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Quest ItemsEdit

The following will no longer remain quest items after their respective quests have been completed:

Dark Brotherhood: The latent Blade of Woe, if the player is permanently expelled from the Dark Brotherhood; the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary Well Key (no reason for it ever to have been one as it's not like the front door ever is inaccessible nor is the well entrance required for any quests).
Fighters' Guild: The Stone of St. Alessia (once you hand it over).
Mages' Guild: Falcar's Key (Leyawiin Recommendation), Echo Cave Key and Colossal Black Soulgem (Confront the King)
Thieves' Guild: Waterfront Tax Records (Untaxing the Poor), Llathasa's Bust (Elven Maiden), Boots of Springheel Jak (Ultimate Heist), Adharji's Heirloom (Adharji's Heirloom, pre-1.1.511 patch only), Arrow of Extrication (Arrow of Extrication), Cowl of Nocturnal Notes, Ultimate Heist Plan (Ultimate Heist), Imbel Family Crypt Key (Boots of Springheel Jak), and "Note from Gray Fox" (Misdirection; it would be stuck if the player retrieved it from the Arch-Mage's nightstand after the quest was complete).
Misc quests: Akaviri Orders (Lifting the Vale), Handwritten Note (unknown), High Fane Key (Secrets of the Ayleids), Lindai's Royal Tomb Key (Nothing You Can Possess), Lithnilian's Research Notes (No Stone Unturned), and Rumare Slaughterfish Scales (Go Fish).
  • Carved Panel (Secrets of the Ayleids), if picked up if Umbacano dies in the Secrets of the Ayleids quest before using it (unlike the others, this one will be removed from player inventory if stuck; it can't be made droppable, because if it were it would fall out of the wall it's in before being found).
  • Great Sigil Stone (Great Gate), if multiple copies of it were obtained by repeatedly activating the static Sigil Stone.
  • Honorblade of Chorrol (Sins of the Father), after the quest is completed (could be stolen from the Countess afterwards).
  • Journal of the Lord Lovidicus (The Grey Prince), if the quest is terminated by Agronak gro-Malog dying before completion.
  • Oghma Infinium (no reason for it to have ever been one).
  • Reverse Invisibility scroll (Zero Visibility), when no longer required (there is a second copy that could be obtained and it would get stuck in the player's inventory).
  • Ring of the Viper Eye (Lifting the Vale quest reward), if it has not yet been obtained (it should never have been a quest item at all) and also after the quest is complete.
  • Varulae's Crystal Ball (Ghost Ship of Anvil) (although it is given to her, it could be retrieved by the player).

General FixesEdit

(Divided by Clothing/Armor, Weapons, Misc Items, and Magical Properties)


  • Fixed the "Child Overalls" in Fort Cuptor (only one of these in the game) not appearing in inventory when picked up (was flagged unplayable so couldn't be worn; replaced with a misc. item that isn't wearable but appears in inventory... item is worthless anyway)
  • Fixed the Dark Shirt not hiding amulets, so they clipped through it rather noticeably
  • The Russet Felt Shirt of Blade Turning will now look proper on female players without their legs clipping through it.
  • The Light Raiment of Valor now has 1000 health (rather than 100) which aligns it with the stats of the Heavy Raiment of Valor and Arena Light/Heavy Raiments (so this was probably a typo of a missing zero).
  • Glass Ceremonial Gauntlets will now appear properly on female characters.
  • The texture of Imperial Watch Gauntlets is now properly aligned (Note that these items are not available to the player).
  • The Weaponbane Cuirass will no longer use the tail slot when equipped.
  • The player's arms are no longer invisible in first-person view when wearing Mythic Dawn armor also set them to use their already made inventory icons (These items are also not available to the player without mods).
  • Mage Fighter Greaves, the Cuirass of Battle and the Jewel of the Rumare can now be picked up again when dropped.
  • Oblivion mines should now go off as they were supposed to if the player is level 25 or higher.
  • The unique Monkeypants greaves item now has the correct icon for female characters also it will no longer appear as a pair of gauntlets when dropped.
  • Fixed the Dremora Markynaz Robe so Dremora wearing it will no longer appear with invisible hands and feet.
  • All Orcish cuirasses and glass gauntlets, will now appear properly for female characters.
  • The unique Gauntlets of the Drunkard will now appear correctly for female characters.
  • Elven shields are no longer leveled as heavy armor (they're light).
  • Bound Cuirass and Greaves are now Light Armor to match the Boots, Gauntlets, Helmet and Shield.
  • The following armors will now hide/reveal rings: Shrouded Armor (which includes gauntlets), Inquisitor's Gauntlets, and Gauntlets of the Sentinel (hide), Magebane Greaves (fixed to not hide rings),
  • The following armors will now hide/reveal amulets: Dondoran's Juggernaut and Birthright of Astalon cuirasses (hide), Boots of the Unburdened (fixed to not hide amulets), Arena Raiments (reveal).


