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HomeĀ Settlement The Stitches
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Isadati is a Khajiit who can be encountered when approaching The Stitches along the road. He will direct you towards Tasnasi and her quest for revenge on the crime boss of the Stitches.

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Quest-Related DialogueEdit

As you approach you may overhear him say, "Watch your step in the Stitches."

When you talk with him, Isadati will elaborate on his warning.

"You'll want to find another place to rest your feet, stranger. The Stitches are about to burst. It won't be much longer before the whole place unravels, as it were."
What do you mean?
"There's a new Khajiit in charge, Khasda, and he enjoys throwing his weight around. Between this one and you, most in the Stitches find Khasda's leadership lacking, but none will stand up to him.
Though this one heard rumors Tasnasi is back."
Who's Tasnasi?
"No friend of Khasda's, this one can tell you. She's recruiting for a job, or so the rumors say.
This one doubts she'll have much luck convincing someone local to make an enemy of Khasda, but someone passing through ā€¦."
I'll have a word with Tasnasi about this job.
"Last I heard, Tasnasi was camped on the north rim of the Scar, but this one doubts she'll stick around for long. The moment Khasda catches wind of her, he'll have her throat slit."

You can then ask him about the Stitches and people mentioned.

What are the Stitches?
"It's the closest thing to a settlement out here. Imagine Riverhold on the edge of a cliff, painted with rum and horse-dung. Then invite every outlaw, bandit, and exile to live there. That's the Stitches."
Tell me more about Khasda?
"You didn't hear this from me, but he's a thug who thinks he's a king. Sits in Meirvale Keep, counting coin and letting his thugs run the Stitches into the ground. Well, deeper into the ground."
And Tasnasi?
"A thief who got run out of town not long after Khasda took over. He's the only one worth robbing in the Stitches, so my gold's on her job involving his ill-gotten gains.
Gutsy to cross Khasda, but he already wants her dead. What's she got to lose?"