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Iulius Averno
Home Settlement The Stitches
Location The Goiter's Gulp
The Kaladas Inn, Ruction RingBlackwood
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Iulius Averno

Iulius Averno is an Imperial and twin brother of Scipion Averno, who can be found in the Goiter's Gulp. They originally came from Kvatch before coming to the Stitches and maneuvering themselves into various businesses around the town, such as becoming managers of the tavern. They also offer loans and expect payback.

You can also find them at the Kaladas Inn in Leyawiin, where they've run afoul of the local underworld.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Thick as ThievesEdit

While recruiting Sereyne for Tasnasi's heist, the alfiq will ask you to retrieve her magic focus from the Averno brothers.

"New face in the Stitches, then? I love new faces. I can front you a little money in exchange for … well, we can talk terms over wine.
To what do my brother and I owe the pleasure?"
I'm here for the focus Sereyne pawned to you.
"Focus? Looked like a collar to me. Pity it doesn't fit any of our pets. Don't call it such around Sereyne. Nearly clawed poor Scipion's nose off over it. It's such a good nose, too. Reminds me of mother.
Anyway, the price is set. Will you pay it?"
All right. I'll pay you for Sereyne's focus. [Pay 00000693693  ]
"Well, well, Scipion called me a fool for taking the cat's little trinket, but here I am turning a tidy profit. I'll make sure he never hears the end of it.
The bauble's in a jewelry box on the other side of the bar. Help yourself."

If you steal Sereyne's focus from the Jewelry Box behind the counter, his greeting will be different.

"Unless you've come back bearing massage oils and nimble fingers I am not really interested."

Once you have the focus by whatever means, you can talk to him some more.

"Going to bring the little mage back her bauble, then? May as well chuck it in the canyon. At least that way it won't be covered in regurgitated fur."
What is this place?
"The Goiter's Gulp? The only thing vaguely resembling a tavern from here to Riverhold. My dear brother and I are the new management.
You would think the sixth-generation owners would be smarter than to use this place as collateral but here we are."
That seems harsh.
"I know, but this dump is the only thing he could cough up for the loan. Still, dear brother and I manage to keep the business alive. It's a labor of love, I assure you.
The love of money, I mean."

Making a RacketEdit

When you enter the Kaladas Inn in Leyawiin, you may overhear Scipion speaking with his brother:

Scipion Averno: "We simply must do something about the business, brother. These chambers are much too small for our lifestyle."
Iulius Averno: "I realize that, Scipion, but the Fang-Furls have us by the throat. What am I to do?"

You can then speak with Iulius to start the quest.

If you've never met him before:
If you've completed Thick as Thieves :
"Well now! Scipion can say what he wants about this city, but you don't have strapping smoldering-eyed strangers walk into your suites in Cheydinhal.
Alas, were I only in the mood for some distraction…damnable Fang-Furls"
"Hmm. I recognize that swagger. You once darkened the door of an establishment my brother and I ran in Northern Elsweyr, did you not?
Much as I would relish renewing our acquaintance, I'm a bit too distracted. Damnable Fang-Furls!"
Fang-Furls? What's that?
"With the Empire gone, the Fang-Furls gang controls all trade in Blackwood. They're run by Pungent Adder. Every fifth coin in the region ends up in his coffers.
This makes business difficult for my brother and I. Perhaps we could enlist your help?"
What can be done to stop them?
"If we had one of their business ledgers, I'd have an understanding of the Fang-Furls' operations. Perhaps even find a weakness ripe for exploiting.
If you could procure one of those ledgers for us, my brother and I would pay you handsomely."
I'll help get one of the Fang-Furls' ledgers.
"If you get us a ledger, I'm certain we can put it to good use.
Rumor has it the Fang-Furls have a bookkeeper, Lirar Droth, who lives in town. I'd wager you could find a ledger in his home. It's just around the corner, across from the bridge."

You can then ask some questions before you leave:

What can you tell me about this bookkeeper?
"I know his name is Lirar Droth, but the Fang-Furls make him lead a quiet life. To conceal his identity, I imagine. But all the muscle on their payroll visits him for late night liaisons. Very clandestine, the whole thing. But not to my keen eyes."
We last met in Elsweyr, how did you end up in Blackwood?
"Scipion and I left Elsweyr to claim a gift left to us by our departed uncle, the Happy Averno Shipping Company. Formerly, it was one of Blackwood's main trade enterprises. We thought, with a little elbow grease, it might prove a profitable venture."
What happened?
"We discovered our uncle's affairs were more … precariously poised than described, for one. Many of his charters and contracts were voided by the Three Banners War.
The Fang-Furls did the rest. They came for everything they could steal."
What information do you think you'll find in the ledger?
"You can learn a great deal from a business ledger. Where money comes from, where it goes, and then, all you need to do is apply a little pressure at a weak point. I don't know exactly what we'll find, but I do know whatever it is, I can exploit it."
What's the Happy Averno Shipping Company?
"The Happy Averno Shipping Company was gifted to my brother and I by our dear departed uncle. Formerly, it was one of Blackwood's main trade enterprises. We thought, with a little elbow grease, it might prove a profitable venture."
Where did it go wrong?
"We discovered our uncle's affairs were more … precariously poised than described, for one. Many of his charters and contracts were voided by the Three Banners War.
The Fang-Furls did the rest. They came for everything they could steal."

