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Home Settlement The Stitches
Location Meirvale Keep, The Goiter's Gulp
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Tasnasi is a Khajiit who can be first encountered at her camp on the outskirts of the Stitches. She has a grudge against the town's brutal leader Khasda, for ruining her old home and looking for someone to help her recruit for a job.

Later on, you learn she was a lieutenant of the previous boss until she was framed for his murder.

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Thick as ThievesEdit

Recruiting the CrewEdit

After talking with Isadati, you can meet her at her camp where she is eating a meal.

"Tasnasi does not know you. That's good. She knows everyone in the Stitches. Those who aren't in Khasda's pocket she can count on one paw. This one has a job for someone who'd rather pick it. An unknown face like yours is just what she needs."
What's the job?
"Khasda, the dung-eater that runs the Stitches, has a hoard of gold beneath Meirvale keep. Tasnasi plans to make it hers. Ours.
If you're interested, we need to move soon. The Stitches gets worse by the day. Khasda may leave, and his coin with him."
You want me to take part in a robbery?
"Ha. To take from Khasda is no crime. His predecessor, Dashing Dasalzo, amassed the coin. Khasda only wallows in it, like a pig in its filth. A cruel, stupid pig.
Now he lets the Stitches shuffle to ruin. This is his just punishment."
I'll help you relieve Khasda of his wealth.
"We also need Tasnasi's old crew. Vole, Sereyne, and Nazdar.
Vole just did a job for Jubani. He'll be at her junk shop. Sereyne's likely at the Goiter's Gulp. And Nazdar … caterwauling somewhere. We'll meet in the Bowel at the bottom of the Scar."

Once you have agreed to help, you can ask her several questions about the town and the people you are recruiting.

Can you tell me more about the people I'm recruiting?
"Who do you want to know about?"
You mentioned someone named Vole?
"Best damn mechanist this side of Niben Bay. Not a common trait for a Wood Elf, this one knows, but it is true.
Khasda's stronghold uses strange mechanisms to keep uninvited visitors out. Vole's our path through them.'
Who's Sereyne?
"Maybe not the most distinguished mage in Elsweyr, but the best Tasnasi is likely to get in the Stitches. She spends more time with her head in a bottle than a book, but once she's dried out, she'll be invaluable for reaching the vaults unnoticed."
Tell me more about Nazdar.
"The old adept was something back in his day. Tasnasi heard he could break a boulder with his little claw. He doesn't fight much anymore, but he still has some moves—this one has seen them, personally. He flows like water, and is as silent as wind."
Let's talk about something else.
"Keep it quick, there's a lot to be done before we relieve Khasda of his riches."
I need to know more about this Khasda we're robbing.
"The lowest. Khasda clawed his way to the top of the Stitches with treachery and fear. The Stitches hasn't known law, but under Dashing Dasalzo it knew relative peace. Common purpose. Now it falls into anarchy. Khasda won't stop it—he creates it."
Who was Dashing Dasalzo?
"The leader of the Stitches. Before Khasda. He's dead and gone. All you need to know is: what was his is now Khasda's. Soon to be ours."
I'd like to know more about the Stitches before I go there.
"A den of outlaws in the shape of a town. There's not much to tell. What do you want to know?"
I want to know more about Jubani's junk shop.
"The facade of a legitimate business for Jubani the fence. Her gang loots and scavenges items all over the Scar. She has a Baandari's knack for selling junk for far more than it's worth."
What's the Goiter's Gulp?
"What passes for a tavern in the Stitches. The Averno twins run a money lending and pawn operation out of it. Don't let them sweet talk you into any favors. They may seem harmless, but everything has a price with those two and everyone pays."
The Bowel?
"The sewer beneath Meirvale Keep. We'll be able to gather there without attracting any unwanted attention and it'll become clear why once you arrive."
That's enough about the Stitches, but I still have some other questions. (After you have asked about one of the places)
"Thoroughness is an uncommon virtue in the Stitches. Go on and ask."

Learning the PlanEdit

Once you have successfully gathered the team, you can meet them in the small cave beneath which has an entrance to the keep's dungeons.

