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A secretive society named the Ascendant Order has set up operations on Coral Aerie.
Zone: Summerset
Objective: Dungeon: Coral Aerie
Location(s): Coral Aerie
Reward: Unidentified Coral Aerie Armaments
(?) Leveled Gold
ID: 6740
Captain Kaleen was hired to recover a missing rogue named Jakarn and a pair of items he was suppose to deliver. She asked for my assistance rescuing him and retrieving the items from a mysterious group called the Ascendant Order.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Brackish Cove and Tide HollowEdit

At the northern tip of Summerset, you may take a boat to an island named Coral Aerie. Landing on the shore, you can find a Redguard woman named Captain Kaleen has set up a camp. Approaching her, she will comment on her situation.

Captain Kaleen: "Ascendant Order on one side, yaghra on the other."
Captain Kaleen: "Jakarn, what have you gotten yourself into this time."
<Captain Kaleen stands up.>
Captain Kaleen: "Don't think you can get the drop on me, whoever you are."

Speak with Captain Kaleen to find out what is happening and begin the quest.

First time meeting:
Met Kaleen before:
"I'm guessing, since you're sailing up to this secluded cove in that little dinghy instead of the main entrance, you aren't part of the Ascendant Order.
I won't ask your business here, but helping me with mine could turn you a tidy profit."
What is it you need?
"Your timing is impeccable as ever. Did the Covenant send you? I could use some help with the mess Jakarn has left me this time."
What is it you need?
"An old associate of mine has gotten himself into a heap of trouble. Bad habit of his, but this time it looks like more than I can handle.
I need to retrieve the items he was carrying—and rescue the fool if lady luck still has a shine on him."
What are you trying to retrieve?
"Some kind of diplomatic correspondence. A letter and a medallion. All I know is I'm being well paid to risk my neck for it, and you will be too. If you don't mind crossing these Ascendant Order troublemakers.
So, you in?"
All right, I'll help with your rescue and recovery mission.

You can ask her for more information, then head into Brackish Cove. The place is crawling with Yahgra. Fighting past them, you will need to take a long twisting path through the cavern to a crack in the rock covered with vines. Brushing aside the vines, you can enter Tide Hollow and find the entry to the ruins. Unfortunately, a massive Yahgra named Maligalig is also trying to get into the ruins, and must be fought to enter. Walking forwards will cause it to notice you.

During the fight, Maligalig will use an attack named "Barbed Lance". When it charges the attack, two purple glowing mandibles will appear. This is your cue to dodge or block, as it can oneshot non-tanks even on normal difficulty. At certain percentages of health, Maligalig will turn the hollow into a whirlpool, where you will be carried by the current and have to use spouts of water to jump onto the edges and kill the ghostly duplicates of Maligalig, called "Ripple of Maligalig". Maligalig will also summon small, exploding Yahgra that will target a player (indicated by a red target over the player's head, or a red glow on the edges of the screen if in first person) that can be quite deadly if not killed, blocked, or dodged. An AoE on the ground will also target a player, and does a decent amount of damage.

Once defeated, Kaleen will enter through the door to the ruins and comment on your victory.

Captain Kaleen: "Sep's scaly hide! That might be the ugliest thing I've ever laid eyes on. Glad it didn't make a meal of you."
Captain Kaleen: "There's still a lot of yaghra ahead, but their attention is on the order. Now's our chance to slip through."
Captain Kaleen: "You seem comfortable with the direct approach. I'll keep scouting for signs of Jakarn."

Aldmeri Ruins and the Crumbling FoyerEdit

More detail on scripted yahgra/ascendant order fights? Once in the ruins, you can see some attacking Ascendant Order, a sight that will not be uncommon as you progress. You will have to work your way past several groups of Yahgra, many with dead Order members lying near them. After facing several groups of Yahgra, you can enter an old Aldmeri building. There you will find the Ascendant Order's line of defense against the onslaught of Yahgra, many of the beasts lying dead on the ground. Progressing from there, in the next room you will find Jakarn, bound and being interrogated.

Sarydil: "Again. Who hired you to deliver this?"
Jakarn: "You know, I can't recall. Must have been those knocks to the head."
Sarydil: "Perhaps a few more will jog your memory?"
Varallion: "The longer you stall, Jakarn, the more likely I take what I have and leave you chained up for the yaghra. Think on that."
<Sarydil and Varallion leave.>

With them gone, you and Captain Kaleen can head down the stairs and into the lower level of the room to free Jakarn.

Jakarn: "Hah! You thought I'd crack that soon? I'm Jakarn! The Jak—Kaleen?"
Captain Kaleen: "Keep your voice down!"
<S'zarzo the Bulwark enters the room.>
S'zarzo the Bulwark: "Enough squeaking, little rat—oh ho! A few more pests to play with."
Jakarn: "That was absolutely not my fault."
Captain Kaleen: "I'll unbind Jakarn, you deal with the guard!"

