Location The Grave
Ship The Spearhead, The Dawn Posset
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Society of the Steadfast

Jakarn is a suave Breton who is initially found in a prison called the Grave on Stros M'Kai. He was sent to the Grave because he stole a ruby gem from Headman Bhosek. He shows no remorse for stealing it since he claims that Headman Bhosek stole it first.

After you free him, he will join Captain Kaleen's crew and participate in several quests. He is known for having a flock of admirers around him at almost all times, and is quite the playboy. Many of his admirers were fooled by Jakarn's lies about his identity and past, which often comes back to bite him. After the events of Stros M'Kai and Betnikh, he will sail along with Captain Marck to Wayrest and the Alik'r Desert, where he can be found on Captain Marck's ship at the Wayrest Docks and in the Desert Star Tea House, respectively.

In Elsweyr, he'll fall back into your life and involve you in some risky business. He later comes into the employ of Lady Arabelle.

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Daggerfall CovenantEdit

Innocent ScoundrelEdit

Jakarn in his cell

You will initially find Jakarn in a cell in Port Hunding's prison, the Grave.

"Hey. You're not a guard. You have to help me!"

If you started the quest with Irien, he will say:

"Hey, you're not a guard. Get me out of here, please!"

If you started the quest with Kaleen, you can say:

Captain Kaleen sent me. She needs your help with a heist.
"Well, that's perfect! Get me out of here and I'm at your service. You'll find me a man of many talents!"

If you started the quest with Irien, you'll say instead:

An Elf named Irien sent me to find you.
"Irien? Altmer girl? Yeah, I promised her a way off this rock. But that won't ever happen if I die in here."

Either way...

Did you really steal a gem from Headman Bhosek? / Did you steal from Headman Bhosek?
"Is that really important right now?
Sure, I took that gem, but he took it from some poor merchant. Tossed him in here to die. Can't steal from a thief, can you?"

Alternatively he will say this if you pick up the quest from Irien:

"Is that really important right now?
Bhosek stole it from someone else. Can't steal from a thief. If you get me out of this, I'll owe you big."
All right. I'll get you out.

If you speak to him before unlocking the door and he'll say:

"Get me out of here and I'll owe you."
"If I found a handsome guy locked in a cell, I'd free him."

Let him out and he'll say "I owe you for this. Thanks. Now, let's get out of here!" He goes to the opening above and tells you "You first."

Back at the entrance he'll whisper:

"We can't go that way."
Why not?
"Irien's out there. Oh, and guards. I saw many, many guards.
Look. Let's slip out a side exit. That way, we can both keep our heads."

He'll head to a side room and up a ladder. You both come out a well topside. Speak to him and he'll say:

"Thanks for breaking me out back there.
Listen, while you're in a heroic mood, want to help me get something I left with the Goblins?"
You gave something to the Goblins?
"I figure, if you want something kept safe, give it to the Goblins.
They'll watch it for free, they're too stupid to trade it, and they'll kill anyone who tries to take it."
Won't they kill you if you try to take it?
"Here's the thing. You went through a lot of trouble to free me, right? There's no way you'll let me get eaten by Goblins. So you, my good friend, will follow me to their mine. Yeah?"

He'll yell, "This way," and heads off north. As you get close to the goblin camp, he'll tell you "I'll meet you at the door" and vanishes in a puff of smoke.

Reach the entrance to the mines and he'll say:

"I unlocked the door. Now we can retrieve my gem.
I'll see you inside."
What does the gem look like?
"It's as pretty as a thing can be. And as big as my two fists."

Enter the mines and he'll tell you that "They store everything on the upper level" before disappearing in a puff of smoke. As you get closer, he'll yell "Try and keep up!" A little further on he'll get the drop on a Dogeater Goblin and gloat, "Hope you're not keeping score!"

Finally reach the door where he's waiting and he'll say:

"This is the part where I trust you."
What are you talking about?
"I'll kill the Goblins in the scaffolding in the next room. You grab the gem. It's in a chest on the floor.
There's a passage on the far side. Take that and meet me outside. If something goes wrong, regroup at the inn in town."