  • Corrected the Speed and Reach values for all Elven War Axes.
  • Corrected the reach for seven types of two-handed swords.
  • Corrected weights of Dremora Field, Broadhead and Barbed Arrows (all weights were 10x what they should be given their damage in comparison with other arrows).
  • Corrected weight, reach, health and damage values for the Mace of Decay, as they appeared to have been copied from the Warhammer of Decay.
  • Seven types of axes are now properly categorized as blunt (not blade) weapons, as the rest of the axes in the game are.
  • The Ebony Blade will now appear to be held by the player at the right location, not on the guard (more accurately, tsuba) also corrected improved it's collision data from the re-alignment.
  • Fixed the Mehrunes' Razor dagger's (Weapons\MehrunesRazor\dagger.nif) pommel clipping through the player's hand as the grip was too short (this mesh was present in Oblivion before the Mehrunes' Razor official plug-in so is part of the UOP rather than the UOMP)
  • Fixed the War Axe of Beguilement (glass, casts Soul Trap) and Warhammer of Sapping (silver, casts Drain Magicka) never appearing in-game as they were never added to leveled lists.
  • The Cursed Mace (Molag Bal shrine quest) will now be an undroppable quest item until it is required to drop it.
  • Quite a few silver weapons will now actually ignore normal weapon resistance like silver weapons should.
  • Hatred's Heart and Hatred's Soul are now properly flagged as magical/non-normal weapons (also corrected their names)


  • The giant club, crystal ball and hour glass in the Imperial City Palace Basement can no longer be moved around.
  • The Shadowbanish Wine chests will no longer respawn providing an unlimited supply of the wine. This was done because by game lore there was only a limited amount of the wine created yet it's unlimited.
  • Created a new normal map for the Escutcheon of Chorrol as the existing one wasn't working and was of poor quality too, so now it matches the ebony shield.
  • The wine bottle at the summit of Gnoll Mountain, three bottles near the Fort Grief docks, the dagger on the bandit's bed in Vilverin, and the four parchment items (two each in Forts Cuptor and Istirus) can now be picked up.
  • Lion Pelts are no longer invisible when dropped.
  • Several versions of the Spelldrinker Amulet will now have the correct worn and ground meshes (not the Necromancer's Amulet or Amulet of Kings)
  • One of the two coins in Vilverin Sel Sancremathi will no longer fall through the Ayleid Cask it is placed on when the other is picked up.
  • The replica Dwarven Shield will no longer be standing upright halfway through its display case (meaning it would slip through onto the floor) in the Skingrad Fighters Guild.
  • Changed the Human Blood "potions" found in Vicente Valtieri's quarters and the Pale Lady's lair so that if the player is a vampire, drinking one counts as feeding (Vicente and the Pale Lady can feed from them, so the player should also be able to)
  • Corrected oversight whereby there were five skill books for every skill except Speechcraft; made the book "Children of the Sky" the fifth Speechcraft skill book as it's sufficiently rare yet not unique, was not already a skill book, and the content is so tailor-made for it that it's arguable that it was the intended fifth Speechcraft book all along.
  • Added missing low texture size icons for paintbrush jars ( so that the wrong one is not being used if Oblivion is not set to Large texture size.
  • Fixed Tamika's (Skingrad) pants not being removable from her inventory.
  • Some Silver Pitchers will no longer produce a blood spray when struck with a weapon, and Telekinesis will now work on them.
  • The Telekinesis effect now works on multiple types of keys (Key02.NIF), letters (Parchment01.NIF), broad sheets (BroadSheet01.NIF), flawed topazes, black soul gems, and daedric arrows.
  • The Welkynd Stones in a bronze brazier in Silorn Sedorseli should no longer fall through the brazier when one is picked up.
  • The Diary of Springheel Jak will now properly advance its quest.
  • The following: Handwritten Note (MG11SoulGemNote), Ramblings of Audens Avidius (MS26AudensNote), Notes: Captain Montrose (Dark04BodyNotes), Earana's Notes (MG05FingersScroll) Crumpled Piece of Paper (CrumpledPaperReadableBlank01), Crumpled Piece of Paper (CrumpledPaperReadableBlank02) and Crumpled Piece of Paper (CrumpledPaperReadableBlank03) will now appear as scrolls when read instead of books.
  • Picking up the Fur Helmet of Agnar the Unwavering (Horror of Dive Rock quest) will no longer give the same warning as when looting the armor/weapons of Arena opponents
  • Optimized the Skeleton Key (DASkeletonKey) script so there is no longer a GameMode block constantly running.
  • Corrected several bugs with dropped Sigil Stones: they will no longer disappear if the player leaves the cell they were dropped in, their sound effect will no longer stay where they were first dropped, corrected their un-optimized collision object, and they can now be picked up again without using Telekinesis.
  • Repairing the Bands of the Chosen to over 100% (if the player has 75 or higher skill in Armorer) will no longer allow them to be removed.
  • Garridan's Tears should no longer fall through the ground or rock they sit on when the first one is picked up, thus breaking the quest to retrieve them.
  • Bound items can no longer be kept indefinitely by the player.
  • The Path of Spirit choice from the Oghma Infinium Hermaeus Mora quest reward now works properly.
  • Changed the Black Soul Gems in the Cheydinhal Recommendation quest to have no soul capacity; otherwise the player could fill them via Soul Trap, consume them via recharging or enchanting (even though they are quest items) and then be unable to complete the quest.
  • Lord Lovidicus and the Pale Lady will now have Vampire Dust on their corpses when slain.

