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Help a thief with a heist.
Zone: Northern Elsweyr
Objective: The Stitches—Help Tasnasi with a heist in the Stitches.
Quest Giver: Isadati or Tasnasi
Location(s): The Stitches, The Scar, Meirvale Keep
Reward: Vault-Cracker's Vizard
High Leveled
XP Gain: High Experience
"Those who aren't in Khasda's pocket she can count on one paw. This one has a job for someone who'd rather pick it."
I met a traveler who warned me that the Stitches has a new and unpopular leader named Khasda. He also told me that a rival of Khasda's by the name of Tasnasi is offering a job well suited to someone passing through.
I met a Khajiiti woman by the name of Tasnasi who is putting together a heist to rob Khasda, the new leader of the Stitches.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk with Tasnasi.
  2. Recruit Vole, Sereyne, and Nazdar.
    1. (Vole) Free him from Jubani's Junkshop.
    2. (Sereyne) Return pawned off Magicka Focus to her.
    3. (Nazdar) Find his lute in the Scar canyon and bring it back to him.
  3. Meet with Tasnasi and crew in the Bowel beneath Meirvale Keep and learn about plan.
  4. Enter the dungeons below the Keep and escort Vole as he picks the locks.
  5. When reunited, wait for Sereyne to teleport the group.
  6. Lead Nazdar through the courtyard to reunite with team.
    • (Optional): Don't kill any Meirvale Keep Guards.
  7. Wait for Nazdar to scale palace wall and throw rope down.
  8. Enter the palace and talk with Tasnasi for the next steps of the plan.
  9. With Sereyne, collect the three treasure vault keys.
  10. Meet up with Tasnasi in front of the vault.
  11. Find Khasda and Tasnasi.
  12. Kill Khasda's chief enforcer.
  13. Follow Tasnasi and help her make a decision.
  14. Talk to Tasnasi afterwards:
    1. At the Goiter's Gulp.
    2. At her camp.