Tasnasi: "That's everyone. Tasnasi must speak with you."

Do as she asks and speak with Tasnasi.

"Tasnasi has not seen her old crew in some time. Not since … never mind.
You were not followed, yes? Tasnasi is not welcome in the Stitches. Associates of Tasnasi, also not welcome."
You and Khasda obviously have history. What went down between you two?
"Khasda was lieutenant to Dashing Dasalzo. Tasnasi as well, until he was found with her knife in his back. No one cared if she was innocent. They wanted someone to blame and Khasda gave them an answer. After everything, they turned their backs on her."
[Persuade] This is more than just a heist for you, from the sounds of it.
"It's not … no, you're right. Tasnasi says she hates this place—she should hate this place—but the Stitches is her home. Her family. Tasnasi won't sit idle while Khasda destroys it.
Her reasons aren't important. We should discuss the plan."
Is any of this going to interfere with the job?
"No. It's just a heist, that's all. Tasnasi knows how it looks—get revenge, clear her name … but she hates the sight of this place and will leave it, for good, just as soon as her pockets are a little heavier.
Now, let's go over the plan."
I'm all ears. (Both options lead to this)

She will begin to lay out the plan for everyone, telling them their particular roles in the heist.

Tasnasi: "Today we hit Khasda, right under his nose. We'll break into the basement of the Meirvale Keep through this sewer, so long as Vole can pick the locks."
Vole: "Locks. Cute. Might as well be fancifully knotted ribbons to me."
Tasnasi: "Good. At the courtyard, we'll have sentries, but Sereyne's teleportation spell should let us pass unnoticed."
Sereyne: "Ugh. Were you talking to me?"
Tasnasi: "We'll enter the palace through a second floor storage room. Nazdar will scale the wall and drop a rope for us."
Nazdar: "As spake Urua the Observant, "I see."
Tasnasi: "Tasnasi and the newcomer will handle any trouble that comes our way. Let's get started."

Before you enter the dungeons, you can talk with Tasnasi and ask her questions.

"You have any questions for Tasnasi? Otherwise, we go."
What's my part of the plan?
"Tasnasi counts on you to be a guard, a lookout, and whatever else is needed as we work. She has done enough jobs to know that things will come up that can't be anticipated. So it is good to have an extra pair of paws, just in case."
Let's go over your crew's roles.
"Was there someone in particular you had questions about?"
Vole./What's Vole doing?
"He's our ticket from the dungeon to the courtyard. Tasnasi knows that Khasda doesn't keep his dungeons guarded. He had some special, Dwarven locks put in. They'd keep most people out—but Vole can crack them."
Sereyne./What's Sereyne's part of the plan?
"Once we clear the dungeons, we're in the courtyard. We need to cross it without being seen. Risky with the size of our crew, but Sereyne, with enough preparation, can teleport us across the grounds with no one the wiser."
Nazdar./Tell me what Nasdar's part is.
"After we've crossed the courtyard, we must infiltrate the second level of the palace. A sheer climb into enemy territory, but the masters of the Whispering Claw can glide on the wind like a whisper. The rest of us will use the rope he carries."
I have other questions.
"Now's the time to ask. You might not have the opportunity later."
Can you go over the plan, again?
"Yes. Tasnasi knows Meirvale Keep, where Khasda rules. It has three main sections: the dungeon, the courtyard, and the palace.
The vaults are inside the palace, but the main entrance is too well guarded. We must take a more circuitous route."
How will we reach the vaults then?
"Through a small storage room in the south tower. Its window is broken, and it's rarely guarded.
We reach the south tower by crossing the courtyard, and we reach the courtyard by coming up through the dungeons. Smelly, but unobserved."

Meirvale Keep—DungeonsEdit

Once inside, Vole will head towards the nearby door.

Tasnasi: "Nice to see you back at work, Vole."
Vole: "Good to be working. You're less of a taskmaster than Jubani. Now, let's find some more locks."
Tasnasi: "Good luck. And work quickly."