If you speak to him before entering, he'll coyly say:

"Be careful, good-looking."

Approach Jakarn's spot in the Screaming Mermaid, you'll find him keeping "court". If you still have the gem, he'll say:

"Hey there, glad to see you made it out."
Here's the gem you stole.
"Hey, now. The headman stole it first. And you brought it back to me, didn't you?
Thanks, good-looking."

If instead you turned in the gem, you can give him the bad news:

"Glad to see you made it out."
I met Moglurkgul outside the cave. She's got the gem now.
"Well that's a shame. Still, getting Moglurkgul off my trail is a good trade. She's relentless.
I'll be honest. I'm just a little hurt. But since you saved my life, we'll call it even."

Regardless, you can still recruit him for the Captain:

You owe me for freeing you, and Captain Kaleen needs your help.
"Seeing as it's you asking, sure. If she's planning a job, I'm in. All I ask is a trip off this rock after it's over."

Or, if you haven't yet met Kaleen:

You owe me a favor.
"Yes. Yes, I do. I know someone on the island who can make us both rich.
If you’re up for another job, I think it’s time you met her."

Speak to him before leaving and he'll say:

"You enjoyed every minute of our little adventure. I can tell by the sparkle in your eyes."

Tip of the SpearheadEdit

If you haven't met Kaleen yet, he'll continue to direct you to her:

"You enjoyed every minute of our little adventure. I can tell by the sparkle in your eyes."
You mentioned another job?
"Yeah. A lovely lady named Captain Kaleen might just be planning a heist. Thing is, most of Port Hunding is in Bhosek’s pockets, so she needs help that’s not. Help like you and me.
Convince Kaleen to cut us in, and we’ll make some good money."
I’ll find her.

If you completed the previous quest before starting the heist, you'll find Jakarn upstairs in Captain Kaleen's Hideout:

"It's a wonderful day for a sailing trip, isn't it, friend? Especially if it gets me off this rock before Bhosek chops off my head."

Once you've heard Kaleen's plan, you can ask Jakarn about getting a key:

Jakarn, can you help me get to Bhosek's lockbox?
"Bhosek keeps the key around his neck. A cinch to steal.
I'll get the key off Bhosek. Meet me out back."
Sounds great, Jakarn.
"Get your disguise and meet me out back. Leave Bhosek to me."
No need. I'll steal it myself.
"I like your confidence. Let's see what you can do."

If you agreed to accept Jakarn's help and have made it inside the palace, you'll find Jakarn keeping company with a few of the palace maids:

"Ah, my lowly servant! You're just in time."
What happened to Bhosek?
"My dear friend, Headman Bhosek, is sleeping off the attentions of these two lovely ladies. They are quite a handful. And an eyeful too!
Why don't you take the good headman's key inside for safekeeping?"
I'll do that.
"These two are the ones for me, my friend. You should see what Firn can do with her toes."

Before sailing off to Betnikh, Jakarn can be found aboard The Spearhead.

"Stros M'Kai is a depressing place. Too many Redguards waving their damn swords around. At least on the Speadhead, no one wants to kill me except Irien.
She'll come around. She's crazy about me."

Into the HillsEdit

As you approach the ayleid ruin and witness a vision of Vardan and Drusilla Nerva, Jakarn will appear:

Jakarn : "Well, look who's here."
Jakarn : "Let me guess, you want into the Bloodthorn's secret lair?"
Jakarn : "I unburdened their secret entrance of its lock."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"I've got your back, good looking."
What are you doing here, Jakarn?
"Looking for you. Laganakh told me you were headed this way, chasing the creeps who attacked the fortress."
You knew about the Bloodthorn lair?
"Sure. I tracked a few of them to their cave. Rather than poke around on my own, I decided to wait for you, my friend. And here you are!"