S'zarzo the Bulwark is not a very difficult opponent. The only notable thing about him is the fact that he is named, and has a much larger health pool than any of the regular enemies you've fought so far. Once he is dead, Kaleen will manage to free Jakarn.

Captain Kaleen: "Ha! Got it!"
Jakarn: "Whew, that was rougher than a night at the Ebony Flask, and much less fun."
Captain Kaleen: "Grab your delivery—and a shirt—and let's get out of here."
Jakarn: "Would if I could, love. Varallion took the letter and medallion when I was captured … and I don't know where my shirt is."
Captain Kaleen: "Do you have any idea where they were taken?"
Jakarn: "Either with him or his right hand, Sarydil, I wager."
<Kaleen turns to you.>
Captain Kaleen: "See if you can track down those two. I'll babysit Jakarn, for now, he's in no condition to fight."

You can talk to either of them, and doing so reveals that Kaleen recognises the name Varallion and suspects this may be the same Varallion that has been claimed to use gryphons to attack ships at sea. Jakarn's testimony seems to lend credence to her theory, as he mentions hearing "this unholy screeching, like the world's largest seagull was coming for my potato fritters." While in the room, you can also read Confiscated from the Prisoner, a document detailing what Jakarn had on his person when he was captured.

Alternatively, all of this can be ignored and and you can immediately go to tracking down Varallion and Sarydil. Either way, when you leave you will again be able to see more Yahgra attacking and killing Ascendant Order members fleeing from the monsters. Past that group, some Order members can be seen slaying some Yahgra.

Ascendant Pursuer: "See! We've nothing to fear from bloody fish-monsters."

Fighting past them and reaching the end of the passage, you will need to go through a door to the Crumbling Foyer. Upon entering, several Altmer will be standing on the balcony, Sarydil in the middle of them.

Sarydil: "Well, well. Look what washed into our yahgra trap. You can surrender, or you can become bait. Choose."

Sarydil will do a fancy backflip and teleport down to the lower level to face you in a burst of purple light.

detail about fight

Varallion and the GryphonsEdit

Once defeated, Jakarn will run in from the room's entrance, followed closely by Kaleen.

Captain Kaleen: "Jakarn, wait—"
Jakarn: "See, Kaleen, they already dealt with Sarydil! I owed her a lump or two."
<The pair stop at one of the alcoves full of candles towards the back of the room. Unlike the others, this one contains a strongbox and a scroll. Jakarn reclaims the letter.>
Jakarn: "Ah hah! She had the letter. No sign of the medallion though."
Jakarn: "Varallion must have kept it on him. Come on!"
Captain Kaleen: "If you run off again, so help me I'll break your knees!"
Jakarn: "Since when are you so concerned about my well-being? Have you finally gone sweet on me, Kaleen?"
Captain Kaleen: "I'm sweet on the gold I'm owed for bringing you back alive. You can get killed on your own time."

You can talk to Jakarn to ask about his employer, or to Kaleen to hear her thoughts. On the floor at the base of the alcove is also a written note from Varallion to Sarydil, titled Apply More Pressure. The note hints at the order's intentions, mentioning an as-of-yet unknown Ascendant Magus who seems to be a leader of some kind in the Order. The Ascendant Order are trying to learn everything they can about the medallion Jakarn was to deliver, including the sender, recipient, and destination, but have been unable to get anything notable.

Exit the ruins into Gryphon Aerie. Past a few Ascendant Order and a gryphon is a canyon, open to the sky in a way that it hasn't been since your adventure into Coral Aerie began. Huge Aldmeri-styled pillars tower into the air in an oval, many topped with gryphon's nests. Adult gryphons of all breeds lounge around on pillars or in nests, and more circle the roost from the air. If the solitary ground-patrolling gryphon is alerted, more will fly in to defend their nesting grounds. Many gryphon fledglings also run around the outskirts of the ruins, but unlike their parents they are docile and will allow you to pet them if approached.

Head into the ruins to the west, and fight past more Ascendant Order in the next two rooms. In the second, some Coral Drift Senche also join the fight. Once all of the Order members in the room are defeated, Kaleen and Jakarn will rush in the way you came.

Captain Kaleen: "Hold up. These aren't some old soggy papers. These belong to the Ascendant Order."
<She kneels down and starts going through the papers.>
Captain Kaleen: "Looks like plans. Varallion's trying to turn this into a gryphon hatchery for the order."
Jakarn: "And here I thought they setup this whole hideout just for me."
Captain Kaleen: "Still not big enough to contain your ego."
Jakarn: "It must at least mention me? Let me look!"
<Jakarn notices a bag and goes over to investigate its contents.>
Jakarn: "Hey! My gear!"
<Jakarn gets dressed and turns back to Captain Kaleen.>
Jakarn: "Much better. Was feeling a bit clammy in all this damp."