The following items now have collision: clannfear claws, ayleid statues, mages' staves, the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal, paint brushes, paint brush jars (fixed so they no longer swing back and forth), goblin shaman staves, orcish cuirasses.

The following items have the correct icons:

  • Nistor's Boots (UniqueClothingBootsAthlete) for female characters; Apron of the Master Artisan (UniqueClothingShirtArtisan) for female characters; Ceramic Pitcher has its own instead of the Silver Pitcher's.
  • Flawed ruby, emerald and diamond will now use the already created flawed icon and not the flawless icon also flawless topaz will now use the flawless icon and not the flawed one.
  • The inventory icon for Clogs will no longer be random graphic noise if Oblivion is set to anything but large texture size.

Magical PropertiesEdit

(Includes incorrect enchantments, missing/incorrect levelling, etc.)

Incorrect/missing/reversed levelling: Mind and Body Ring (Mystery at Harlun's Watch); Redwave cutlass (Ghost Ship of Anvil); Weatherward Circlet (Unfriendly Competition); Amulets of Reflection and Absorption; Rings of Freedom, Nihilism, the North, Firewalking, and Retribution; sigil stones; Absorb Maximal Magicka scrolls; Valdemar's Shield; Amulet of Interrogation (Information Gathering, Fighters Guild); Mage's Staff of Telekinesis; Mankar Camoran's Staff.