As you get nearer the Bloodthorn Lair, Jakarn will reminisce:

Jakarn : "This place reminds me of the Grave. Great memories …."

If you steer away from the location, he will return back to the area:

Jakarn : "Wrong way. I'm heading back."

Inside, he'll remark:

Jakarn : "Why do evil lairs always smell so bad?"
Jakarn : "I'm gonna rob this place clean, later."
Jakarn : "We could always ask them to leave the island."

After witnessing the vision of Vardan, he'll comment:

"I don't know what that well-dressed man just did, but I'm going to bet it's very bad for us."

As you start to exit the lair, he'll say:

Jakarn : "I'll catch up with you later. These Bloodthorns need to be robbed."

Carzog's DemiseEdit

Once you're inside the Western Sanctuary, you'll hear a familiar voice:

Jakarn: "Oh look, more gloom and death."

If you try to speak to him, he'll dismiss you and say, "Follow me. I know a shortcut." Follow him down a corridor and come to a stone door: "One moment, and I'll open this door for you." On the other side, he'll urge you on with a, "Let's go!" Keep up the chase and he'll eventually come to a bend the path and turn to you: "I'm off. Don't get murdered." With that, he'll disappear in a flash.

Inside the Inner Sanctuary you'll find the captain among her crew. Speak to him and he'll say:

"What took you so long?"

Defeat Vardan and you'll return to the mortal realm to witness a schism among the crew:

"You're not considering keeping that thing, are you? It'd take all the fun out of war."
I'm not sure what to do, Jakarn.
"Trust no one but yourself. And maybe me. Once this gets out of your hands, you have no idea who'll get hold of it. You need to destroy it."

If you decide to keep the relic, he'll only say:

"This won't end well. And it's all on you, my friend."

If you decide to banish the relic, he'll say:

"It was a tough choice, but you made the right one. Good job, my friend."


Appears only with Elsweyr

The Jewel of Baan DarEdit

Jakarn emerges from a crate

As you walk along a certain street in Rimmen, a crate will fall from above, shatter, and reveal an only slightly disheveled Jakarn, who will greet you.

"Hey there, good looking."

Speak to him. If you've never met him before:


If haven't met Jakarn previously, but you've started the Thieves Guild quest line:

"Hey, I recognize you! Ran a few jobs in Abah's Landing, right? Welcome to Rimmen, where the drinks are sweet and the ground is very, very hard."

If you've met him before:

"Well, if it isn't my old friend! Been a while, eh? Stros M'kai? Remember? Ah, never mind."
Did you just fall out of that window?
"No, no I jumped out.
Say, I know this is a little sudden, but are you looking to make a bit of gold? Meet me at the Sugar Bowl here in Rimmen. Got some business that might interest you."
Wait, what's this all about?

As a group of thugs appear, Jakarn will take off with a "Talk soon!"

Look for him, and he'll be in the local inn, The Sugar Bowl.

