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NPC/Creature NamesEdit

Original Name Fixed Name Notes
Rimalus Bruiant's dog in greeting NQDChorrol_GREETING_00074A88_1: Kezu Kezune Audio is close enough that it doesn't need alteration
Bloody Hand Chef Bloody Hand Goblin Chef Match all others
Bloody Hand Rat Farmer Bloody Hand Goblin Rat Farmer Match all others
Bruma and Anvil Countess' bodyguards Countess's Bodyguard Countess' Bodyguard The other two were already correct
Dro'Nahrahe Dro'Nahrah Matches her internal name and dialog.
Homraz gra Morgrump, Bogrum Gro-Galash Homraz gra-Morgrump, Bogrum gro-Galash Match naming convention for all other Orcs
Mucianus Allias Mucianus Alias Matches internal naming and dialog.
Redguard Valley Ogre Chieftan Chieftain
Severius Atius Sevarius Atius Matches his internal name, dialog and house names (also corrected his key).
Sharp Tooth Chef Sharp Tooth Goblin Chef
Three Feathers Goblin Shaman Three Feather Goblin Shaman Match all others
Uderfrykte Matron Udyrfrykte Matron Also changed all occurrences of Uderfrykte in the game to Udyrfrykte.

Item NamesEdit

Original Name Fixed Name Notes
Activator name of the gate in a random Oblivion plane: Tordando Gate Tornado Gate
Akavari Sunderblade and Akavari Warblade Akaviri
Battleaxe of Hatred Battle Axe of Hatred Matches 40 other types of battle axe.
Battle Axe, Mace, and Warhammer of Putrification Putrefaction
Black Soul Gem Falcar's Black Soul Gem This is the one used in Cheydinhal MG Recommendation to distinguish it from others.
Blood Grass Bloodgrass Matches the harvested ingredient
Brush Jar Paint Brush Jar Matches the object in them
Captain's Tussaud's Booty Captain Tussaud's Booty Chest in Marie Elena
City direction sign activator: SkinGrad Skingrad
Claymore of Jinxing Claymore of Curses It uses the stronger enchantment
Dalvilu Cermonial Dagger Dalvilu Ceremonial Dagger
Elven long Sword (all variants) Longsword Matches all others in the game
Heinrich Oaken-Hall's Heirloom Oaken-Hull
Huntsman Moccasin Moccasins They only appear in pairs (all the shoe pairs are pluralized)
Olive Vest (double space) Olive Vest
Quest note Divining the Elder Scolls Divining the Elder Scrolls
Retribution of Cowardness Retribution of Cowardice
Saviour's Hide Savior's Hide Matches FormID, journal entry and Morrowind spelling.
Scrolls ClutterPotionRecipe04 and ClutterPotionRecipe05: Shopping List Recipe
Scroll: Summon Skeleton Archer Summon Skeleton Guardian This matches the enchantment and thus what it does, and there is no skeleton archer summon effect in the game
Scroll: Summon Wraith Summon Faded Wraith Matches what it does (there is no Summon Wraith effect in the game; Faded and Gloom Wraith only)
Scroll: Summon Wraith Gloom Summon Gloom Wraith Matches creature name
Shield of Vengence and Shield of Nature's Vengence Vengeance
Silver Glass Silver Cup It's a stemless tumbler made of silver rather than glass; matches the Pewter Cup)
Spiddal Stick Dead Spiddal Stick Only applies for dead ones; they are harvestable though dead, but won't gas the player as the living ones do.
St. Jahn's Wort (and nectar) St. John's Wort
Tiger Lily Nectar Lily Nectar The same ingredient is found in Lily of the Valley plants.
Warhammer of burden: Akaviri Warhammer Burden Warhammer of Burden Missing of, it's clearly a Dwarven hammer with same icon, mesh and stats as others, and none of the other enchanted Dwarven weapons have their origin in their names.
Ahdarji 's House Key (extra space) Ahdarji's House Key
Aredil's House Key Areldil's House Key
Barash House Key Myvryna and Uzul's House Key It's their front door key and there is no Barash reference anywhere else)
Bit and Bridle Key Red Diamond Jewelry Key
Bralin's Key Rythe and Tivela's House Key It's their front door key and there is no Bralin or other reference to this name anywhere else.
Cheydinhal Castle Cheydinhal Castle Key Matches all other keys
Chorrol Castle Private Area Chorrol Castle Private Key Fixes missing word and makes similar to other key names without making name too long
Duplicate name Guildmaster's Key Fighters Guildmaster's Key and Thieves Guildmaster's Key
Flanau Hlaalu's Key Falanu Hlaalu's Key
Fyre Light Cave Key Fyrelight Cave Key
Gallenus Rosentia's Key Rosentia Gallenus' Key
Grey Throat's House Key Grey-Throat's House Key Matches his name
Irene Metric's House Key Metrick's
Jeetum Ze's Key Jeetum-Ze's Also corrected cell name
Key Memorial Cave Key Is more descriptive
Lirrians' Key Erline Lirrian's Key
Mine Key Desolate Mine Key Is more descriptive
Mraaj-Dar's Chest and Mraaj-Dar's Key M'raaj-Dar's
Murgakh gro-Ushag's Key Malintus and Glistel's House Key It's their front door and there is no Murgakh gro-Ushag nor other reference anywhere.
Ninedava Gate Key Ninendava Gate Key
Ra'jhan's House Key Ra'Jhan's House Key
The Bloodwork's Sewer Key The Bloodworks Sewer Key
Wariel's Key Fort Wariel Key Matches other fort keys, and original name made it appear to be an NPC key.


  • Changed the game setting sInvalidPickpocket: You cannot place items in a container while pickpocketing. >> You can only place items of zero weight while pickpocketing. as it was confusing.
  • Corrected typos in game settings sNoEatQuestItem: can not >> cannot, sCanNotEquipQuestArrows: can not >> cannot, sDropEquippedItemWarning: equiped >> equipped and sSaveGameOutOfDiskSpace: sufficent >> sufficient.
  • Creature spell name Venemous Vapors || Venomous Vapors (two occurrences).
  • Creature spell name Caitliff Resist Magic || Caitiff Resist Magic.
  • ArenaYellowDoorScript dialog when trying to open Yellow Team's door: cannnot >> cannot.
  • DASanguineStatueScript when making offering: Cyrodiilic >> Cyrodilic.
  • Mage class description: Prefering >> Preferring.
  • Thieves' Guild rank 4: Cat burglar >> Cat Burglar
  • Removed the "[Lie]" prefix from the response topic to Eridor (Skingrad vampire humter) in the Mages Guild Information at a Price quest, as it's entirely possible that the player does live in Skingrad.
  • Changed the confusing name of the Mages Guild Chorrol Recommendation quests Fingers of the Mountain to Chorrol Recommendation to match the other quests (Chorrol seems to have been developed first outside the IC judging by the number of remnants of undeveloped quests and locations there).
  • Faction name Ra'jiradh's Price >> Ra'jiradh's Pride (normally can't be seen by the player).
  • Spell name: Summoning Dremora Lord >> Summon Dremora Lord.
  • Changed the name of the useless item found on the ground in random Oblivion plane #6: Blood Potion >> * Discarded Daedric Blood Vial (it's a misc. item not a potion so can't be equipped ie for vampire feeding, and has no known purpose but has a unique container which makes a nice player house decoration so didn't want to remove it from the game).