If you talk with her she will shush you.

"Tasnasi begs you keep your voice down. She knows Khasda keeps no guards down here, but there might still be someone—or something—listening."
What's the plan now?
"We need to get to the courtyard. There's a way up at the other end of these dungeons, but Tasnasi heard Khasda bought some special locks for the gates to keep any intruders out."
Special locks?
"Made from salvaged Dwarven parts Jubani had cobbled into locks. Sold them to Khasda for quite a hefty sum.
But Vole can get through them. And you'll be with him, in case he needs support."
What about you?
"It's safer for one or two to scout ahead while the rest wait in reserve. Attracts less attention, and should something go wrong, we will be free to support you.
The three of us will catch up once you signal that the coast is clear."

After you have made your way through the dungeons to the courtyard entrance, the rest of the group will catch up.

Tasnasi: "They're through. No lagging behind."
Sereyne: "Keep up, old timer. I made it and I can barely walk straight."
Nazda: "'Gaze in wonder at the infirm, for their aches are the song of long life.'"

You can then ask Tasnasi about the next part.

"Vole did good. You as well. Tasnasi knew this would be the easiest part of the plan.
Things get harder from here. We have the courtyard to deal with on the other side of the door."
What's the next part of the plan?
"We've got to cross the courtyard. There are guards to worry about and we'll have little cover for a group of our size.
But Sereyne solves that problem for us. She can teleport us across. The guards will never even know we're there."

Meirvale Keep—The CourtyardEdit

Once you have all gathered at the courtyard gate, Sereyne will begin to cast her teleportation spell.

Tasnasi: "Sereyne, it's your turn."
Sereyne: "Ugh. Everyone, stand still. You're making me queasy. Just need to concentrate."
Sereyne: "Focus the power … imagine the destination. All right—here we go."
Tasnasi: "What the—"
Sereyne: "So far so good. Now Vole …."
Vole: "You're sure—"
Nazdar: "To quote the barkeep, "you look sick—"
Sereyne: <Vomits.>
Sereyne: "Oh, that's not good."

There will be a flash of light, and you will end up near Nazdar. The pair of you have been separated from the group. Once you sneak your way to the rest of the group, Tasdasi will be happy to see you.

Tasnasi: "You made it? Both of you? Tasnasi is glad!"
Sereyne: "Sorry about that. When this is all done, I'll buy you a drink—"
Tasnasi: "Moon's Mercy, Sereyne! When we're done here I will smash every bottle of wine in Elsweyr."
Sereyne: "Not if I drink them first!"
Tasnasi: "Nazdar, you're our way into this tower. Ready?"
Nazdar: "'The ascent of the body is nothing compared to that of the soul.'" Saint Yosito spoke wisely."

Once Nazda has climbed inside, you can talk to Tasnasi.

"Tasnasi admits, she was not certain the old one still had it in him. You should have seen Nazdar before age caught his tail.
We should get inside before anyone notices our presence."

Meirvale Keep—The PalaceEdit

After you have climbed the rope, you will find yourself in a bedroom. While Vole tends to an injured Nazdar, you will need to talk to Tasnasi about the next step of the heist.

"Nazdar did well to get us inside, but it looks like the strain was more than he could handle. He needs rest.
Which means Tasnasi needs to change her plans."
What's changing?
"Vole is the closest thing we have to a healer. He might be able to get Nazdar moving again, but he needs time, which means he won't be able to pick the locks on Khasda's vaults.
Tasnasi wants you and Sereyne to get the vault keys."
What about you?
"This one has other business in the palace. When she's done with it, she will meet you at the entrance to the vault, on the lower floors."
[Persuade] I think I deserve to know what you'll be doing while we get the keys.
"Tasnasi has always said she was innocent of Dasalzo's death. And she knows, in her heart, that Khasda was behind it. She must have proof, not to show the Stitches, but to quiet her own soul.
She needs that more than her share of the gold."
All right, then let's get to it. (Persuade Option also leads to this)
"Take care getting the keys. The thugs in this palace are Khasda's most loyal, and just as vicious and cruel as he. Expect no mercy, and give none.
Sereyne will help keep things quiet, in case fighting breaks out."