"Hey there, good looking. I hope Ak'an and Eljhan didn't give you too much trouble. They're both wanted by the city guard, so I doubt we'll be seeing them in a reputable establishment like this.
Now, ready to make more gold than you've ever seen?"
I'm listening.
"Job's simple. I need you to search Rimmen's sewers for a barrel hidden near an altar to Clavicus Vile.
Under the lid, you'll find a note that lays out Tu'heiba's current whereabouts. She's the crime boss here in Elsweyr. Kind of a big deal."
And when I find out where Tu'heiba is, then what?
"You talk to her! Typically, I'd lay on the charm personally, but Tu'heiba and I aren't on great terms at the moment. I need you to smooth things over.
She has my friend, see? Fez'skar. She'll probably give him up if the price is right."
You mean to pay a ransom?
"Nothing so romantic! Think of it as a down payment on some valuable information. See, Tu'heiba hired Fez and I to steal a gem called the Jewel of Baan Dar for her. Fez stashed it away, but didn't tell me where.
We get Fez, we get the gem. Simple."
How does all this lead to you falling out a window?
"Jumped. I jumped out. But sure. Bit of a tale there.
Ak'an and Eljhan—those two charmers you met in the alley—work for Tu'heiba. They thought I might know where Fez hid the jewel, so they tied me up and worked me over for a while."
But you didn't know anything, right?
"Right. I tried to tell them they were wasting their time, but you know how thugs are.
Anyway, the gangly one, Eljhan, is moon-touched. Nice way of saying he's a half-mad sugar-fiend. I had some moon-sugar in my pocket, as you do, and he found it."
What happened then?
"He went berserk. Little rascal started climbing the walls! And I mean literally climbing, like a cat up a tree.
While Ak'an was busy prying Eljhan off the ceiling, I slipped my bonds and went out the window. Easy as sneaking past a moth priest."
Tu'heiba hired you to steal this Jewel of Baan Dar? Tell me about it.
"It's an opal the size of a fist. Never seen anything like it.
Unfortunately, it's got some religious significance. That always complicates things. The jewel is a tribute to Baan Dar, the trickster god. Most every cutpurse in Elsweyr prays to him."
Why would Tu'heiba want you to steal a sacred Khajiit jewel?
"Actually, she hired us to steal it back.
The Euraxians snatched it up when that Tharn woman took over Rimmen. So really, we were just helping the downtrodden thieves and footpads of Elsweyr. Heroic, right?"
If you successfully stole it, why is Tu'heiba mad at you?
"Once we found out how valuable it was, Fez demanded twice the price that Tu'heiba had promised us. Bad idea, but Fez doesn't really do savvy, you know?
Knowing she might take things poorly, he hid the jewel. The rest is very uncomfortable history."
Why is Tu'heiba's location written on a note in a barrel?
"And in a sewer no less, right? Fair question.
I know a Khajiit—Naruz. We spent some time together. Very brief, but very intense. Anyway, he works for Tu'heiba, so he's in the know. I called in a favor, and this is the result."
Why doesn't he just tell you in person?
"Naruz's a little anxious. Always thinks someone is watching him, you know?
Honestly, I can't explain it. Even when we were together he'd insist we meet up in old abandoned barns and musty basements. Exciting at first, but it got old quick."
So, is there a reason you can't trek through the sewer yourself?
"Trust me, friend, my talents will do us much more good here. Tu'heiba's going to want a fair amount of coin for Fez'skar's release, especially now that I slipped out of her claws.
While you get her location, I'll get the gold we need."
You're going to steal to pay Fez'skar's ransom?
"Not steal! Gamble. Well, all right, sometimes that's the same as stealing when I'm involved, but only because I'm very, very good.
Full disclosure, we may need to make a swift exit, depending on how well I do here. It'll probably be fine. Probably."
"By the time you get back, I'll have all the gold we need to buy Fez'skar's freedom.
It hurts me to think about my friend being stuck in a cage somewhere. I mean, he kind of deserves it, but still. We need to hurry."

Find the note in the sewers and return to The Sugar Bowl. Jakarn will be seated at a table surrounded by some agitated Khajiiti. As you walk up, you'll hear him tell one:

Jakarn : "Oh, so close! Better luck next time, friend."
Jakarn in The Sugar Bowl

Speak to him and he'll say:

"Hey, you're back! I was just wrapping up my business with these fine Khajiit.
Did you find the note? Where's Tu'heiba?"
If the note is accurate, she's set camp near Darkpool Mine.
"Huh. Makes sense. We hit the Euraxian treasure caravan just outside Riverhold. She'd want to be as far away from there as possible. Good.
Darkpool Mine is in southwestern Elsweyr. Tu'heiba favors the wilderness, so you may have to search a bit."
Looks like you won a lot of gold while I was gone.
"What can I say? What I lack in charm, I make up for in luck.
This gold should more than pay for Fez's release. I'm trusting you to deliver it. You could keep it, sure, but this is pocket change compared to what we'll make on the jewel."
Where should we meet once I have Fez'skar?
"Once I settle my accounts with these folks, I'll make my way to the mine. Don't worry about finding me. I'll find you.
As for Tu'heiba, show respect but stand your ground. She appreciates a little swagger. Just don't overthink it and you'll be fine."
All right. I'll deliver the gold and meet you when I have Fez'skar.

