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Home Settlement The Stitches
Location Player HousingCrown Store
Race Alfiq Gender Female
Health 25,974
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower During Thick as Thieves
Faction(s) Mages Guild (formerly)

Sereyne is an alcoholic Alfiq mage who can be found drowning her sorrows in The Stitches. Tasnasi asks that you recruit her for a heist against Khasda at Meirvale Keep. She was previously available to obtain as a houseguest for 025002,500 Crowns. Sereyne has a third cousin named Janessa[nb 1].

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Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Recruiting SereyneEdit

As you approach her, you will hear her.

Sereyne: <Loud snoring.>

She will be stretched out on a rug, sleeping. Pick up the nearby bucket and throw the water over her.

Sereyne: "Gah! What in the Moons?"

You can then talk with an annoyed Sereyne.

"Ugh—my fur! What was in that bucket? Whatever your death-wish is, it's granted!
Ow, my head. Just tell me what you're doing here before I turn your heart into a tomato."
Tasnasi wants you to join her crew.
"Oh, really, Tasnasi's still kicking around? A little good news to go around with all this bad. Like a fly in wine.
Be careful of the wine, by the way. There're flies in it."
So you'll join up?
"I didn't say that.
Well, what I mean is that I'd like to. But if Tasnasi wants me for my magical skill, I have some bad news. My focus is gone. I mean my other focus. My arcane focus, a bauble to focus magicka. I'm useless without it."
Where is it?
"I may have … pawned it. To Iulius and Scipion Averno. I'd give the gold back, but Khasda's really gouging the price of a bottle these days. Even the swill in this flophouse.
The Avernos are inside. Get my focus back, and I'll owe you."

You can then ask her some questions.

What exactly is a "focus?"/Can you tell me more about this focus you need me to get?
"Oof. Well, sometimes my power gets a little … out of control. The Mages Guild was supposed to help me master it, but they take a dim view of people breaking curfew. And getting drunk on kitchen duty. And throwing up in the soup."
So what does the focus do?
"When I need to cast a spell, I channel my magicka through the focus. It helps me weave everything together. Without it, my spells come out like tangled yarn and the results are … well, unpredictable."
Tell me more about the Avernos./Can you tell me more about the Avernos?
"Iulius and Scipion? They sit in the Goiter's Gulp like they own the place. Well, they do technically own it, but that's not the point. Ever since Khasda took over, the twins have doubled everyone's rent and the amount of water in the drinks."
How can they get away with that?
"Because Khasda gets a nice kickback from all the money they bring in. And, for good or ill—well, actually, just ill—Khasda's in charge here, so he has the muscle.
So the rest of us sit quietly and pay twice as much to get half as drunk."

If spoken to again, she'll suggest:

"You might try sweet-talking the Avernos out of the focus. It doesn't take much to lead their minds into the gutter … if you don't smell like one.
Otherwise, they've probably got it locked up somewhere."

Once you've recovered her focus you can return it to her.

"I can't get the taste out of my mouth. It's awful."
I got your focus back.
"Good. Khasda's made the Stitches … unpalatable. Like that swill he's got the tavern pouring. I'm ready to get out, but I wouldn't mind batting Khasda's tail along the way.
I'm sure Tasnasi feels the same."
If that means you're in, we're meeting in the Bowel.
"I need a moment. Or two. Look, I'll meet you at the Bowel … once the world stops spinning."

Now she's little bit sober, you can ask her about Tasnasi or Sereyne's past.

How do you know Tasnasi?
"Look, you seem halfway decent. So don't stick your muzzle too far in, all right? Tasnasi's got her own business. And I know too much about it already. I don't drink just because I like the flavor of the tavern's bilge."
That's not reassuring.
"I'm hazy on the details. To be honest, I'm hazy on a lot of things these days, but I know Tasnasi can't show her face in the Stitches and it's not just Khasda that'd like to see her dead."
What'd she do?
"I've said more than I should have already. It's in the past. Tasnasi had her reasons. She always has her reasons. Not that I ever got to hear them.
She's not going to stab you in the back, if that's what's worrying you. Keep your mind on the job."
What's your story?
"Just a mage looking for something at the bottom of a bottle."
What are you looking for?
"I don't really know.
And if I'm being honest? I don't know if I ever knew."

