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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Recover Rajhin's Mantle before the Jade General finds it.
Zone: Grahtwood
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Falinesti Winter Site — Discover the mystery of the Falinesti Winter Site.
Quest Giver: Githiril
Location(s): Falinesti Winter Site
Concurrent Quest: Fit to Rule
Reward: Jade General's Helm
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 4885
Lady Nairume refuses the advances of Rajhin's Shadow, much to his dismay
The Falinesti Winter Site, one of the legendary resting places of the Walking City of Falinesti, is buzzing with activity. It seems General Endare has begun an excavation.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Brelor.
  2. Visit the Falinesti Welkynd stones.
  3. Talk to Cirtor at the Falinesti Faithful Camp.
  4. Search the caves around the dig site.
  5. Talk to Nairume in the vault.
  6. Locate Rajhin's mantle.
  7. Burn the curse from the mantle.
  8. Return to Brelor.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Near the camp south of the Falinesti Winter Site, you will be greeted by Githiril, who appears to be in a state of distress:

"Soldiers … soldiers everywhere! They've turned our holy site into a slave camp.
Get out of here while you still can!"
What soldiers?
"Dominion soldiers! They're led by General Endare, the Jade Butcher of Cormount!
They forced us to dig for them, to uproot the soil. They're looking for something buried deep in the ground."
Do you know what they want?
"One of the soldiers called it "Rajhin's Mantle."
My friend Brelor seemed really concerned. He asked me to go to Elden Root and warn the Mages Guild. I've never seen him so worried!"
I'll talk to Brelor and see what's going on.

She'll run off with the words "Brelor is near those glowing stones. Be careful!" More precisely, Brelor is east of the Falinesti Winter Site, and north of Hircine's Henge. Speak to him to see what has him so concerned:

"You aren't with the pilgrims, are you? Then perhaps you can be of assistance.
General Endare scours this place of Rajhin's Mantle, but the relic must be kept from her hands. Either she misunderstands the dangers, or she thinks they don't apply to her."
Why don't you want General Endare to find it?
"I'm concerned about its misuse. Unless you're prepared to handle them correctly, relics such as these can ... corrode you.
I would tell General Endare myself, but I don't trust her intentions. Not after she pressed these pilgrims into service."
Queen Ayrenn needs Rajhin's Mantle for her ratification ceremony.
"Then she's in luck! I served the Eight Divines before joining the Mages Guild. I know what must be done to safely transport a relic such as Rajhin's Mantle.
We'll just need to find it before General Endare does."
Where should we start looking?
"The Falinesti Faithful believe the Welkynd stones hold the memories of the Walking City. Earlier, I heard soldiers speaking of the same stones.
If you can see me past the frost trolls, perhaps we can see what the stones have to do with Rajhin's Mantle."

At this point, you can question him further:

If it's called Rajhin's Mantle, what do you know of Rajhin?
"Rajhin is a Khajiit trickster god, also worshiped by thieves and deceivers.
The Khajiit swap tales of Rajhin's greatest pranks. It is said his Seven Shadows do his bidding throughout Tamriel."
Seven Shadows?
"Yes, each Shadow reflects a different aspect of Rajhin's personality and power. This could be a convenient metaphor, actual living shadows, or something else entirely."
How does Rajhin's Mantle connect to the Walking City?
"I have a theory … but until I can support it, speculation is less than useless.
Perhaps the Welkynd stones will reveal more."
Tell me about General Endare.
"A famous High Elf general … or infamous, depending on who you ask. Her Jade Dragoons are well respected, but she has an aggressive reputation.
The last I heard, she was in Haven."
Why would General Endare be looking for Rajhin's Mantle?
"A very good question, which raises another.
Rajhin's Mantle is a Khajiit legend. Why does she seek it out in Grahtwood, the home of the Wood Elf king? What could have brought it to the Falinesti Winter Site?"
Why are you afraid of frost trolls?
"Arms as tall as a person, an endless hunger, and jaws that can snap off a horse's leg in a single bite.
Why am I afraid of frost trolls? The real question is, why aren't you?"
Brelor channels the energy of a Welkynd stone to reveal past events

Travel northwest, to the Eastern Welkynd stone. When you get these, Brelor will perform a ritual, which will allow you to hear a conversation from the past:

Nairume: "Who are you? What brings you into my home?"
Khajiit: "A simple thief of hearts, come to steal yours from this walking city."
Nairume: "Steal my heart, or still your loins? For your arrow looks aquiver."
Khajiit: "Such a lowly mouth can dine anywhere … a trait we both share. What service to our palates should we conjoin in feast!"
Nairume: "I am a married woman, so you must starve. Unless you care to feast upon yourself."