As you leave the inn, you'll hear the following in the background:

Jakarn : "All right, cats and kittens, like my uncle Edmund always says, best walk while you're ahead. You have yourselves a great night, eh?"
Daibiza : "Oh, not so soon, pink-skin. You have yet to play Daibiza."
Jakarn : "Look, it's been a real pleasure playing with you, but I've got a friend waiting on me. How about we pick things up tomorrow? Double or nothing."
Daibiza : "Well, you will at least let Daibiza and Cherjhad walk you home, yes? The streets of Rimmen are no place for a lone Breton with heavy pockets."
Jakarn : "You know, that's a generous offer, and I'm truly flattered, but you really don't need to worry. I'm spry as a cricket. Pockets light, pockets heavy, whatever."
Daibiza : "Enough. Sit. Now. Do not take us for fools, Jakarn."

After getting the information from Tu'heiba, Jarakn will show up.

"Well, that looked promising. Any conversation with a crime boss you can walk away from, right?
So, where's Fez? Did she cut him loose?"
I'm afraid not. But she told me where he is. Ruddy Fang slavers are holding him in the Tangle.
"And she took the gold anyway? For one measly piece of information? Classic Tu'heiba.
So, the Tangle, eh? I know the place. Those Ruddy Fang bandits are idiots, so getting Fez out shouldn't be a problem. Of course, we have to find him first."
You think finding him will be a challenge?
"For strapping heroes like us? Of course not!
If these outlaws are half as lazy as Bhosek's henchmen in Stros M'kai—and they are—they probably keep their slaves close to the entrance. Easier to move them in and out, and easier for us to spring!"
All right, I'll meet you at the Tangle.
<end conversation>
Not so fast. I have questions first.
"That's fair. What do you want to know?"
Would you still want to free Fez'skar if you didn't need the jewel?
"Can't I want to free him and want the jewel? Look, Fez and I have double-crossed each other more times than we can count, but only over gold. When it comes to life and death, we help each other.
Actually, a double-cross is how Fez and I first met."
Did you double-cross him, or did he double-cross you?
"Both. Great thieves think alike, right?
We met years ago, in Sentinel. I was taking an inventory of a local merchant ship's valuables when I stumbled across a cat doing the same. That was Fez. After a debate, we agreed to split the loot."
And Fez'skar double-crossed you?
"He slipped past me and flagged down a guard on the way out. Would have landed me in jail if that guard hadn't been the same one I bribed to get on the ship.
The guard arrested Fez instead, and we split his loot. Still, I had to respect the effort."
Remind me why retrieving the Jewel of Baan Dar is so important?
"Why? Plenty of reasons. Take your pick!
First, the heaps of gold people will pay us to acquire it. Second, it's a Khajiit cultural treasure, and it's always nice to return a cultural treasure, right? Makes you feel all warm and heroic inside."
And to find out where Fez'skar hid the jewel, we first have to set him free?
"That's the plan. Those bandits in the Tangle probably threw Fez in a cage somewhere, so all we have to do is find him.
And hope they haven't killed him. That'd be unfortunate."
"So, are we headed into the Tangle, or what? I'll admit, this is a romantic spot, but we should probably rescue Fez first, eh?"

As you walk off, he'll yell:

Jakarn : "Tangle's on the other side of the Scar. See you there, good looking!"

Arrive in the Tangle and he'll be waiting for you:

Jakarn : "There you are. Any questions before we leap into this slippery hedge maze?"
"Once we get inside, we'll cover more ground if we split up. Don't get too concerned if you don't see me around. Think of me as your loyal, rakishly handsome shadow.
As for any rough stuff with the bandits, I'll leave that to you."