  • Scrolls of Drain Skill: Light Armor are fixed.
  • Fixed several bugs with the Skull of Corruption: the "Corrupted Clone" will now vanish if killed via scripting (was using GetAV Health to determine if it was dead or not but kill does not alter health so the body would persist until the spell timer ran out), the player can now no longer drop the staff while its effect is still active and keep the "Corrupted Clone" indefinitely, and optimized the scripting.
  • Using the Wabbajack and the Sanguine Rose will no longer increase the size of your gamesaves.
  • Scrolls of "Absorb Willpower" will now cast that, not "Absorb Strength".
  • Wabbajack will no longer "kill" Mehrunes Dagon (as was intended, but the scripting to prevent this didn't work).
  • The level 5-9 version of the Mage's Staff of Dispel will now have the correct enchantment charge magnitude (960 rather than 560).
  • Corrected the magnitude of the Fortify Armorer enchantment of Base Ring of the Armorer and Gauntlets of the Forge, the Fortify Athletics enchantment of the Boots of the Taskmaster and Grand Ring of Athletics, and the Fortify Security enchantment of the Gauntlets of Passing.
  • Casting Bound Helmet while wearing the Cowl of Nocturnal will no longer permanently affix the changes to Fame, Infamy and Bounty to the player.
  • The magical effects of the Mace of Molag Bal now last ten seconds instead of zero.
  • The Ring Of Steelskin is now enchanted with Resist Normal Weapons as it was supposed to be, not Resist Paralysis.
  • The Fortify Alchemy enchantment effect of the Apron of the Master Artisan, Cowl of the Druid, Mantle of the Woodsman and Ring of Wortcraft items will now work properly (NOTE: exit out of menu mode after wearing them in order for them to take effect; the Fortify Alchemy effect on the character sheet will show twice for each item and its value will be twice the true value, but this is the only way to get it to work properly).
  • The Turn Undead and Weakness to Poison enchantments of all versions of the Shadowhunt bow (Dark Brotherhood quest reward) will now work properly (had no duration; also adjusted the enchantment cost manually for a good progression compensating for the extra charge required without overpowering them)
  • The Demoralize effect of the completed Blade of Woe (all levels), the Drain Fatigue effect of Sinweaver, the Drain Willpower effect of the Staff of Nenalata and the Drain Strength effect of Sufferthorn (all levels for all these items) will now work properly (all had a zero duration)
  • The silver War Axes of Depletion and Sapping will no longer be missing their Absorb and Drain Magicka enchantments respectively
  • Fixed the Claymore of Curses (also changed the name) having only half the enchantment capacity it should.
  • Fixed scrolls of "Absorb Skill: Hand to Hand" absorbing Destruction instead.
  • Fixed the magnitude of the effect of the Potion of Chameleon being the same as the Weak Potion of Chameleon.
  • Fixed the magnitude of the effect of the Poison of Burden being the same as the Weak Poison of Burden (also increased the magnitude of the Strong version so that the progression is proper and matches other poisons)

