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Oblivion Mod:Configuration and Management

Mod / Oblivion: Oblivion Mod

This section on mod Configuration and Management is originally from TESCOSI, and covers a wide range of topics related to using mods, including Configuration, Optimization, Stabilization and Installation, catering to all experience levels. The primary purpose is to help users get comfortable with building and managing optimized and stable modified setups.

Intro to Oblivion and ModsEdit

Introducing modified Oblivion...

  • System Requirements — System requirements for Oblivion and recommended specs for modified Oblivion
  • Installed Folders — An introduction to the directories created during Oblivion's installation
  • Intro to Mods — An introduction to Oblivion mods
  • Intro to Mod Conflicts — An introduction to the different types of mod conflicts
  • Mod Management — A quick introduction to the common methods and tools used to manage mods
  • Acronyms — Common acronyms related to Oblivion and their meanings
  • Hardware Analysis — Information about Oblivion with respect to consumer hardware (if you're thinking about upgrading...)
  • Plugins — An introduction to plugins: types, dependencies, etc.


Programs and UtilitiesEdit

Programs and utilities to use with Modified Oblivion


Mod DownloadsEdit

Where and how to download mods


Mod InstallationEdit

The ins and outs of adding mods to an Oblivion setup


Post-Installation ManagementEdit

  • After Changing a Modified Setup — Steps to take prior to launching Oblivion after modifying a modified setup.
  • Load Order — Introduces plugin load order and the additional plugin states afforded by Wrye Bash's features.


Running OblivionEdit

Tips for running Oblivion (with mods installed)


  • Before Running Checklist — This small list of pre-run steps can help boost performance and stability significantly
  • First Run Guide — A recommended set of steps to take before running a new modified setup the first time
  • Updating Saves — How to update and repair saves when after changing a modified setup


Troubleshooting facts, tips and resources

Stabilization and OptimizationEdit

How to stabilize and optimize Oblivion (with and without mods)


File ManipulationEdit

Input and Input DevicesEdit


  • Large Address Aware Patch — Information about the LAA patch that allows 32-bit executable to use more than 2GB of memory.