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Scipion Averno
Home Settlement The Stitches
Location The Goiter's Gulp
The Kaladas Inn, Ruction RingBlackwood
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Scipion Averno

Scipion Averno is an Imperial and twin brother of Iulius Averno, who can be found in the Goiter's Gulp. They originally came from Kvatch before coming to the Stitches and maneuvering themselves into various businesses around the town, such as becoming managers of the tavern. They also offer loans and expect payback with heavy interest.

He and his brother can also be met in Leyawiin, where they have recently inherited their uncle's business in Blackwood.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Thick as ThievesEdit

While recruiting Sereyne for Tasnasi's heist, the Alfiq will ask you to retrieve her magic focus from the Averno brothers.

"I'm positively fuming. Iulius has our entire wardrobe shipped here from Kvatch, and he still manages to pick out the exact same outfit I'm wearing. As if it weren't clear enough we're twins.
But you're not here to listen to a sibling's prattle."
I'm here for the focus Sereyne pawned to you.
"That rancid smelling thing? I can't believe my brother paid mostly honest gold for it. Probably cursed! He should just be rid of it and be done with the whole torrid affair.
Speaking of torrid affairs … well, perhaps later."
[Persuade] If you're that concerned about the focus, I can make sure you never see it again.
"Well, you do seem to look like someone well-equipped to deal with this sort of thing.
Iulius owes me a favor, so I'll call it in for you. The trinket is yours. You can find it in a jewelry box behind the counter."

If you steal Sereyne's focus from the Jewelry Box behind the counter, his greeting will be different.

"Something has upset my dear brother. I'll get to the very bottom of it ... later."

After obtaining the focus by whatever means, you can talk to Scipion more.

"Don't feel the need to rush out so soon. I rarely have the chance to make new acquaintances.
Especially with Iulius breathing down my neck day and night. Not that I always mind it."
What do you do here?
"Stave off boredom, for a start. Egging a few vagrants to fight for a limp purse is the closest thing one gets to the coliseum around here.
Though it is fun watching brother dearest try to squeeze more gold from this toad of a town."
How does he do that?
"You mean, you don't know? Oh ho, my brother and I will need to keep our eyes on you. Amongst other things.
We're entrepreneurs. We lend money, rent land, arrange deals … for increasingly immodest percentages."

Making a RacketEdit

Scipion in his red doublet

When you enter the Kaladas Inn in Leyawiin, you may overhear Scipion speaking with his brother:

Scipion Averno: "We simply must do something about the business, brother. These chambers are much too small for our lifestyle."
Iulius Averno: "I realize that, Scipion, but the Fang-Furls have us by the throat. What am I to do?"

Upstairs, you will find the pair in their makeshift office for the "Happy Averno Shipping Company". While Iulius is the one to talk to about the quest, Scipion has his own comments. You'll notice that Scipion is wearing a red doublet this time around.

"Come to Leyawiin, Iulius said. We'll make a killing, he said. Now here we are, sharing a bed in a louse-ridden hovel, having to pawn my finest silks to pay rent!
Forgive the outburst. Perhaps I'm being too hard on my brother."

Once you have agreed to help, Scipion will be pleased:

"Ah, you're going to help us? Lovely.
I trust Iulius mentioned that we would pay you for your services. We may be in a tight spot currently, but rest assured, if you succeed in this, you will reap the full benefits of our appreciation."

After you have stolen the Fang-Furls' Business Ledger you can bring it back to the brothers. When you arrive, they will be talking about the Fang-Furls thugs they saw hanging around:

Iulius Averno: "I saw some rather unsavory ruffians skulking about. Fang-Furls, I'm sure."
Scipion Averno: "They wouldn't dare approach us directly. We're safe enough, Iulius."
Iulius Averno: "All the same, I'd rather you not venture outside without me, brother."

You can then hand the ledger over to Scipion as he is better at numbers between the pair:

"The Fang-Furls continue to sniff around our skirts. If we don't move quickly, there won't be a Happy Averno Shipping Company left to save.
Did you find the ledger my brother asked about? I'd like a look. Iulius has no head for sums."
Here it is.
"Let's see … ah, it seems the Fang-Furls have their thumbs in some very dirty pies. I'm not one to talk, given where my hands have been.
I have an idea. If we can draw out Pungent Adder himself, we can topple him and his gang."
How do we do that?
"By gifting Pungent Adder some umbrage. Looking at this ledger, I see two morsels dangling before us.
Firstly, according to this, the Fang-Furls use dead drops to issue and receive orders. If we steal those drops, we disrupt their operation."
You mentioned two … morsels. What's the other?
"We send Pungent Adder a more personal message.
It seems he has a barrel of Oleander Coast Reserve waiting at the docks. Let's say we … season it with something foul. Make it as pungent as the Adder himself?"
How will Pungent Adder know these slights are from us?
"While you sabotage the dead drops and taint his wine, Iulius and I will write a signed letter to make his blood boil.
Then it's just a matter of combing the stinking depths of Leyawiin until we find someone that can put the letter in his hands."

Before leaving you can ask for advice on what to do:

What should I do with the orders I find in the dead drops?
"Hang on to them, I suppose. They might be useful to peruse, after all is said and done—find out who's worth trusting, and who's happily squirming in bed with Adder."
What should I use to taint Punget Adder's wine?
"The cask is at the docks, so I'm sure there will be something on hand. Pitch, bilge water, fish … anything will do.
Just try not to get caught doing anything unseemly in public, hmm? No sense mixing business with pleasure."

When you return to the brothers after sabotaging the wine and finding the dead drops around Blackwood, you will find that Pungent Adder had Scipion and Iulius abducted. The ransom note tells you to head to the Ruction Ring beneath Gideon if you want to rescue them. The Ruction Ring is an underground arena, and you will find the brothers tied up and guarded by Fang-Furl thugs.

Iulius Averno: "See, I told you they'd come, Scipion!"
Scipion Averno: "Not now, Iulius! Our friend could be ambushed at any moment!"

After you defeat the thugs and Pungent Adder, you can free Scipion and Iulius:

Scipion Averno: "Thank the divines. Those Fang-Furls have unpleasant knotwork."
Iulius Averno: "Let's not linger here. Shall we meet back at our office?"

When you meet them back at their office, they will have stripped out of their dirty clothes and Scipion will be fast asleep on the bed.


The StitchesEdit

If he is spoken to before you begin recruiting for Tasnasi.

"Pour yourself a drink, if that's what you came for, but steer away from the reserve. It corked sometime after we left Niben Bay."

In the aftermath of the heist and the removal of Khasda, Iulius' dialogue will depend on whether Tasnasi stayed and became the leader or not.

If she did, Scipion will see it as more of the same:

"Tasnasi's in. Khasda's out. Business goes on all the same. Dull as ever. The matter of Khasda's punishment presents some interesting opportunities … though I don't suppose she'll let him off with a good spanking."

If Tasnasi instead leaves the town:

"Someone killed Khasda? That's a shame. He promised to show me his dungeon last time he was here … though I'm not sure he meant it how I took it. Summerset wine goes straight to my head."