Ald Carac
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The crumbling Dwarven fortifications of Ald Carac are said to date to the time of the War of the First Council, early in the First Era.
Ald Carac

Ald Carac is a dilapidated and overgrown Dwemer ruin turned battleground. It's located on Vvardenfell, directly south of Ashurnabitashpi with the closest wayshrine being Valley of the Wind to the east.


There is a gladiator camp set up outside the entrance to Ald Carac. A Dunmer hunter, Researcher Dayas was studying the ruin before the gladiators showed up, and is annoyed that they have interrupted her research. Battlemaster Rivyn, a small group of gladiators, and an elite gear vendor are also present.

Circle of Champions
Battlemaster Rivyn
Gladiator Brevs
Gladiator Narese
Gladiator Orenthel
Gladiator Vaoldelf
Gladiator Yamukuz
Farthalem Elite Gear Vendor
Researcher Dayas
Although the gladiators treat the camp as being at the entrance to the battleground, players cannot access the battleground directly and must go through the Activity Finder menu.

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