Next, travel west to the Northern Welkynd Stone, where you will hear yet another conversation between the woman and the Khajiit:

Nairume: "I cannot sleep, and my husband will not wake. What cruel jest is this?"
Rajhin's Shadow: "Say the word, Lady Nairume. I will allow you to sleep in my bed.
Nairume: "Scoundrel! You think to steal me from my husband? From this city I call home?"
Rajhin's Shadow: "I only stole your sleep, which I gifted to your husband. His inattention must make him harder to love."
Nairume: "What would you know of love, monster? You have none of it—and you will have none of me!"
Rajhin's Shadow: "Your protests ring hollow, Lady Nairume. We shall see how much when I steal you away from husband and home."

Travel south to the Western Welkynd Stone, where you will hear a final conversation between Nairume and the mysterious Khajiit:

Rajhin's Shadow: "Come to me, my little snowbird."
Nairume: "What have you done? Where am I?"
Rajhin's Shadow: "This vault? I built it to hold a precious treasure, deep below your Walking City. I will keep you safe, and away from … interference."
Nairume: "Why have you done this? Is your heart as cold as this chamber?"
Rajhin's Shadow: "Your heart is cold, Lady Nairume. Warming it to Rajhin's Shadow will unlock the prison built of your denial."
Nairume: "Never! I would rather freeze until time's end than share one warm moment with you!"
Rajhin's Shadow: "So be it. This vault shall forever hold your frozen heart! I leave my mantle to conceal the shame you caused me. Farewell, Nairume."

Speak to Brelor, who seems to have had a realization:

"General Endare was certain she'd find Rajhin's Mantle beneath the Falinesti Winter Site. She made the Falinesti Faithful dig for that frozen vault. It seems they have uncovered it.
And it would certainly explain the frost trolls."
How can we find Rajhin's Mantle before General Endare?
"Perhaps Cirtor can help. The Falinesti Faithful aren't led by anyone, but after the soldiers arrived he worked to keep tempers calm. He may know where to find the vault."
Where do we find Cirtor?
"Last I saw, he was in an encampment near the dig site. Mostly Falinesti Faithful, with a handful of soldiers.
We should avoid the site itself—the frost trolls are down there."

At this point, you can ask him about the Falinesti Faithful:

What can you tell me about the Falinesti Faithful?
"They're peaceful sorts. Most believe their faith will one day draw the Walking City back from wherever it disappeared."
How would they do that?
"You'd be better off asking them to explain their own delusion.
I've noted it's not a religious for everybody. Some use the annual pilgrimage to hold a revel in Falinesti's honor. Any excuse to celebrate."

In any case, head south towards the wayshrine, being careful of frost trolls along the way. If you do get into a fight, Brelor will be useless, cowering and screaming in fear. Cirtor will be just east of the wayshrine:

"You travel with Brelor? He has proven himself a friend to the Falinesti Faithful.
There are questions written upon your faces. What is it you seek?"
I'm looking for Rajhin's Mantle.
"As was General Endare. When our digging revealed existing tunnels, she pulled us back to our camp before taking her soldiers to the dig site below.
Then the frost trolls emerged from the caves. They slaughtered most soldiers left behind."
Do you know where General Endare went?
"It seems you diverted a frost troll from one of her soldiers.
Upon reaching safety, the knowledge you seek was passed to me."

She was last seen in the northernmost cave of the dig site."

Did General Endare enslave the Falinesti Faithful?
"She pressed us into service in the search for Rajhin's Mantle. Initially, their treatment was harsh.
But I spoke with her directly and proposed she take a lighter approach. In return, I would convince the Falinesti Faithful to assist her efforts."
Did she agree to that?
"Yes, she saw the wisdom in my words. A reasonable request earned a reasonable response.
A true shame the of Tamriel doesn't work like that."