After you have stolen the Fang-Furls' Business Ledger you can bring it back to the brothers. When you arrive, they will be talking about the Furl Fang thugs they saw hanging around:

Iulius Averno: "I saw some rather unsavory ruffians skulking about. Fang-Furls, I'm sure."
Scipion Averno: "They wouldn't dare approach us directly. We're safe enough, Iulius."
Iulius Averno: "All the same, I'd rather you not venture outside without me, brother."

You can then hand the ledger over to Scipion as he is better at numbers between the pair:

"You've found the ledger, I take it? How exciting.
You should let Scipion take a look at it. He's always been better with numbers than myself."

After you have handed over the ledger to Scipion, he will have a plan to sabotage the Fang-Furls to lure their leader out. Iulius will apologize for giving you the boring bits to do:

"I'm sorry my brother gave you the less glamorous tasks of this operation while we sit here writing titillating prose.
But I promise, we will be especially scathing. My brother and I will give Pungent Adder a tongue-lashing he won't soon forget!"

When you return to the brothers after sabotaging the wine and finding the dead drops around Blackwood, you will find that Pungent Adder had Scipion and Iulius abducted. The ransom note tells you to head to the Ruction Ring beneath Gideon if you want to rescue them. The Ruction Ring is an underground arena, and you will find the brothers tied up and guarded by Fang-Furl thugs.

Iulius Averno: "See, I told you they'd come, Scipion!"
Scipion Averno: "Not now, Iulius! Our friend could be ambushed at any moment!"

After you defeat the thugs and Pungent Adder, Iulius will congratulate you for the rescue:

Iulius Averno: "Well fought! Now would you mind freeing us from these bindings?"

Once you free Scipion and Iulius:

Scipion Averno: "Thank the divines. Those Fang-Furls have unpleasant knotwork."
Iulius Averno: "Let's not linger here. Shall we meet back at our office?"
Iulius stripped of his dirty clothes

When you meet them back at their office, they will have stripped out of their dirty clothes. While Scipion sleeps, you can talk with Iulius to complete the quest:

"We made it back safely and burned our sodden silks. I still feel filthy. We're both going to need a long, hot bath after all this.
But what's more important is that we stood up to the Fang-Furl—and won."
Is your business safe now?
"Absolutely! Now that you've stripped the Fang-Furls of their leader, the empire will dismantle itself. Which opens up a great deal of business opportunities.
None of which would be possible without you. Take this with our deepest thanks."

After the quest is done you can ask what they will do next:

"The whole affair has left poor Scipion so dreadfully tense, he collapsed from exhaustion as soon as we got back. He has such a fragile disposition.
Don't worry about him, I won't let him out of my sight."
What's next for you and Scipion?
"Now that this matter is settled, Scipion and I can begin restoring the Happy Averno Trading Company. My first priority is to find us somewhere else to live.
I don't mind close quarters … but the two of us are accustomed to a certain lifestyle."
Do you have any ideas about how to restore your company?
"A few. But we don't want to merely restore it to its original profitable status … my brother and I always strive for more. We rely on our ingenuity for success.
Our dear uncle was rather kind-hearted when it came to debts. We'll change that."


The StitchesEdit

If he is spoken to before you begin recruiting for Tasnasi:

"Good luck finding a decent place to sit. Brother and I had to have these chairs shipped all the way from Kvatch."

In the aftermath of the heist and the removal of Khasda, Iulius' dialogue will depend on whether Tasnasi stayed and became the town's leader or not.

If she did, Iulius will admit that Tasnasi is a definite improvement and that he and his brother will adjust their strategies.
If Tasnasi instead leaves town, the gangs will take over.
"I suppose the quality of service will have to go up now that Tasnasi's in charge, but it's a small price to pay for a leader with some panache. She's no Dashing Dasalzo, but she's got a certain charm. Any charm at all is a step up from Khasda."
You think she'll be good for the Stitches?
"She couldn't be worse. Khasda was driving this place into the ground. Scipion and I were just getting our hands on anything we could before making a discreet exit.
Now we have time to savor the fruits of our labor."
"It's no surprise Khasda finally got himself killed. No charisma. Let's hope whoever takes his place has some charm. Throw in easy on the eyes, if we're making a list."
Couldn't you or your brother take charge?
"Trying to keep this dumpy backwater in some semblance of order sounds like an excellent way to develop lines on my pristine face. Like the time I hosted a Sanguinalia celebration. The rewards simply aren't worth the risk. And that sounds half as fun."