Heist BriefingEdit

You'll next meet her in the Bowel, where Tasida and the rest of the crew are preparing for the heist.

"Hurray, everybody's here. Could we maybe keep the reunion to a whisper? This cave echoes and my head is killing me."

After you speak with Tasnasi, she will lay out the plan.

Tasnasi: "Today we hit Khasda, right under his nose. We'll break into the basement of the Meirvale Keep through this sewer, so long as Vole can pick the locks."
Vole: "Locks. Cute. Might as well be fancifully knotted ribbons to me."
Tasnasi: "Good. At the courtyard, we'll have sentries, but Sereyne's teleportation spell should let us pass unnoticed."
Sereyne: "Ugh. Were you talking to me?"
Tasnasi: "We'll enter the palace through a second floor storage room. Nazdar will scale the wall and drop a rope for us."
Nazdar: "As spake Urua the Observant, "I see.""
Tasnasi: "Tasnasi and the newcomer will handle any trouble that comes our way. Let's get started."

Before you enter you can ask Sereyne about her role in the heist:

"Ugh. Teleporting. I should have eaten breakfast today … instead of drinking it."
What's your part of the plan?
"Tasnasi's route involves us crossing the courtyard. The safest way to cross it without being seen? Don't cross it.
So I'm going to teleport us. Which is something I can absolutely do."
You don't sound very confident.
"It's hard to do even when you're not hung over, even if you've had a complete education from the Mages Guild. I mean, I've done it before. A couple times. And it largely worked out fine.
So, let's give me the benefit of the doubt."
Why not just teleport us directly to the vault?
"Oh, why didn't I think of that? I'll just wave my tail and have us there in time for tea.
I have to see where I'm going. If I was just guessing we'd … well, I don't guess anymore. So there."

Meirvale Keep DungeonEdit

Once inside the dungeons, you can talk to her:

"These old barrels smell like wine. Maybe brandy? Might have started as fresh fruit as long as they've been left here. Gone now, whatever it was.
Shame. I could use a stiff drink right now."

When Vole and you arrive at the door to the courtyard, the others will catch up.

Vole: "Hey! That's our way to the courtyard!"
Tasnasi: "They're through. No lagging behind."
Sereyne: "Keep up, old timer. I made it and I can barely walk straight."
Nazda: "'Gaze in wonder at the infirm, for their aches are the song of long life.'"

Just before you head outside to the courtyard, you can listen to Sereyne psyche herself up:

"You can do it, Sereyne. It's just moving yourself and four other living people with one of the most complex spells known.
It's not like you could, you know, mix up people's arms, or legs, or anything."

Meirvale Keep CourtyardEdit

"Oh, that's not good."

When everyone is on the other side of the door, Sereyne will prepare and cast the teleportation spell:

Tasnasi: "Sereyne, it's your turn."
Sereyne: "Ugh. Everyone, stand still. You're making me queasy. Just need to concentrate."
Sereyne: "Focus the power … imagine the destination. All right—here we go."
Tasnasi: "What the—"
Sereyne: "So far so good. Now Vole …."
Vole: "You're sure—"
Nazdar: "To quote the barkeep, "you look sick—"
Sereyne: <Vomits.>
Sereyne: "Oh, that's not good."

Sereyne will throw up and transport you and Nazdar elsewhere. Her projection will appear nearby.

Nazdar: "This one prefers his feet."
Sereyne:"Whew. Thought I lost you."

You can then talk to her to what you need to do to reunite.

"Moons—you're not hurt, are you? All your limbs in place?"
I think I'm fine.
"And Nazdar's looking … pretty good, actually.
Now, the not-good. You and Nazdar didn't quite make it to where I intended … and it'll be a while before I can cast something like that again. You'll have to make your own way here."
What happened? How did we end up here?
"There's a basic rule of spellcraft: do not attempt while drunk. Or, while recently drunk. Never been great with rules.
I ended up losing control of the spell while attempting to teleport you and Nazdar. Sorry about that."
How do we regroup?
"Tasnasi wants you and Nazdar to make your way to the base of the south tower. That's where we're waiting.
She was also very insistent: avoid killing any of the guards."

You can ask some questions before you try sneaking through the courtyard.