Search for General Endare in the caves around the dig site. The eastern holds nothing but frost trolls. In the eastern cave, you will find Orders from General Endare next to a slain Altmer. The northern cave holds the most chilling result. When you enter, you will find some frost troll corpses surrounding a woman made out of ice. Speak to the frost creature to discover she is the very same Nairume who rejected Rajhin's Shadow:

"Are you another soldier, come to loose trolls upon the Valenwood?"
You sound like Lady Nairume, but why are you made of ice?
"How can so many know my name after all these years? Yes, I am Nairume. I hoped to stem the tide of frost trolls by sealing their egress, but ice is the only form I may take beyond the walls of my prison.
Tell me why you are here."
I'm looking for Rajhin's Mantle.
"You are not the first. General Endare broke through my prison in search of the same.
I will aid you in seeking Rajhin's Mantle, but only if you swear to free me."
Why do you need my help?
"Rajhin's Mantle is the key to my prison beneath the Falinesti Winter Site. If I but touch its hem, it will steal all my hatred for Rajhin's Shadow and fill the void with love. I'll make lute strings of his innards, first.
Only another may safely free me. A cruel and spiteful jest.
Why is it a cruel jest?
"To show me I was powerless in his clutches. Worse, to kindle hope my husband would come to free me ... then smother that hope with his continued absence.
But Rajhin's Shadow knows nothing of love. I did not waver, not once."
Just tell me where to go.
'"There is another cave, sealed by a frost-covered door. It leads to my prison.
If you swear to free me, I will allow you inside to speak of Rajhin's Mantle.
Why are you angry at General Endare?
"I was delighted to speak with another after so long. But once inside, she ignored me entirely.
Then in her haste to find Rajhin's Mantle, she loosed the frost trolls."
What happened to her soldiers?
"Rajhin's Shadow suspended them in my prison to guard against invaders. It seems they had never before supped on the flesh of Men or Mer.
But once they did, it was a terrible frenzy."
How long have you been imprisoned?
"General Endare spoke of it being the "Second Era."
It seems I was trapped in here in the First."
I swear to free you.

Travel to the vault, fighting the frost trolls on the way. Inside a cave, you will find Nairume's prison, which will be sealed off by ice. Wait for Nairume to unseal it, then enter. Inside, you will find Nairume in her true form:

"My prison holds me in complete solitude for centuries, yet two visitors arrive on the same day.
But we have little time. General Endare has pushed deeper into the prison."
How should we proceed?
"Take this ring ... it's my wedding band. It's the one thing I hold dear in this wretched place.
Should you bring it to the inner vault, I can join you in icy form. I'll warn you of the dangers and aid you against them."
What if General Endare has Rajhin's Mantle? Are you asking me to fight a Dominion general?
"You swore you would free me!
Forgive me. The promise of freedom ruins my manners. You should do what you must, and what you are willing. I will not press you to betray who you are, not on my account."

At this point, you can question her further:

Nairume helps you by freezing one of the vault's guards in place
How can you help me within the inner vault?
"I was no mage when Rajhin's Shadow first stole me from Falinesti, but I've studied every inch of this icy prison. With effort, I learned to sap away its energy.
It's what allows me to form the icy construct, as we first met."
Can your construct help me within the inner vault?
"Direct my wedding band at any foe. I can use it as a focus to freeze your enemies for a short time.
What do you know about Rajhin's Mantle?
"Very little, unfortunately. It may be a divine piece of the god Rajhin, gifted to his Shadow.
Why he would squander it upon me is beyond my comprehension."
Why would General Endare want it?
"Why would anyone want a piece of a trickster god? The answer is usually power.
But for what purpose, I cannot say."
That's all. I'm ready to go.