On the table is Varallion's Gryphon Watching Log, explaining his plans to tame several of the local wild gryphons instead of importing them, as to avoid suspicion. Again, you can talk to the pair to find out their thoughts. Kaleen's theory about Varallion's identity has been confirmed, and says she has found gryphon pedigrees, promissory notes, and coded communications, but no notes relating to Jakarn's business. Jakarn is just happy that he can spin "being abducted by gryphons" into a story to preserve his reputation.

Head west down some stairs and through the cavern, defeating a few Ascendant Order members along the way. Head through a rocky passage covered with vines into Cove Lagoon.

Cove Lagoon consists of a circular island in the middle of a pool of water. The water is shallow between the stretch of beach you stand on when entering and the central island, allowing you to easily walk across. On the island is Varallion, surrounded by four gryphons all varying in size and breed. When you approach, the gryphons will all take to the air and wait in their nests for Varallion to call them down. Again, Jakarn and Kaleen will be right on your heels, and upon spotting Varallion, Jakarn will yell out at him.

Jakarn: "Varallion! I believe you have something of mine."
Varallion: "You are prideful for an errand boy. Come and take it."
<Jakarn begins to run up to him but stumbles in pain.>
Jakarn: "Oh, bet your arse I w—ow, ow, ow!"
Captain Kaleen: "Reopened your wounds, didn't you?"
<Kaleen crouches next to Jakarn.>
Captain Kaleen: "Would you take care of Varallion while I mummify this idiot? Thanks."

The two become shrouded in a puff of smoke, leaving you to do the dirty work of taking out Varallion and reclaiming Jakarn's medallion.

During the fight, Varallion will call down his gryphons to help him fight. strategy for Varallion fight?

Once defeated, Captain Kaleen and Jakarn will appear[verification needed — do they walk?] at the southern end of the isle.

Captain Kaleen: "For all this trouble, that medallion better be here."
Jakarn: "This bag looks promising."
<Jakarn takes the medallion from it.>
Jakarn: "What did I tell you?"
Jakarn: "We can pretend this little detour never happened."
Captain Kaleen: "It's going to take a lot of bribery for me to forget this, Jakarn."

You can speak with Jakarn before accepting your reward, and he thanks you for the help. Kaleen will say she thought getting out of Coral Aerie with Jakarn, the letter, and the medallion was a long shot, but with your help she managed to make it out safely with all three. She also mentions that the Ascendant Order's documents suggest their operation is much bigger than the group of buccaneers at the cove, but it's not our problem. She then rewards you for a job well done, before turning to Jakarn to speak with him.

Captain Kaleen: "I'm sure our friend here would agree."
Jakarn: "I think I can convince my enchanting lady-friend to provide an appropriate bonus, if we regale her with the tale of our heroics. Particularly my heroics."
Captain Kaleen: "I'll say you were the second-incarnation of Pelinal Whitestrake if it fills my pockets."

Quest StagesEdit

An Order Gone Awry
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Captain Kaleen needs me to help her reach the ruins that the order is using as a hideout. She said that the only unsecured entrance is just ahead, but that's because the area is crawling with yaghra. I need to clear a path through.
Objective: Find a Way into the Aldmeri Ruins
The back entrance is under attack by a huge yaghra monstrosity. I need to kill it to get by.
Objective: Kill Maligalig
Kaleen suspects that Jakarn may be held deeper in the ruins. I need to push through the fighting yaghra and Ascendant Order to reach it.
Objective: Search for Jakarn
Kaleen and I found Jakarn bound up in the ruins, but he's under guard. I need to fight off the Ascendant Order while Kaleen works to free him.
Objective: Rescue Jakarn
Kaleen and I rescued Jakarn, but we still need to find the items that the Ascendant Order stole. Jakarn suggested Sarydil and Varallion might have them in their possession. We need to find them.
Objective: Search for Sarydil and Varallion
I found Sarydil waiting to ambush the invading yaghra. Unfortunately, I'm now in her trap. I need to defeat her.
Objective: Kill Sarydil
We recovered the stolen letter from Sarydil, but the medallion that was with it isn't in her possession. We need to find Varallion.
Objective: Search for Varallion
We found Varallion with his gryphons at the rear of the cove. He's not going to give up the medallion without a fight. I need to defeat him.
Objective: Kill Varallion
Finishes quest☑ Varallion is dead and we recovered everything he took. I should speak to Captain Kaleen now that the job is done.
Objective: Talk to Captain Kaleen
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