Where are we in relation to the south tower?
"Uh, north west—east … ish? You'll have to come through the courtyard, which means avoiding patrols.
Don't get caught. Tasnasi's going to be pretty upset if you kill anyone.'
Why shouldn't I kill any of the guards?
"She says it will raise alarms, but I know the truth.
It's because Tasnasi used to run with them. They all were part of Dashing Dasalzo's crew back in the day. She tries to act like she doesn't care about them after they exiled her, but it's a lie."

Once you make it across the courtyard and reunite with the group:

Tasnasi: "You made it? Both of you? Tasnasi is glad!"
Sereyne: "Sorry about that. When this is all done, I'll buy you a drink—"
Tasnasi: "Moon's Mercy, Sereyne! When we're done here I will smash every bottle of wine in Elsweyr."
Sereyne: "Not if I drink them first!"
Tasnasi: "Nazdar, you're our way into this tower. Ready?"
Nazdar: "'The ascent of the body is nothing compared to that of the soul.'" Saint Yosito spoke wisely."'

After Nazdar climbs up the wall and drops the rope:

"Ugh. Sorry, I thought I was going to vomit again.
Where's Nazdar? Did I miss something?"

Meirvale Keep PalaceEdit

Once on the upper floor of the keep, Nazdar will have injured himself:

"Tasnasi's gotten tense. More tense than usual.
Things could have gone smoother so far, sure, but she's not one to get rattled."

After you talk to Tasnasi, Sereyne will then be paired up with you as you hunt for three keys to unlock the vault:

"Well, better I'm paired up with you than the ancient adept or the smarmy Wood Elf. You look like you can handle a scuffle.
I'm only good at knocking myself out with a bottle, but I know a spell or two to muffle the noise of a brawl."
Any idea where we're going to find these keys?
"They'll be with his lieutenants, I'll bet. They come to the Goiter's Gulp every few nights. Get drunk and blather on about how much the boss trusts them and lets them get away with murder. Literally.
They're bound to be in the palace. Somewhere."
You can keep things quiet?
"You know how many bar brawls I have to sleep through in the Stitches? Trust me, I know I can cast that one drunk.
Now if there were only a spell to protect from rude awakenings involving buckets."

Once you have collected all three keys:

"All right we've got … six—I mean three keys. That should do it. We just need to meet Tasnasi at the vault and the loot is ours."
Where's the vault?
"There are rooms bored into the rock behind the palace. The most defensible parts, back when this was the seat of Meirvale. Not that I've ever seen them.
Tasnasi said we can reach them on the bottom level."

When you arrive at the entrance to the keep's dugout, Vole will arrive with bad news.

Vole: "There you are! He's got her—he's got her!"
Sereyne: "Keep it down! What are you talking about?"
Vole: "Khasda! He and his bodyguard—the biggest I've ever seen! They cornered Tasnasi and took her back there! You have to save her!"

You can talk with Sereyne before heading off to rescue Tasnasi.

"If Tasnasi's been taken, it won't be long before Khasda kills her.
You're the only one that can do something about it!"
You're not coming with me?
"Vole and I are no good in a fight. And Nazdar looks like he'd get blown over by a gentle breeze. You're the best bet we have of getting in, getting Tasnasi, and getting out.
Don't worry about us. We'll find our own way out of the keep."

The Goiter's GulpEdit

Once Khasda has been dealt with, Sereyne can be found underneath a seat in the Goiter's Gulp:

"How many of those Averno brothers are there? It's like there's a couple more every time I look over. I swear they're multiplying!"

Tasnasi's CampEdit

If Tasnasi killed Khasda, Sereyne can be found with the rest of the crew at her camp.

"Huh. She actually did it. I would've bet my tail that Tasnasi would spare Khasda, if it came down to it.
Looks like I underestimated her. Looks like Khasda did, too."

Once you have spoken with Tasnasi, she will speak of what comes next.

"Well, the Stitches are in for a rough time of it. Khasda's gone, and all that's left are a bunch of outlaws that see a mountain and an empty chair at the top.
Time to find a keg, a room with sturdy locks, and ride this whole thing out."


Once Thick as Thieves is completed, Sereyne will later be found in the Stitches. If you spared Khasda's life, she is sitting on a couch at the Goiter's Gulp. She will vaguely remember you.