You'll be able to ask him about Fez and the Jewel with the same questions as before. Once you find Fez, Jakarn will reappear and comment:

Jakarn : "There he is! Boy, this is … creative."
Jakarn locates Fez'skar

You'll find Fez in a trap and tells you to find the key. Jarak will say:

Jakarn : "I'll keep watch here, in case any guards wander by. You see if you can find the key he's talking about. Deal?"
"You shouldn't have much trouble finding this chest. I sincerely doubt the Ruddy Fangs made any effort to hide it.
Just don't take too long, all right? Guards could wander by at any moment. Plus, Fez is a terrible conversationalist."

Find the key and return and Jakarn will comfort his friend:

Jakarn : "See, Fez? There's our friend, right on time."

If you speak to him he'll say:

"You know, Fez still hasn't told us where the jewel is. Not trying to insinuate anything. Just an observation."
Wait, you think he's going to double-cross us? I thought you said he was your friend.
"He is my friend! You know … pro tem.
Look, if people like me only made friends with trustworthy people, we'd all drink alone. And who wants that?"

Agree to free Fez and Jakarn will move away from the trap:

Jakarn : "Steady hands, friend. I'll just be right over here."
"Mind your fingers, chum. These old wrought iron traps can be more than a little squirrely. The slightest hesitation or tremor will absolutely set them off. But don't worry. I have complete faith in you.
I'll be over here if you need anything."

Release Fez and... he'll put you to sleep.

Fez'skar : "Free at last! Thank you, both! Now, all this key-finding and trap-disarming is hard work, yes?"
Fez'skar : "You've earned a rest, I think."
Jakarn : "Oh, you two-faced little—"
"Ugh. Really should have seen that coming, Jakarn. Sneaky little bastard. Where did he even hide that gas bomb?
You know what, let's not think about that."
What now? How do we find your friend?
"Friend. Right. I hate to admit it, but good old Fez is sliding rapidly toward dopey rival. Sometimes colleague, at best.
Ugh. Anyway. Fez grew up in the Stitches—a cliff-side settlement above the Scar. He might have hidden the gem there."
Fez did say he hid the gem on a very high cliff.
"Exactly. It fits. Still, the Stitches is a big place, and he's got a head start. Fortunately for us, Ak'an and these bandits did a number on his legs. He hobbled out of here like an eighty year-old stork.
If we move fast, we might catch him."
All right. Where do we start?
"We should split up. Famous last words, right? Whoever finds that sneaky Khajiit first holds him down until the other arrives, then we all find the gem together, yeah?
Mara's mercy, I'm starting to talk like a cat. I've been in Elsweyr too long."
To the Stitches, then.
Jakarn : "See you there, good looking."
Jakarn attempts to reason with Fez

When you arrive in the Stitches Look for Fez and you'll find him and Jakarn on the landing below the tavern. They will be mid-argument:

Fez'skar : "Get back! You will not take the jewel from Fez'skar! It's mine!"
Jakarn : "Listen to me, Fez. That jewel's made you crazy! No one can make that jump!"
Fez'skar : "You lie! Baan Dar smiles on me, Jakarn! Riches! Glory! All will belong to Fez'skar!"
Jakarn : "Fez, damn it, don't do this! Stop!"
Jakarn : "Fez!"

Fez jumps for the jewel, but plummets to the desert floor. Jakarn goes to the edge and laments his friends action, until...

Jakarn : "Gods damn it, Fez, you idiot. Why did—wait. It's not that far."

Speak to him and he'll be adamant he can make the jump:

"Oh yeah, I can make that. Definitely."
Jakarn, what are you doing?
"You see it? The Jewel of Baan Dar is right there on that cliff. Right where Fez dropped it for safekeeping.
It's not that far. Not really."
Nobody can make that jump, Jakarn. Fez'skar just died trying!
"Sure, but he was injured. And not half as athletic as me. Ak'an worked him over. And the wind wasn't right. Besides, he was never a good jumper.
That jewel will make me—us—rich. Like royalty! Wealthy, irresistible royalty. Look! It's so close!"