    Detailed WalkthroughEdit


    Quest StagesEdit

    Thick as Thieves
    Finishes Quest Journal Entry
    I was told that I can find Tasnasi on the outskirts of the Stitches. I should speak to her about this job she's recruiting for.
    Objective: Talk to Tasnasi
    Tasnasi asked me to recruit three other people to join her crew: Vole the mechanist at Jubani's Junkshop, Sereyne the mage by the Goiter's Gulp, and Nazdar the adept on the western outskirts of town.
    Objective: Recruit Tasnasi's Crew:0/3
    (Recruiting Vole) Tasnasi told me that Vole recently did a job for Jubani and said I should find him near Jubani's Junkshop.
    Hidden Objective: Find Vole
    Jubani's thugs have taken Vole and are keeping him captive in the junkshop. I need to get inside without stirring up trouble.
    Objective Hint: Sneak into Jubani's Junkshop
    I made it inside Jubani's Junkshop. Now I need to find Vole and rescue him from Jubani's thugs.
    Objective Hint: Rescue Vole
    I freed Vole from his bonds and allowed for his escape. I should talk to Vole outside Jubani's Junkshop and convince him to join Tasnasi's crew.
    Objective Hint: Talk to Vole
    (Recruiting Nazdar) I should search the Stitches for Nazdar.
    Hidden Objective: Find Nazdar
    I found Nazdar staring off into the canyon. I should talk to him about joining Tasnasi's crew.
    Objective Hint: Talk to Nazdar
    Nazdar is preoccupied with the loss of a prized possession of his: a lute gifted to him by a late friend. I agreed to retrieve his lute from where he left it when hostile beasts chased him off.
    Objective Hint: Recover Nazdar's Lute
    I found Nazdar's lute. I should bring it to him and see if he's more receptive to joining Tasnasi's crew.
    Objective Hint: Talk to Nazdar
    (Recruiting Sereyne) Tasnasi told me I should be able to find Sereyne in or near the Goiter's Gulp, a tavern in the Stitches.
    Hidden Objective: Find Sereyne
    I found Sereyne passed out near the tavern. I need to find a way to wake her.
    Objective Hint: Rouse Sereyne
    Sereyne's not pleased about her rude awakening, but hopefully I can convince her to join Tasnasi's crew.
    Objective Hint: Talk to Sereyne
    Sereyne needs me to get her arcane focus, which she pawned to two pawnbrokers, Scipion and Iulius Averno. I can find them in the Goiter's Gulp.
    Objective Hint: Retrieve Sereyne's Focus
    I have Sereyne's arcane focus. I should bring it to her so she'll agree to join Tasnasi's crew.
    Objective Hint: Talk to Sereyne
    Now that everyone has agreed to join Tasnasi's crew, I should meet them at the Bowel, a small cave at the base of Meirvale Keep.
    Objective: Go to the Bowel
    Tasnasi and the rest of her crew are all accounted for. I should speak to her and learn more about the job she's planning.
    Objective: Talk to Tasnasi
    I should listen while Tasnasi goes over her plan to break into the vault in Meirvale Keep.
    Objective: Listen to the Plan
    Tasnasi said we can enter Meirvale Keep through the dungeons beneath the fortress. We can climb up into them through the Bowel.
    Objective: Enter Meirvale Keep's Dungeons
    I need to work with Vole to unlock the Dwemer locks sealing off the dungeon, so we can make our way to the courtyard of Meirvale Keep.
    Objective: Reach Meirvale Keep's Courtyard
    Now that we've made it to the courtyard, Sereyne is responsible for transporting the crew across the open area without being seen. I should wait for her to complete her spell.
    Objective: Wait for Sereyne to Teleport the Crew
    Sereyne's spell has gone awry. Nazdar and I have been separated from the group, but Sereyne is trying to communicate through some kind of projection. I should speak to her to discuss how to proceed.
    Objective: Talk to Sereyne's Projection
    Sereyne doesn't have the power to attempt to teleport us back to the group. Nazdar and I will need to make our way across Meirvale Keep's courtyard by stealth.
    Objective: Cross the Courtyard
    Sereyne told me that Tasnasi wants me to avoid killing any of the guards while I cross the courtyard.
    Optional Step: Don't Kill Any Guards
    Now that we successfully reunited with the rest of the crew, Nazdar is going to scale the wall of Meirvale Keep and tie off a rope to allow us to follow him into the tower.
    Objective: Wait for Nazdar to Throw Down the Rope
    I should use the rope ladder Nazdar dropped to enter Meirvale Keep.
    Objective: Enter Meirvale Keep's Palace
    We made it inside the keep, but Nazdar suffered some injury from his climb. I should talk to Tasnasi to go over the next step of the plan.
    Objective: Talk to Tasnasi
    Tasnasi asked Sereyne and I to find the three keys to open Khasda's vault. They should be somewhere within the palace.
    Objective: Collect Vault Keys:0/3
    I found all of Khasda's vault keys. I should meet Tasnasi at the vault, deeper in the Meirvale Keep palace.
    Objective: Meet Tasnasi at the Vault
    Nazdar and Vole came to find me after hearing that Tasnasi has been captured by Khasda. I need to find her and rescue her before Khasda kills her.
    Objective: Find Tasnasi
    Khasda has ordered his minotaur enforcer, Cud, to dispatch me. I'll need to kill him to save Tasnasi.
    Objective: Kill Cud
    After I killed his bodyguard, Khasda fled. I should untie Tasnasi and make sure she's all right.
    Objective: Untie Tasnasi
    Tasnasi wasted no time going after Khasda after I released her. She chased him through his escape tunnel. I should follow her.
    Objective: Follow Tasnasi
    Tasnasi has Khasda cornered. I should see what she intends to do with him.
    Objective: Talk to Tasnasi
    Finishes quest  (Tasnasi Spares Khasda) I convinced Tasnasi not to kill Khasda. She's agreed to see that he confesses to his crimes before the Stitches and told me to meet with her and the crew at the Goiter's Gulp tavern.
    Objective: Talk to Tasnasi at the Goiter's Gulp
    Finishes quest  (Tasnasi Kills Khasda) Tasnasi decided to kill Khasda for his crimes against her and Dashing Dasalzo. She told me to meet her back at her camp outside of the Stitches to conclude our business.
    Objective: Talk to Tasnasi at Her Camp
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