Ownership IssuesEdit

  • The "Love Letter from Relfina" in Roland Jenseric's house (Order of the Virtuous Blood), Suspicious Note (Corruption and Conscience), and Dar-Ma's Diary (or any other items from the drawers at Moslin's Inn, Shadow Over Hackdirt) no longer count as stolen items.
  • Taking items from the crates outside, or from the interior of the Maria Elena (Imperial City Waterfront), will no longer increase the player's Items Stolen count (which it would do even though the theft icon didn't show nor guards notice); likewise with items from Lake Arrius Caverns during the Dagon Shrine quest (including the Mysterium Xarxes itself), Black Brugo's gold from the container in Telepe (Knights of the White Stallion), and Falcar's drawers (Cheydinhal Recommendation).
  • Corrected the Bloated Float ownership, as the player could steal any number of items in plain view without repercussions (the ownership will properly change for the related quest)
  • Fixed the ownership of the door between the Castle Bravil Great Hall and the Private Quarters East Wing being assigned to the Bruma, rather than the Bravil, castle faction
  • All the items in Satha Dalvilu's house will now all belong to her and not free for the taking anymore.
  • Corrected the ownership of Floyd Nathans' house's load door (Blankenmarch) as it was owned by Dar Jee of Leyawiin for some reason
  • Fixed the ownership of Chestnut Handy Stables as it was owned by the Chorrol stables' faction, and set the ownership of the bedrolls similarly as they could be slept in by the player
  • Fixed the ownership of the publican's and rent beds in Border Watch Inn, Faregyl Inn, Gottshaw Inn, The Sleeping Mare and The Drunken Dragon Inn so that the player can't sleep in them (and for the rent beds can't without paying; left the non-player rent beds where the player needs to break in to get to them)
  • Fixed the ownership of the bed in Lelles' Quality Mercandise {sic} (Anvil), the jailors' beds and prisoners' bedrolls in the Bravil, Bruma, Cheydinhal, Chorrol and IC dungeons, Black Waterside Stables (Cheydinhal), the Cheydinhal and Chorrol Castle Great Halls, Fire and Steel, Jirolin Doran's house, Malintus Ancrus' house, Rimalus Bruiant's house, Renoit's Books (Chorrol), Hammer and Axe, Nord Winds and Novaroma (Bruma), the Chorrol Fighters' Guild (without being a member), the Arena Bloodworks, the Guard House Private Quarters (IC Elven Gardens district), the Foaming Flask (IC Talos Plaza district), the All Saints' Inn (IC Temple district), the Imperial City Lighthouse (IC Waterfront district), the Feed Bag private quarters (IC Market District), Betto Plotius' house, Margarte's house, Southern Books, Three Sisters Inn, and the Fighters' Guild (without being a member) (Leyawiin) and the Skingrad Fighters' and Mages' Guilds (without being a member), all the guards' barracks except Leyawiin, and the Town Guard House as they could be slept in by the player.
  • Changed the ownership of a bedroll with a dead bandit on it in Rockmilk Cave so that other residents don't sleep on it and cuddle the corpse
  • Fixed the ownership of several containers in the Bridge Inn basement and Newlands Lodge (Cheydinhal), and one in Luther Broad's Boarding House Rooms which were player-owned though were not in the player's rented room
  • Fixed ownership for all interior Hackdirt cells as they were owned by the evil-flagged Hackdirt Brethren faction, which meant that no "red hand" showed on objects so they appeared unowned, yet the player would increase Items Stolen count and could get a theft bounty for taking them (Hackdirt Caverns now set to unowned, Jiv Hiriel's and Natch Pinder's Houses, Marlena Brussiner's House/Basement owned by their named owners, Moslin's Dry Goods/Basement owned by Etira Moslin, Moslin's Inn/Room/Guest Rooms and Chapel of the Brethren (public flag set to allow visiting) owned by Vlanhonder Moslin) and created a non-evil Hackdirt villagers faction for them
  • Fixed Eugal Belette's house (Chorrol) also appearing to be missing ownership (was actually owned by the Mythic Dawn faction, but no one but Eugal ever goes there so this appears to be yet another leftover component of an unfinished Chorrol quest) which would lead to increase of Items Stolen count picking up objects there
  • Corrected the ownership of Llevana Nedaren's basement (Cheydinhal) so it is owned by her as the rest of the house is, not the Orum gang
  • Fixed S'rathad's house (IC Talos Plaza) and Ra'Jhan's house (IC Elven Gardens) both missing ownership for all three cells (all items were free for the taking, bed could be slept in, etc.)
  • Fixed the Leyawiin Mages Guild 2nd Floor East (Library) missing ownership (all items were free for the taking if player was not a guild member)
  • Fixed the IC Waterfront Lighthouse and its Private Quarters missing ownership (assigned to the Imperial Watch and Velan Andus respectively; public flag set so the player can still visit anytime, but items are owned)
  • Fixed inconsistent ownership of several containers in the Merchant's Inn (IC Market District) room cells (many were player ownership though not in the player's rented room, and the desk in the player's room wasn't; food in the rented room remains player-owned and other items there are not)
  • A chest in the Blackwood Company will no longer belong to the Black Bow or for that matter anyone else as no other objects have ownership in that area.


  • Corrected Sinderion's (Skingrad) merchant container being a non-respawning one out of the six he has, so his inventory also never reset
  • Corrected oversight of Manduin's Coffin in Fort Blueblood respawning so the player could end up with multiple copies of Manduin's Amulet (unique item required for the Leyawiin Mages Guild Recommendation quest)
  • The named skeleton "Gran Struthe" in Fort Scinia will now carry the leveled piece of enchanted armor that it was intended to.


The following keys are now correctly tied to all the doors they're supposed to open. For ease of reference, I decided to put all this into a table, listed by city. If the owner is listed as a building a shop name, it means the door in question didn't have a key tied to it and thus couldn't be opened.