Head up the stairs, and through the door to the inner vault. In the vault, you will find skeletons and gargoyles that will be frozen in place until they detect you. If they present any difficulty, you can use the ring on them to have Nairume's frost construct freeze them. The first trap you will encounter is a frost rune, just west of the door. The next trap is another frost rune, at the foot of the next set of stairs. In the chamber past the stairs, you will find many frozen soldiers, and an Ayleid Well. At the end of this room there is yet another frost rune. Finally, you will enter a room where you will be greeted by General Endare screaming "You'll never take it from me!" Speak to her to discover the cause of her anger:

"Who are you? And why are you dragging that frost witch behind you?
Out with it."
I'm here for Rajhin's mantle.
"You? I'm a decorated general of the Aldmeri Dominion, a hero to my people. Who better qualified to wield the power of a god?"
Queen Ayrenn needs it for her ratification ceremony.
"But ... I found Rajhin's Mantle. Why should Queen Ayrenn be the one to wear it? I've been fighting since before she was born!"
[Intimidate] Rajhin's Mantle is controlling you. You're a Dominion General—snap out of it!
"I ... you're right. We were overrun. I thought to use its power to slay our foes, but I couldn't stop. I killed my own soldiers!
I can feel it, bringing my shadow to life. You must stop me, no matter the cost!"
Give me Rajhin's Mantle.
"No! You're trying to trick me. Trick the trickster god … ha!
I can see through your lies. I won't give it to you, or anyone! You'll fall to Rajhin's Shadow!
General Endare clones herself with the use of Rajhin's Mantle

No matter what you say, General Endare will use the power of Rajhin's Mantle to bring her shadow to life, and together she and her shadow will attack you. You must kill both in quick succession, else the survivor will simply create another shadow. After defeating Endare, search her body for Rajhin's Mantle. Once you obtain it, head back to Nairume:

"I can't believe my eyes. You hold it in your hands!
Now, to break my bonds from this horrid prison."
How can I free you?
"Removing Rajhin's Mantle from the inner vault weakened the magic of the prison. Now you must break it, once and for all!"
What do I need to do?
"Rajhin's Mantle is a slippery thing, especially with enchantments that bind its bearer.
Place it upon the brazier at the heart of this room and it will smother the curse upon me. Have no fear—the relic will come to no harm."
All right, I'll break the curse.
"Soon I'll leave this place and return to my home.
I'd nearly lost all hope."
Rajhin's Mantle is burned on the brazier

Do as she says, and place the mantle on the brazier, which will turn all the blue fires in the room red. Rajhin's Shadow will then appear and declare "Lady Nairume. You denied my love, and now I deny your journey home. If you beg my forgiveness … convincingly … I'll return the Walking City from where I stole it," to which Nairume will reply with "What? Could that filth spirit away all of Falinesti?"

Speak to Nairume to find out how she responds:

"He took the Walking City? He took my home?
Or is this another of his lies?"
What will you do?
"What else can I do but seek my home?
But everything is so different now. General Endare mentioned an "Aldmeri Dominion," yet I don't know what that means. Without someone to guide me, I may as well prostrate myself before Rajhin's Shadow."
Why not ask Brelor? He told me about Rajhin's Mantle.
"Truly? Then I must find this Brelor and see what he knows of Falinesti.
I should seek him out. And see the sky again, with my own eyes."
All right.

You will find Brelor and Nairume east of the wayshrine. Speak to Brelor to find out what to do with Rajhin's Mantle:

"Forgive me for stating the obvious, but you're alive!
We heard some terrible noises in the caves below. What happened?"
I have Rajhin's Mantle.
"And you freed Lady Nairume! She's quite agreeable, and could prove to be a living repository of knowledge regarding the Walking City.
I hope General Endare didn't give you any trouble."
Rajhin's Mantle drove her mad. I had to kill her.
"I see. I don't know why she did all of this, but she was once a hero. I can't imagine her soldiers will take it well.
But as you see, such relics are dangerous. I can deliver it to the Elden Root Mages Guild where its powers can be contained."

If you are completing Fit to Rule, you can claim the Mantle for the ratification ceremony:

Queen Ayrenn needs it for her ratification ceremony.
"I'll alert the Altmer Embassy when I've returned to Elden Root. Once I have it at the Mages Guild, I'll see if I can discern a safer way to handle it during her ratification ceremony."
All right. Here it is.