Your reply to him will depend on previous encounters:

Think, Jakarn! Your friend just fell to his death! If you jump, you'll join him! (If Elsweyr is the first time you have met him)
"Fez didn't—wait, what? Why am I standing at the edge of a cliff? Why would I jump off it?
Mara's mercy, that's Fez's body down there. What was I thinking? Jumping off this cliff is insane!"
Snap out of it! I didn't bust you out of a cell in Stros M'Kai so you could jump off a cliff! (If you rescued him in Stros M'Kai)
"You didn't—wait, Stros M'Kai? Right. You found me in a cell there, and—what am I doing? Why am I about to jump off a cliff? Mara's mercy, what a stupid idea."
Stop this! Think about Lerisa—about your friends! They don't want you dead! (If you completed the Daggerfall Covenant storyline[verification needed — see talk page])
"You don't know anything! Lerisa would want this! She'd tell me to … she'd tell me I'm an idiot.
Mara's mercy, what am I doing? Why would I jump off a cliff? Wow, is this a bad idea."'
There you go. Step back from the cliff.

After you have talked him down, he'll ask for a moment:

Jakarn : "I really need a drink. You need a drink, right? I need a drink. Meet me at the Goiter's Gulp, would you? We'll settle up there."
Jakarn : "Don't worry. I'm not going to jump. I just need to clear my head and say goodbye to a friend."
Jakarn : "Fez, you stupid, stupid cat. I'm going to miss your mangy hide."

Go to the terrace under the Goiter's Gulp and Tu'heiba and her gang will be waiting. When Jakarn arrives you can speak to him:

"Well. This is awkward."
What's the play, Jakarn?
"No tricks this time. One way or the other, I need to settle things with Tu'heiba. Otherwise, I'll never have any peace.
Take this for your trouble, eh? Assuming Tu'heiba doesn't kill me, you should join us for drinks! Thanks again, good looking."

Jakarn will then turn to Tu'heiba:

Jakarn : "So, here we are, Tu'heiba. Ready to clear the air, or should I start throwing stuff?"
Tu'heiba : "Peace, Jakarn. All I want is the gem. Now, I will ask you this one last time. Where is the Jewel of Baan Dar?"
Jakarn : "I'll take you to it. Just promise me you'll feed it to your cat, or toss it in a vault, or something."
Tu'heiba : "You have my word."
Jakarn : "Look at us, making nice. This calls for a toast! Suggestions?"
Tu'heiba : "To bold, foolish Fez'skar, I think. A Khajiit who died as he lived."
Jakarn : "Ha. Yeah. To Fez."

Speak to Jakarn afterwards and he'll say:

"I guess I should get comfortable here in the Stitches. Those card sharps in Rimmen probably still want me dead. Eh. They'll forget about all the trouble I put them through. Eventually.
Thanks for your help today. You're all right, you know that?"
What's next for you, Jakarn?
"You mean other than getting drunk enough to forget a magic gem made my friend jump off a cliff?
Haven't decided. Might be time for another job. Taking something that doesn't belong to me always cheers me up."
So you miss Fez'skar even after he got you captured, beaten, and dosed with gas?
"I wouldn't use those exact words, but the world will be less interesting without Fez in it. That's a shame.
As for being double-crossed, I'm used to that. It barely bothers me anymore. Don't get any ideas, though."
Do you think you'll ever work for Tu'heiba again?
"Why not? It's not like there are any other nomadic crime bosses offering good money for shady work. Granted, that's because she murdered her competitors, but still.
Or, maybe I'll swing by Abah's Landing and see what Zeira's doing. She's always fun."
Why do you think Fez left the chest on that cliff?
"Tough to say, especially now that we know the gem can put your brain in a tangle.
To be fair, Fez never placed much value on, you know … planning? He probably just thought dropping the gem on a treacherous cliff was a good idea at the time."
Are you really going to show Tu'heiba where it is?
"If it'll get her off my back? Absolutely. I appreciate gems as much as the next thief, but I prefer my jewelry curse-free, you know?
Now that I've cleared my head, getting it back shouldn't take more than a rope and some steady hands. I've got both!"
Speaking of your head, what were you thinking when you almost jumped?
"Hmm. It's kind of a blur. But not the satisfying, drunken kind. All I remember is that I needed that gem, and I felt really, really confident I could make that jump.
If you hadn't talked me down, I'd have wound up as flat as Fez. So, thanks."