"Hey, I know you! At least I think I know you. My memory's a little hazy on anything past the last few days.
You were on that thing, with Tasnasi? And me. You did that job with us."
You're not drunk again, are you?
"No, I'm not! Tasnasi made me swear to lay off the drink for a while. It's awful … well, maybe not as awful as I thought it'd be. This place is almost tolerable now that she's in charge. Gives me a few less reasons to reach for a bottle."
Does that mean you're cleaning up your act?
"It means I've got a headache, but I don't know. I was in a bad way before you dosed me with that bucket. And I really botched things at the keep.
Tasnasi's cleaning up the mess Khasda made. She doesn't need mine too."
Sounds like a good start.
"Yeah, well … we'll see. The more I remember, the harder it gets.
There are a few things I'd rather not forget. Maybe that's enough."

However, if Khasda was killed, she can be found in a sorry state in her original location, under a canopy opposite the Goiter's Gulp.

"You can't rob me. Those Avernos already took me for all I've … all I had. Four bottles of cheap wine. That's all I'm worth. You can't take that either. I drank'em. It's all gone now. Everything.
When this town hits bottom, I'll be there! Waiting."
Sereyne? You don't recognize me?
"Does it matter? You're no friend of mine. I haven't got any. I made sure. The wine was friendly enough, but that'll leave me too.
You wanna be my friend? Grab me a few more bottles. Just to get me to sleep. Hopefully not wake up."
We worked that job on Meirvale Keep. With Tasnasi.
"Yeah? When was that? Was it a good score? Tell me you've got my cut."
Yes. I've got your cut. [00000180180  ]
"How much is that? Is it a lot? It looks like a lot. Guess I did pretty good, huh? Who needs the Mages Guild? All I need is my focus … where's my focus? Somebody stole my focus!
Oh, who cares. I was gonna sell it for more wine anyway. I did I?"
There wasn't a payout. We never got into the vault.
"Then why are you bothering me? Just go on! Let me sleep."
Good luck, Sereyne.


An outlaw with a talent for magic but a thirst for alcohol, Sereyne wants a cozy place to drink her troubles away. Perhaps you can provide? After adding Sereyne to your home, you can set her on a path, plus you and your visitors can speak with her.
Type Houseguest
Acquired From Crown Store
Price 025002,500  
Availability December 21, 2020 - January 7, 2021

Sereyne is also a houseguest. She was first available in the Crown Store for 025002,500   from December 21, 2020 to January 7, 2021. She was offered to ESO Plus members at a discounted 020002,000   from September 28 to October 12, 2023 and 017501,750   from May 16 to May 23, 2024.


  • Crown Store — December 21, 2020 - January 7, 2021
  • Crown Store — June 30, 2022 - July 13, 2022
  • Crown Store — September 28, 2023 - October 12, 2023 (discounted for ESO Plus Members)
  • Crown Store — May 16, 2024 - May 23, 2024 (discounted for ESO Plus Members)

Houseguest DialogueEdit

She can be spoken with inside your home.

