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Dialogue Text FixesEdit

Form ID Topic From To
0038C9 GatherClues "unusal" "unusual"
00395D FGC05 "from the Bruma Chapel" "from Bruma Chapel"[note 1]
003998 JanusHassildorTopic "Hal-Luirz" "Hal-Liurz."
005677 LucienLachanceTopic "ecstacy" "ecstasy"
0092B7 TG03HowToHelp "Hieronymous" "Hieronymus"
009C7C GREETING "fullfill" "fulfill"
00A233 TG05Yes "seige" "siege"
00A2B8 GREETING "low lifes" "low-lifes"
00BE7D LordRugdumphTOPIC "embarassing" "embarrassing"
00C083 contract "from from" "from"
00C0A6 contract "poision" "poison" (two occurrences)
014824 TG09AmuseiDeliverMsg "Ancus" "Ancrus"
015310 TG10GiveBoots "hearby" "hereby"
0153B3 GREETING "mesage" "message"
018230 DraconianMadstoneTopic "retreive" "retrieve"
01B947 MS14ChoiceHeard "speciality" "specialty"
01C14D TG01ThievesTest "recuits" "recruits"
01CE9A DANamiraChoice1 "loathesome" "loathsome"
01CF1B TGPayBloodPrice "hearby" "hereby"
01CF1E TGPayBloodPrice "reassinged" "reassigned"
01D23F MS23 "those" "these"[note 1]
01E0B2 SeridurTopic "stangers" "strangers"
01E0E9 GOODBYE "forebearance" "forbearance"
01FB61 TG11AmuseiDeliverMsg "Othrelo's" "Othrelos'"
01FDBC MS08AleronHunt "decending" "descending"
020062 MQ07BurdA "vistor" "visitor" (topic)
020076 MQ07SpiesResponse "plannning" "planning"
022E60 GarridansTears "Headquaters" "Headquarters"
022E63 MS37JulienneAmazing "commemerate" "commemorate"
022E83 TG11TalkToMillona07 "it's curse" "its curse"
022E8C TG11RejectCowl "eveyone" "everyone"
0241DC INFOGENERAL "Cyrodill" "Cyrodiil"
024E6C MythicDawnTopic "curiousity" "curiosity"
024FEC ChorrolTopic "Ancus" "Ancrus"
025017 CurrentEventsResponses "moreso" "more so"
0253E1 contract "Vicenti" "Vicente"
026AC5 WeebumNaTOPIC "Weebum-Na" "Weebam-Na"
026B15 UmbraTOPIC "Irroki" "Irroke"
026D51 MQ08ArtifactI "Skeleton's" "Skeleton"
0275CA Dark07FinChoice1A "commiting" "committing"
02870B DovesiDranTopic "bufoon" "buffoon"
02873B DarMaTopic "daugher" "daughter"
028D67 GlarthirTopic "obscenties" "obscenities"
02AD75 HaderusGoldwineTopic "Haderus Goldwine" "Ormellius Goldwine" (topic)
02B1E7 ReadyForAMatch "commited" "committed"
02E5CE MS27QuestStart "whatsover" "whatsoever"
02FD72 GREETING "Cheydhinhal" "Cheydinhal"
02FD9C PurificationTopic "millenia" "millennia"
0319D6 MS46NewSettlement "daugher" "daughter"
031C82 MS13 "Indarys's" "Indarys'"[note 1]
031C84 MS13KnightsWhy "ocassional" "occasional"
032EBF INFOGENERAL "Lensi Llharam" "Llensi Llaram"
032EBF INFOGENERAL "forget" "forgot"[note 1]
03358C GREETING "Musn't" "Mustn't"
0335A6 FawilTopic "tought" "taught"
034E9D TG03WhereArmand "Cheyhindal" "Cheydinhal"
0352B6 MagesStaff "Elette" "Eletta"
035593 ScarTailTopic "inseperable" "inseparable"
