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Text Fixes, Quest Stage JournalEdit

Quest ID Stage From To
DAMolagBal 60 "Petiliusis" "Petilius is"
DAMolagBal 60 "Petilus" "Petilius"
DAMolagBal 110 "Petiliusis" "Petilius is"
DANamira 10 "my self" "myself"
DASheogorath 40,45 & 50 "Ri'bassa" "Ri'Bassa"
Dark06Wanderer 17 "Augustus" "Augusta"
Dark06Wanderer 25 "supplied Lorkmir" "supplied Faelian"
Dark06Wanderer 16 "unsecure" "insecure"
Dark06Wanderer 17 "unsecure" "insecure"
Dark06Wanderer 25 "supllied" "supplied"
Dark07Medicine 15 "posioned" "poisoned"
Dark07Medicine 20 "Rodericks'" "Roderick's"
FGC05Stone 30 "Ayeleid" "Ayleid"
FGC10Swamp 100 "Sutch" "Anvil"
FGD02DandD 75 "brough" "brought"
FGD05Oreyn 40 "Ayeleid" "Ayleid"
FGD08Infiltration 10 "inflitrate" "infiltrate"
MG00Join 20 "Teekeus" "Teekeeus"
MG03Illusion 10 "Varmori" "Vamori"
MG05A 5 "a days' time" "a day's time"
MG05A 15 "Teeekeeus" "Teekeeus"
MG05A 150 "Teeekeeus" "Teekeeus"
MG08MagesStaff 20 "Elette" "Eletta"
MG09Motives 100 "delievered" "delivered"
MG09Motives 20 "Hosidius" "Hosidus"
MG09Motives 20 "liason" "liaison"
MG09Motives 30 "Hosidius" "Hosidus"
MG09Motives 40 "Hosidius" "Hosidus"
MG10Vahtacen 20 "Ayelid" "Ayleid"
MG10Vahtacen 60 "Ayelid" "Ayleid"
MG14Plot 30 "Selenia" "Selena"
MQ05 40 "prioprietor" "proprietor"
MQ08 10 "identifed" "identified"
MS04 10 "Reguard" "Redguard"
MS04 40 "temping" "tempting"
MS05 72 "Dreamword" "Dreamworld" (four instances)
MS05 74 "Dreamword" "Dreamworld" (four instances)
MS11 110 "Gelebounre's" "Gelebourne's"
MS11 120 "Phylacetary" "Phylactery"
MS12 15 "Akiviri" "Akaviri"
MS13 200 "occured" "occurred"
MS13 60 "Dumner" "Dunmer"
MS16B 50 "Chieftan" "Chieftain"
MS16B 80 "Chieftan" "Chieftain"
MS17 60 "Jirloin" "Jirolin"
MS23 80 "Selidur" "Seridur"
MS26 50 "gro-Grurzog" "gro-Glurzog"
MS26 50 "publically" "publicly"
MS37 40 "Phinitas" "Phintias"
MS40 30 "a cure" "a cure"
MS40 80 "Hai-Liurz" "Hal-Liurz"
MS45 20 "Vlandhonder" "Vlanhonder"
MS51 10 "throne room" "bedchamber"
MS91 65 "Windshifter" "Wind-Shifter"
MSShadowscale 15 "Teinaava has shared" "Scar-Tail has shared"
MSShadowscale 30 "Cheydinhaal" "Cheydinhal"
SQ09 10 "southwest" "west",
SQ09 10 "getting quite old" "been injured"
TGDirections 20 "she" "he",
TGDirections 20 "her" "him" (referring to Dar Jee)
TG01BestThief 5 "distict" "district"
TG01BestThief 75 "giving Amusei and I one more chance we have" "giving me one more chance. I have" (Amusei does not participate; in Armand's words, Amusei is a bungler and won't get this offer." and was also missing sentence break)
TG01BestThief 75 "The first one of us to do that will also be" "I will then be" (see above)
TG03Elven 10 "Cheyhindal" "Cheydinhal"
TG03Elven 40 "Hieronymous" "Hieronymus"
TG05Misdirection 10 "lockdown" "lock down"
TG05Misdirection 10 "seige" "siege"
TG06Atonement 8 "Suitors" "Suitor" ("Lonely Suitor Lodge")
TG06Atonement 8 "Thievs" "Thieves"
TG06Atonement 20 "does a guy" "do you" (player referring to themselves, who could be female)
TG07Lex 10 "choosen" "chosen"
TG08Blind 5 "Apparenlty" "Apparently"
TG08Blind 5 "undergound" "underground"
TG09BloodPrice 91 "ot MasterThief" "to Master Thief"
TG09BloodPrice 91 "recinded" "rescinded"
TG10Boots 10 "Ganrendel's" "Ganredhel's"
TG10Boots 30 "geneology" "genealogy" (two instances)
TG11Heist 10 "Othrelo's" "Othrelos'"
TG11Heisth 55 "the the Arrow Extrication" "the Arrow of Extrication"