"Big people never pay attention to where they step. You wouldn't believe how often people trip over me when I'm lying in the middle of the room. How do they miss something in such a prominent location?
Makes my fur furl, it certainly does."
"Did I ever mention that I learned how to brew in the Mages Guild?
That's not what the assignment called for, but my instructor got too sloshed on my Dremora blood beer to complain."
"Don't ever touch me while I'm sleeping. Or throw things at me. Even if I'm snoring!
Those who interrupt my beauty rest get the Evil Eye. And the Stabby Claw."
"Ever had moon-sugarcane cider? So sticky sweet it coats your tongue and the little bubbles tickle your throat. Like Jone and Jode showering you with kisses. Ah, but it sours too quickly. You only find it brewed on sugar farms."
"Haha, did I ever mention …? Did I ever tell you…what was it…that … when I was doing the thing? With the words and the glowing?
No, I'm sure I told you. That was great, wasn't it? Good times!"
"Have you been back to the Stitches recently? Tasnasi is really turning that place around. I even saw her smile once. I think it was a smile. I guess it could have been a frown. I was lying on my back at the time, so everything was upside down." (Appears if Tasnasi became the leader of the Stitches)
"Have you seen my focus? I need my focus. I can't cast my sleepy-time quiet spell without my focus and I need my sleepy-time quiet—oh, it's around my neck. Goodnight!"
"Hey, hey Baandari girl, swing your tail in stride! Woo! I love that song.
Say, why am I the only one singing? Where's the music? Don't you know how to play instrument? We need music, damn it! Now!"
"Hey. Why don't you fetch some more pillows, or maybe a nice box? I'm running out of places to nap."
Sereyne as a houseguest
"Hmm? What? I was just starting to doze off! Now I'm going to have to start counting bottles again. But these are empty. I can't count empty bottles. Bring me some new bottles!
And make sure they're full this time!"
^  "I have a third cousin, twice removed, who woke up in a bag the other day. She gets carried away with her drinking—not like me—and then gets carried away. In a bag.
Maybe I'll chaperone next time. Drink her wine. For her benefit, of course."
"I heard once that it was Sangiin who gave Khajiit the secret of wine by spilling the blood of the grapes. I don't care much for Daedra or Divines, but him?
Him I like."
"I may not know how to turn lead to gold, but I can turn any booze yellow just by drinking it. Hee hee."
"I was—hic—working out a spell to—hic—stop the hiccups, but—hic—I can't finish the damn—hic—incantation. Ugh."
"I'm keeping an eye on any buckets I see. Every now and again I still get a whiff of whatever I was drenched with back in the Stitches.
Maybe one of Vole's degreasers would help."
"Mmm. Not so loud. Use the itty-bitty voice if you must. I've had, perhaps, three bottles too many. Now it feels like broken glass between my ears.
One day, I will create a spell to deal with this. Then the gold will roll in!"
"Nazdar's practicing has paid off. He hasn't improved, but he broke all his strings. At least there will be some peace and quiet until he gets new ones.
Don't worry. Humble Zaham is doing his best to smuggle all the strings out of the Stitches."
"No matter where I travel, it's the same every time. Shave-skins flock to me, babbling in squeaky idiot voices. "Ooo, who dressed up this pretty little kitty?"
Feh! Do Khajiit not wear clothes where they come from?"
"Oh, you live here, too? This is much nicer than those dumps in the Stitches. Much less excrement in the corners.
Except that one. Sorry."
"Ohh. No talking now. Massive headache.
Only two known cures for headache. Not talking. And wine. I need both. Now."
"Ooo, excuse me. That was a big one. The fizzy drinks always do that to me, but I like the fizzy drinks.
The bubbles tickle my whiskers."
"People say you should never mix hard liquor and beer, but—hrng, ugh—it's wine and fur that are real trouble. Ulp ….
Which way to the little Khajiit's room?"
"Some might abandon the last dregs at the bottom of a bottle, but I know a trick to make sure not a drop goes to waste. Azurah gave Khajiit tails for a reason, yes?
I don't know what that reason was, but mine soaks up alcohol quite nicely."
"Someone vomited by the cooking fire. Very inconsiderate.
You should probably clean that up. I'd prefer not to step in it when I go to get a snack."
"Stand right there. Lift up your pant leg. Perfect!
Now, don't mind me. I need something to scratch."
"The host of this establishment is much better than the Averno brothers. Always inviting people to sit in their laps. Sometimes sitting on each other's laps. I think they did it to annoy me. But it takes more than watery drinks to get me to cozy up."
"There's perfectly good food and drink going to waste in the pantry. It could be better used to show guests some hospitality. Guests like me.
Not anyone else who might be hanging around, though. All for me."
"What are you looking at? You're staring at my tummy? I see you staring at my tummy.
Don't even think about it."
"What kind of inn is this? I've been sitting here for hours and nobody's brought me a drink. This is why I refuse to be a paying customer.
Are you the proprietor? Bring me some wine!"
"What? I was not just staring at nothing! There was definitely something there. Something … unusual. You just couldn't see it. Takes the proper mix of alcohol and magecraft to see what isn't there.
And now I need more alcohol …."
"When you're thirsty, never sample flasks from a tinkerer's bag. Vole either keeps his grease in old whiskey bottles or makes the worst mixed drinks in the world.
Both could be true with that one."
"Why do people keep offering me mice? Is it customary to bring a guest a flea-ridden rodent in this part of the world?"
"Your hand. Keep it where I can see it. I know my fur looks soft and inviting, but if you attempt to pet me, you will lose it.
My claws are very sharp, just so you know."