035645 TG03ElvenBust "Methredel" "Methredhel"
03570F advancementFG "responsibilty" "responsibility"
035CA3 MS26FileCharges "publically" "publicly"
035DF3 Dark08FinChoice1A "occassions" "occasions"
036601 MouthofthePanther "its foggy" "it's foggy"[note 2]
03842B MS11 "cause" "'cause"
038A8E SkingradTopicMog01 "Dione" "Dion"
03AAA0 INFOGENERAL "inkeeper" "innkeeper"
03AB48 bed "accomodations" "accommodations"
038AFB BradonLirrianTopic "ashame" "a shame"
03B1D8 GREETING "competiton" "competition"
03C1E7 INFOGENERAL "Ralas" "Relas"
03C1EA INFOGENERAL "Feren" "Felen"
03C1F2 INFOGENERAL "March" "Marc" (also corrected audio)
03C21D INFOGENERAL "Ah-Mahlz" "Ah-Malz"
03C247 INFOGENERAL "Falus" "Fadus"
03C9AB BrumaTopic "desposits" "deposits"
03D62B GREETING "competiton" "competition"
03D62B GREETING "huh?" "eh?"[note 1]
03DFB8 INFOGENERAL "Bugok" "Bugak"
03E0AE AnvilTopic "Morvay's" "Morvayn's"
03E8FB MQ15KathutetC5 "kynsman" "kinsman"
045F86 Dark04DrethConvo "Sumerset" "Summerset"
046587 INFOGENERAL "Gilgondrin" "Gilgondorin"
046594 INFOGENERAL "Gilgondrin" "Gilgondorin"
0475B3 GREETING "Leywiin" "Leyawiin"
0476A4 GREETING "Ra'jhan" "Ra'Jhan" (two occurrences)
0476D4 GREETING "with Mages Guild" "with the Mages Guild"[note 1]
0476A5 ImperialCityTopic "Ra'jhan" "Ra'Jhan" (two occurrences)
04767A GREETING "Ra'Jiradh" "Ra'jiradh"
04767C GREETING "Ra'Jiradh" "Ra'jiradh"
04767D ImperialCityTopic "Ra'Jiradh" "Ra'jiradh"
04767E GREETING "Ra'Jiradh" "Ra'jiradh"
0479CA GREETING "Ri'zakar" "Ri'Zakar"
0479DE LeyawiinTopic "Khajitt" "Khajiit"
0479DE LeyawiinTopic "Khajjit" "Khajiit"
0479DF LeyawiinTopic "Khajjit" "Khajiit"
0488D1 GREETING "marital" "martial"
048915 BravilTopic "Ayelid" "Ayleid"
049950 Question "Guilded" "Gilded"
049955 Question "Guilded" "Gilded"
04996F INFOGENERAL "Vinivia" "Vinicia" (also corrected audio)
04A98A MG01 "have good" "have a good"[note 1]
04D82A HorseBuyBravil "Antione" "Antoine"
04D840 GREETING "execellent" "excellent"
04D844 HorseTooMuchChorrol "Cyrodill" "Cyrodiil"
04E884 GREETING "Selvan" "Selvani" (also corrected audio)
04E945 MS39Yes "Nirnoot" "Nirnroot"
04E977 MS39 "the recipe" "a recipe"[note 1]
04F215 HouseBuyBruma "transfered" "transferred"
04F8C2 MS43StaffTalk "Alvis" "Alves"
05143D TG01Armand4 "the the" "the"
054021 avmafrenagaia "mafre" "Mafre"
05421B HELLO "You'r" "Your"
05C01F DANamira "walk" "walks"[note 1]
06145D contract "Mraaj" "M'raaj"
06145E contract "Sumerset" "Summerset
0624AD INFOGENERAL "irresistably" "irresistibly"
062BD5 MagesGuildTopic "youve" "you've"
062BEC GREETING "mightest" "mightiest"
06A877 MageTalk5 "You're work" "Your work"
07BA9E TG11TalkToMillona15 "it's new" "its new"
07BE9C SnakGraBuraResponse "Add some onion and... wait." [Removed, as it wasn't present in the audio.]
