyn's Journal, Rowley was a former member of the Dark Brotherhood who aided Greywyn in his dark plan to destroy the Black Hand with an army of vampires known as the Crimson Scars. He escaped the Brotherhood's wrath when they massacred most of the Crimson Scars, and is the group's only known surviving member.

Rowley never sleeps; instead, he spends all night sitting on the stairs in the Wawnet Inn, where he will offer training and bartering. At midday he will dine on mutton for two hours at one of the downstairs tables. At 2pm he will return to sitting on the stairs, and will stay there until 8pm when he has a three-hour dinner, again eating mutton. At midnight he will once again return to his seat on the stairs, keeping vigil throughout the night.

He wears a plaid shirt, light brown linens and a pair of quilted shoes. He is armed with a leveled dagger and always carries some mutton.


When you approach him, he will whisper:

"Psst! Hey you! Yeah, you! Come here! I got what you need..."

If you speak to him he will say:

"You need something... special? Check out my wares. You won't find this stuff at your local general store, that's for damn sure."

When exit conversation he will send you off with:

"Walk always in the Shadow of Sithis."

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  • Several internal references refer to Rowley as Taris, indicating an early name.
  • When you achieve Expert level in Mercantile you can invest in his shop. This makes Rowley the merchant with the most gold available in the game, along with Nilphas Omellian and Aurelinwae.
  • He shares his greeting dialogue lines with Shady Sam.


  • Rowley would not have the Deepscorn Hollow upgrades available to buy if you entered Deepscorn Hollow the first time without triggering a quest advancement.
  • Rowley's hello when you are near ("Psst. Hey, you! Yeah, you! Come here! I got what you need...") and greeting when you talk to him ("You need something... special? Check out my wares. You won't find this stuff at your local general store, that's for damn sure.") are misleadingly used all the time, even when he is not buying or selling anything. He will only trade when sitting on the stairs at the inn, or when he's eating on the ground floor.
  • Rowley's merchant chest is not owned by him, as a result, innkeeper Nerussa can offer his unique items to you as well.