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Store The Goiter's Gulp
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Innkeeper

Ahmanra is a Khajiit innkeeper who provisionally runs the Goiter's Gulp in the Stitches. However, after using the Goiter's Gulp as collateral for a loan, he lost ownership of the tavern to the Averno brothers, Iulius and Scipion.


"This one has several hangover cures certain to get the taste of the Gulp's swill out of your mouth, no matter which direction it's flowing!"
"This one assumes no liability for lost goods, though he can lease you a lockbox at a very fair price."
"This one hopes you enjoy your stay. If not, he suggests you take your complaints just around the corner to his right."
"There is no where better to sleep off a night at the Gulp, Ahmanra assures you."