082C8C MS48StartCombatShouts "Menian" "Menien"
082C8D MS48StartCombatShouts "Menian" "Menien"
0835F8 MG12TravenWhoInformant "Allias" "Alias"
086724 Dark19StatueTalk3 "Sumerset" "Summerset"
086732 Dark19StatueTalk3 "Illiac" "Iliac"
08C221 MQ15MankarRant "How little you understand!" "How little you understand! You cannot stop Lord Dagon."[note 1]
08C226 MQ15MankarRant "Peryrite's" "Peryite's"
0908EB MS09 "I've never" "I never"[note 1]
09811E GREETING "Hai-Liurz" "Hal-Liurz"
098199 FGD07Choice3 "Ri'Zikar" "Ri'Zakar"
0982BB TG07WhereSkrivva "Skrivva" "S'Krivva" (topic)
0982D7 HELLO "cemetary" "cemetery"
0983AC TG08BlindMonks "blindess" "blindness"
0A6584 MS27UmbacanoC2 "hold hold" "hold"
0AEF8D IngredientCollection "accomodated" "accommodated"
0B1215 GREETING "Ri'bassa" "Ri'Bassa"
0B984E BedYes "accomodate" "accommodate"
0BB9B5 BedYes "accomodations" "accommodations"
1778D0 MS48IlendA2 "Menian" "Menien" (two occurrences)
1778E2 AdamusPhillidaTopic "vists" "visits"
189D08 SQ03Continue "eveything" "everything"
18AE76 HELLO "Libray" "Library"
18AE7B HELLO "if the Council" "if Council"[note 1]
18B5B5 Idle "do do" "to do"
18D302 SkingradTopic "easy" "easily"
1B947 MS14 "That's a" "That's just a"[note 1]
1C1C7 MS14NoMoreBrush "You're truly kind" "You're kind"[note 1]
1D24C RolandJensericTopic "passed" "past"
1D23F (MS23) "the vampire" "a vampire"
1E7FC MS29ShadyDeal "time" "times"
24DA5 TG11Heist "you problems" "your problems"[note 1]
25269 Dark00GeneralNPC "Ysmer's" "Ysmir's"
26D6E MQ09ArmorTopic "Talos's" "Talos'"[note 1]
26E9C MQ11BrumaAllies "you closed" "you've closed"
26EA7 Greeting "Countess's" "Countess'"[note 1]
2869D HackdirtTopic "We been" "We've been"[note 1]
2B744 MS16Choice4A "here right now" "here now"[note 3]
2C51A MS22 GREETING "let us" "let's"[note 1]
31526 GatherClues "assume" "as soon"
33DF3 MQ04 GREETING "Gods blood" "Gods' blood"
34E12 MG00Join "Mages'" "Mages"
35F4E VahtecenTopic "there" "that there"
362AE UlrichLelandTopic "that money" "the money"[note 1]
37825 MQ15MartinC "destiny. No" "destiny... and no"[note 1]
38ED7 ArenaAgronakChoice4 "regiment" "regimen"
3C2A7 UlrichLelandTopic "the plan" "a plan"[note 1]
3C342 MS10 HELLO "flys" "flies"
3C35C MS10 GOODBYE "Aldos's'" "Aldos'"
3C80F MQ15ForbiddenGrotto "those few wearing" "those wearing"[note 1]
3CF8E NQDAnvil GREETING "one. Can we rent you a bed?" "one."[note 4]
3D491 MS04 "in the evening" "o'clock"
3E8F4 MQ15 "is one" "is but one"
3FBE0 MQ15EldamilC2 "a cellar" "the cellar"
3FBE2 MQ15EldamilD1 "those bands" "these bands"[note 1]
4B7B1 MS43 "Gallenus's" "Gallenus'"
4E8B5 NQDCheydinhal "The Guild" "This Guild"
4764E ImperialCityTopic "orrery" "Orrery"
47748 ImperialCityTopic "to be not" "not to be"[note 1]
71D4F Dark00General "What, is that a" "What is that... a"
7C0A7 Dark00GeneralNPC "is upsetting" "is very upsetting"
98142 MS48SalvianWhatHappened "into the Chapel" "to the Chapel"
A9346 MS27 GOODBYE "days time" "days' time"
AF060 MQ00 "the victory" "the great victory"[note 1]
BC9E MS29 "eh?" "hm?"
BC9E MS29 "eh?" "huh?"
BE425 ReadyForAMatch "our gambling" "the gambling"
Unknown Topic "Ajum Kajin" "Ajum-Kajin"


  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z Audio didn't match subtitle.
  2. ^ Removed unneeded comma to get around 150 char. limit.
  3. ^ Response text; was too long so end was cut off in default UI.
  4. ^ They don't rent beds and the audio had already been corrected but the subtitle was forgotten.