You can ask some more questions at this point.

Are you going to be all right on your own?
"Yes. Tasnasi has gotten used to being on her own. Ever since Dasalzo died.
She knows this place like the back of her paw. She'll be fine."
What about Nazdar and Vole?
"Nazdar has to stay behind. He's in no condition to creep through the palace right now. Hopefully, Vole can get him back on his feet in time for an expedient departure.
As long as they stay back in this old storeroom, they should be fine."
I thought you were against killing any guards.
"That was … different. Many of the keep's guards were close to Dasalzo. They follow Khasda only because they must.
The lapdogs in this palace are loyal to Khasda alone."
That's enough to justify killing them?
"The ones who are closest to Khasda do not show loyalty because they are virtuous, but because he allows them to indulge their worst impulses.
I am not telling you to punish them, only that they won't be missed by anyone in the Stitches."

While you collect vault keys with Sereyne, Tasnasi is going on her own to look for evidence against Khasda. However, once you arrive at the meeting spot, Vole and Nazda will arrive and you will learn that Tasnasi was captured. After you enter the Meirvale Keep Dugout, you will overhear Tasnasi and Khasda as you approach the torture chamber.

Khasda: "You were always naive, Tasnasi. You and Dasalzo both. So focused on the future that you never could see the knife behind you."
Tasnasi: "By Jone, Tasnasi will claw your eyes out!"

After you defeat Khasda's bodyguard Cud, you can free Tasnasi.

Khasda: "You—you'll regret crossing Khasda!"
Tasnasi: "He's getting away! Untie me!"

Once she's freed, Tasnasi will chase after him.

Tasnasi: "After him!"

A Final ConfrontationEdit

Once you leave the keep, you will find that Khasda has been cornered on the ledge of the cliff, while Tasnasi holds a knife to him.

Khasda: "Please. Tasnasi. Spare me!"
Tasnasi: "Shut up, Khasda! One more word from your lying tongue and Tasnasi will claw it out."

You can then talk to her to see what she intends to do.

"He did it. Everything Tasnasi suspected him of. He killed Dasalzo. He had her take the blame. He was proud of it.
Now that I have my claws at his throat he discovers the meaning of mercy."
Does that mean you can clear your name and return home?
"He took this one's home from her—the only one she has known—and he couldn't give it back if he wanted to.
She has no proof but his word. Even if he confessed and cleared her name, the Stitches she would return to is not the one she left behind."
What are you going to do with him then?
"One joy is left to Tasnasi. To kill Khasda. Then, she leaves this all behind her. For good."
Don't do this, Tasnasi. If you kill him, there is no coming back. The Stitches is still your home.
"Dasalzo is dead. Everyone Tasnasi has ever known turned their back on her. The Stitches are in shambles. Why would this one ever want to return to such a place?"
Part of you still cares about it. Your crew sees it. I see it. It's not too late to fix things.
"You … are right. Tasnasi has tried to forget. Tried to move on. Not a night goes by that she doesn't dream of times past. She knows what must be done. Tasnasi will make this one face the justice of the Stitches. Wait for her at the tavern in town."
Then kill him, if that's what you want.
"I will. After that, I will find the others.
Meet back at my camp, on the outskirts of town. There will be no returning to the Stitches for me after this."
I'll meet you there.
If Khasda is spared
Tasnasi: "Tasnasi will only make this offer once. Confess to the Stitches for all you have done and she will not try out your torture devices for herself."
Khasda: "Tasnasi … you win."
Tasnasi: "Get up. All the Stitches will hear the truth from your lips before the day is done."
If Kasda is killed
Khasda: "Don't be stupid, Tasnasi. Name your price. Riches? Weapons? Skooma?"
Tasnasi: "Tasnasi only wants one thing, of little value."
<Tasnasi stabs Khasda.>
Tasnasi: "Your life."
At the Goiter's GulpEdit

If you convinced Tasnasi to spare Khasda, she will be at the tavern with the rest of the crew. She is now the new leader of the Stitches.