In any case, Brelor will thank you:

"Excellent. I can't bear to think of the outcome had you not been here.
But no matter. Lady Nairume and I will return to Elden Root as soon as it's safe."


  • It's not required to watch the first two projections after interacting with the welkynd stones to progress the quest as the objective updates to go to the next one right after Brelor is done with his spell.
  • When going to meet with Cirtor, the objective says to go to the Falinesti Faithful camp when actually Cirtor is at the Jade Dragoons camp. The Faithful camp being on the opposite end of the ruins.
  • The ice runes in the prison will explode repeatedly if you stay inside them instead of only once, inflicting high damage rapidly.
  • General Endare doesn't give experience when defeated.
  • The snow and ice in the prison thaws out after acquiring the mantle.
    • The thawing doesn't extend to the ice caves on the surface.
  • The Jade General helmet given as a quest reward is in the Khajiit style rather than the Altmer style, which the Jade Dragoons and General Endare wear.

Quest StagesEdit

A Lasting Winter
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Brelor seems very concerned with General Endare's plans. I should speak with him and learn why.
Objective: Talk to Brelor
Brelor thinks General Endare is after Rajhin's Mantle, a powerful but dangerous relic. He hopes local Welkynd stones will reveal what the soldiers know about Rajhin's Mantle.
Objective: Bring Brelor to the Welkynd Stones
Objective Hint: Visit the Eastern Welkynd Stone
Objective Hint: Visit the Northern Welkynd Stone
Objective Hint: Visit the Western Welkynd Stone
The Welkynd stones revealed the presence of a vault beneath the Falinesti Winter Site. I should speak with Brelor about this.
Objective: Talk to Brelor
Brelor thinks we'll need help to find Rajhin's Mantle before General Endare. We should talk to Cirtor in the Falinesti Faithful camp.
Objective: Find Falinesti Faithful Camp
Brelor thinks we'll need help to find Rajhin's Mantle before General Endare. We should talk to Cirtor.
Objective: Talk to Cirtor
General Endare was last seen heading down into the dig site. I should enter the dig site and search the caves.
Objective: Enter the Dig Site
I should search the excavated caves for signs of General Endare.
Objective: Search the Caves Around the Dig Site
Objective Hint: Eastern Cave
Objective Hint: Western Cave
Objective Hint: Northern Cave
A strange frost creature appeared in one of the caves! She appears to be an enemy of the frost trolls. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to the Frost Creature
The frost creature was created by Nairume, the woman I saw in the Welkynd stone visions! She will lead me to Rajhin's Mantle if I help her escape from her prison. I should speak with her face-to-face in the vault.
Objective: Enter the Vault
Nairume opened the way to her vault, a combination prison and palace. I should speak with her about Rajhin's Mantle.
Objective: Talk to Nairume
Nairume needs me to get Rajhin's Mantle before General Endare does. She can't leave her prison, but can send her frost construct to help me against the vault's guardians.
Objective: Enter the Inner Vault
I need to make my way through the vault's traps and guardians to locate the resting place of Rajhin's Mantle. If I alert her to do so, Nairume's construct can freeze them in place.
Objective: Locate Rajhin's Mantle
General Endare approached me. I should speak with her about Rajhin's Mantle.
Objective: Talk to General Endare
Rajhin's Mantle has driven General Endare mad. If I'm going to recover it, I must defeat her.
Objective: Defeat General Endare
General Endare fought me after Rajhin's Mantle drove her mad. I should retrieve it from her corpse.
Objective: Search General Endare's Corpse
I hold Rajhin's Mantle. I should return to Nairume's prison and see what must be done to free her.
Objective: Talk to Nairume
I should place Rajhin's Mantle on the brazier to break the curse upon Nairume.
Objective: Use Rajhin's Mantle on Brazier
I should speak with Nairume to see if the curse is truly broken.
Objective: Talk to Nairume
I've recovered Rajhin's Mantle and freed Nairume. I should deliver the relic to Brelor so it can be properly contained.
Objective: Talk to Brelor
Finishes quest  I found Brelor. I should deliver Rajhin's Mantle to him so it can be properly contained.
Objective: Talk to Brelor
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  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.