Owner Item
Heinrich Oaken-Hull House doors (multiple)
Mages' Guild Bedroom doors (2)
Morvayn Shop door
Newheim the Portly, Jesan Sextius House door
The Fair Deal Doors (2)
Baenlin Basement doors (2)
Fjotreid Merchant chest
Istirus Brolus House door
Nord Winds Door
Alberic Litte, Casta Scribonia, Reynald Jemane, Valus Odiil House door
Rasheda Shop door
Borba gra-Uzgash, Mach-Na, Tertia Viducia Shop door
Cheydinhal Bridge Inn Basement door
Lythandas (both), Magrum gra-Orum House door
Willow Bank Door
IC Elven Gardens
Ra'Jhan House doors (3)
Adrian Decanius, Cyronin Sintav, Dovyn Aren, Dul gro-Shug, Fathis Ules, Ida Vlinorman, Iniel Sintav, Irene Metrick, Jastia and Kastus Sintav, Marinus Catiotus, Othrelos, Roderic Pierrane, Tertius Favonius and Wumeek House doors (2)
IC Market
Divine Elegance Doors (2)
Edgar's Discount Spells Doors (2)
First Edition Doors (2)
Jensine's Good As New Merchandise Doors (2)
Hamlof Red-Tooth Shop doors (2), display cases (6)
Rindir's Staves Doors (2), display cases (2)
Slash 'n Smash Doors (2)
Stonewall Shields Doors (2)
The Best Defense Doors (2)
The Gilded Carafe Doors (2)
The Main Ingredient Doors (2)
The Mystic Emporium Doors (2)
Three Brothers Trade Goods Doors (2), WareHouse doors (2)
IC Talos Plaza
Ulen Athram House doors (3)
Angelie, Areldil, Astinia, Atius, Claudius Arcadia, Dorian, Dynari Amnis, Matthias Draconis, Ontus Vanin, Samuel Bantien, Sevarius Atius, Soris Arenim, S'Rathad, Thamriel House doors (2)
Helvo Atius, Umbacano, Usheeja House door
IC Temple District
Stantus Verrid, Trenus Duronius House doors (4)
Marana Rian House doors (3)
Algot the Northerner, Grey-Throat, Hastel Ottus, Luronk gro-Glurzog, Pennus Mallius, Ruslan, Salomon Geonette, Surius Afranius House doors (2)
Gilen Norvalo House door
IC Waterfront
Jair Back door
Ahdarji, J'Bari House doors (3)
Mahei, Rosentia Gallenus House doors (2)
Ra'Jahirr House door
Bugak gro-Bol Shop door
Falanu Hlaalu, Lazare Milvan, Toutius Sextius House door
Hammer and Tongs Bedroom door
Salmo the Baker House/shop (multiple)
Misc Locations
Rolan Jenseric House door

Incorrect References

  • Fixed the Bravil Castle Dungeon door to the cell area being tied to the Bruma Castle Dungeon key.
  • Removed the useless Chorrol Jail Key from Chorrol day and night jailors (it opens nothing and their Chorrol Dungeon Key opens everything they need access to, so this appears to be a duplicate).
  • Fixed an unpickable Old Wooden Door in the Bravil Wizard's Grotto (accessed during the Arrow of Extrication quest) not being tied to any keys (tied it to Aren's Strange Key; this door is accessible from both sides so there is no reason it was permanently locked)
  • Fixed the Legion Commander's Chest in the Imperial Legion Offices being tied to the office key instead of Adamus Phillida's Commander's Chest Key (which was unused)
  • Fixed one of the Bruma Chapel Undercroft doors being tied to the Bravil Chapel Key

Missing Keys

Key Name Owner
Bruma Dungeon key Both jailors, Tyrellius Logellus
Imperial City Lighthouse Key Velan Andus
J'mhad's House Key J'mhad (also tied it to two doors in his house that were locked but had no key assigned)
Leyawiin Chapel Key Primate Kantav Cheynoslin
Skingrad Chapel Key Primate Valandrus Abor
Ra'Jhan's House Key Ra'Jhan (IC Elven Gardens)1
NW Watch Tower Key Itius Hayn (Watch Captain)2
Valtieri's Key Vicente Valtieri

1 Removed the erroneous Ra'Jahirr's Key he had.

2 Removed the erroneous NE Watch Tower Key he had.

Fixed the following keys used in-game not being tied to/unlocking anything:

Name Tied to door/container
Abandoned House Key AbandonedHouseDoor (CheydinhalWorld 30,22)
Akaviri Fort Key PalePassEXRef (PalePassWorld -1,4)
Baenlin's Key Dark03BaenlinFrontDoor (BrumaWorld 6,36)
Bravil Castle Key BravilCastleGreatHall (door 4CBB6)
Castle Bruma Key BrumaCastleLordsManor (doors 3D97E & 3D997F), BrumaCastleServiceHall (doors 3D97C & 3D97D)
Charcoal Cave Key CharcoalCave03 (door 8BBC5)
Cheydinhal Bridge Inn Key CheydinhalBridgeInn (doors 9547B & CheydinhalBridgeRentDoor)
Cheydinhal Castle Key CheydinhalCastlePrivateQuarters (doors 1FDB1, 1FDB3 & 1FDB4)
Chorrol Chapel Undercroft Key ChorrolChapelOfStendarr (doors Dark05UndercroftDoor1 & Dark05UndercroftDoor2)
Dro'shanji's Key BravilDroShanjisHouse (doors 2CA3A & 85AD2)
Estelle Renoit's Key ChorrolRenoitsBooks (doors 23EC0 & 2B75C)
Feed Bag Key ICMarketDistrictTheFeedBag (doors 2C264, 49C79 & 49C7A)
Fo'c's'le Key AnvilTheFocslePrivateRooms (doors 90C7A, 90C7B, 90C7C & 90C7D)
Francois Motierre's Key ChorrolFrancoisMotierresHouse (doors 28025, 28026 and MotierreDoorRef)
Geem Jasaiin's Key ICElvenGardensGeemJasaiinsHouse (doors 2C1F5, 46482 & 46483)
Graman's House Key ICTempleDistrictGramangroMaradsHouse (doors 2C2DF, 4E15E & 4E160)
Horn Cave Storage Key HornCave02 (chests 5B64F & 5B710), HornCave03 (chest 5B761)
Jenseric's House Key ICTempleDistrictRolandJensericsHouse (doors 2C2C4, 4E1B4 & 4E1B6)
Jirolin Doran's Key ChorrolJirolinDoransHouse (doors 10505 & 25BC7)
King and Queen Tavern Key ICElvenGardensTheKingandQueenTavern (door 4821D)
Llevana Nedaren's Key CheydinhalLlevanaNedarensHouse (door 92524)
Lyra Rosentia's Key BrumaLyraRosentiasHouse (door 303BE)
Memorial Cave Key MemorialCave (gate 177964, chest 5493A, boss-level coffin 5493E)
Newlands Lodge Key CheydinhalNewlandsLodge (doors 984EA & 984EB)
Rimalus Bruiant's Key ChorrolRimalusBruiantsHouse (doors 231C9 & 237B2)
Seed-Neeus' Key ChorrolNorthernGoodsAndTrade (doors C63B0 and 8B3; the latter was incorrectly assigned to Teekeeus' Key)
Sinderion's Key SkingradWestWealdInnCellar (door 2EA91)
Smoke Tomb Inner Key SmokeHoleCave02 (door 9D8A)
Talasma's Key ChorrolTheOakandCrosierTavern (doors 1C64C, 1CA3F, 28E69 and OakAndCrosierRentDoor)

Persistent BodiesEdit

The following people's bodies will no longer persist after they are slain and the applicable quests are complete:

  • Aenvir, Dranas Lerano and Storn The Burly (The Unfortunate Shopkeeper)
  • Agarmir (Unfriendly Competition)
  • Alonzo, Black Brugo, and Roxy Aric (Knights of the White Stallion)
  • Arnora Auria and Tyrellius Logellus (Two Sides of the Coin)
  • Baurus, Burd and Jauffre (Main quest)
  • Bernadette Peneles, Glarthir, and Toutius Sextius (Paranoia)
  • Jearl (Spies)
  • Kurdan gro-Dragol (Caught in the Hunt)
  • Matthias Draconis (Next of Kin, Dark Brotherhood)
  • Prior Maborel (main quest)
  • Telaendril (The Purification)
  • The Imperial, Orc, Nord hunters, and Ra'jhera the Keeneye (Caught in the Hunt)
  • Slythe Seringi (The Sunken One miniquest, Sandstone Cavern) and Andre Labouche (Dive Rock) will now remain until found by the player.