"My friend! No, more than that. Family.
Khasda's deeds have been made known to the Stitches. Tasnasi's name is cleared. For now, at least, there is something to drink to. Or, in Sereyne's case, something else to drink to."
What happens now?
"Now Tasnasi is home and you enjoy her hospitality. Raise a mug, kick up your feet, and count your coin.
There is much to be done to fix the damage Khasda did, but that is for Tasnasi to worry about. Your work is done, even if hers is just beginning."

After you receive your payment, you can talk to her some more.

"Strange as it seems, Tasnasi is not only forgiven in the Stitches, she is looked up to. It will take time for the Stitches to be as it was. Maybe it will never get there, but even if she cannot live up to Dashing Dasalzo's legacy, Tasnasi will try."
Does that mean you're taking over?
"So much as anyone can be in charge of the Stitches.
With Khasda in exile, there's hope of going back to how it was. How Dashing Dasalzo saw it. They have not entirely forgotten him … or Tasnasi. She'll do her part. We all will."
What will happen to your crew?
"The job is done. Their lives are their own.
But Tasnasi wants to make life better in the Stitches and she will need help to do so. She could use them—Vole's tinkering, Sereyne's magic, Nazdar's wisdom—if they will offer it."
Back at CampEdit

If Tasnasi killed Khasda, she can be found with the rest of the crew at her camp.

"The job is done. Maybe we didn't leave the palace with everything Tasnasi promised, but this is the Stitches. If everything went as it should, none of us would be here."
What happens now?
"Now we go our separate ways. Take Tasnasi's advice: leave the Stitches before it falls apart completely.
This one has no great sum of wealth, but she owes you something for saving her skin. Unlike most in these parts, Tasnasi remembers her friends."

After you receive your payment, you can talk to her some more.

"This one regrets getting you caught up in her affairs, but she is glad to have crossed your path. Things would have gone very differently had you not come back for her.
Moons willing, we meet again, eh? Work another job. One with a better payout."
What will you do next?
"Tasnasi wants to put this place far behind her. Maybe she will head south. Try Corinthe.
A fresh start, a new life."
An honest living?
"Tasnasi's not sure she even knows what that is, but … perhaps."
What's going to happen to the crew?
"Tasnasi cannot say. The job is done. We have no obligations to one another any longer.
She wishes them well, but she has her own way to walk."
Why not stick together?
"Tasnasi said she wants to leave this all behind. She wants to forget. She doesn't need anymore reminders of the life she lost."


If she decided to stay in the Stitches after Khasda was exiled, she can later be found in the center of town.

"Tasnasi knows the Stitches isn't home to you, as such, but she's glad to see you visit now and again. She wants you to see it for what it once was, not as you saw it the first time."
How's leadership treating you?
"Keeping the peace among this rogues gallery is no easy thing. Some days Tasnasi almost misses the quiet solitude of exile, but every day she sees the Stitches get a little closer to Dasalzo's dream of a safe haven for those who would live free."
What did you do with Khasda?
"Dasalzo had many friends, not just in the Stitches, but all throughout Elsweyr. Tasnasi has sent word to each of them bearing condolences and the truth of Khasda's betrayal. He'll spend the rest of his days outcast and on the run."
Anyone else giving you trouble?
"Once the tables turned on Khasda, his underlings scattered like rats. Those who were loyal to Dasalzo are glad to see them go. Aside from Jubani's complaining and the Avernos' wandering hands, Tasnasi has nothing to fear."
Sounds like you've got things well in hand.
"So far, Tasnasi is up to the challenge, but if she finds herself in need of a helping hand, you can be certain she will reach out to you.
For now, all Tasnasi asks of you is that you make yourself at home."

If she leaves the Stitches, you can find her outside the entrance to the Rimmen Outlaws Refuge just south of the Mages Guild (Rimmen). She cannot be spoken to.



  • Though she has a "Talk" option when in Rimmen, you're unable to activate the dialogue ?