Ascending TideEdit

An Order Gone AwryEdit

After arriving at the Coral Aerie, you will meet Captain Kaleen who has been hired to recover Jakarn and the documents he was carrying when he was abducted by a group called the Ascendant Order. After making your way through to the old Aldmeri Ruins, you will overhear him being interrogated.'

Sarydil: "Again. Who hired you to deliver this?"
Jakarn: "You know, I can't recall. Must have been those knocks to the head."
Sarydil: "Perhaps a few more will jog your memory?"
Varallion: "The longer you stall, Jakarn, the more likely I take what I have and leave you chained up for the yaghra. Think on that."
<Sarydil and Varallion leave.>

With them gone, you and Captain Kaleen can head down to free Jakarn.

Jakarn: "Hah! You thought I'd crack that soon? I'm Jakarn! The Jak—Kaleen?"
Captain Kaleen: "Keep your voice down!"
<S'zarzo the Bulwark enters the room.>
S'zarzo the Bulwark: "Enough squeaking, little rat—oh ho! A few more pests to play with."
Jakarn: "That was absolutely not my fault."
Captain Kaleen: "I'll unbind Jakarn, you deal with the guard!"

Once S'zarzo the Bulwark is dead, Kaleen will manage to free Jakarn:

Captain Kaleen: "Ha! Got it!"
Jakarn: "Whew, that was rougher than a night at the Ebony Flask, and much less fun."
Captain Kaleen: "Grab your delivery—and a shirt—and let's get out of here."
Jakarn: "Would if I could, love. Varallion took the letter and medallion when I was captured … and I don't know where my shirt is."
Captain Kaleen: "Do you have any idea where they were taken?"
Jakarn: "Either with him or his right hand, Sarydil, I wager."
<Kaleen turns to you.>
Captain Kaleen: "See if you can track down those two. I'll babysit Jakarn, for now, he's in no condition to fight."

You can then speak with Jakarn:

First time meeting:
Met Jakarn before:
"Thanks for the rescue. I'm Jakarn, by the way. We'll have to have a proper introduction later. Somewhere less drafty. Preferably with alcohol."
"I can always count on you when I'm in a bind. Good to see you again."
We're looking for a letter and medallion, right? Why are the Ascendant Order so interested in them?
"All I know is my employer said it was imperative to deliver them to someone in Summerset, discreetly. No one was supposed to know I was even carrying them.
I don't know who these Ascendant Order people even are, but they're well informed."
What were they trying to get you to tell them?
"They want to know who I was making the delivery to, so I guess they don't know everything. Lucky for me. I don't get the feeling they'd have kept me alive otherwise. What're a few lumps by comparison?"
How did you get captured?
"One moment I was enjoying a leisurely voyage to Summerset on a cushy merchant vessel—courtesy of my employer—the next I'm being dragged through this ruin with a thundering headache.
There was this noise, I think, before it all went dark."
A noise?
"It was this unholy screeching, like the world's largest seagull was coming for my potato fritters. Might have been my imagination, or the knock on the head. I was out cold before I could even take a look."
First time meeting:
Met Jakarn before:
Are you all right?
"Fortunately, they needed to me to talk [sic], so I've still got all my teeth. It would have been a real tragedy if they'd ruined this face, right?
A beer, or three, and a good night sleep and I'll be right as rain."
You've looked better, Jakarn. Are you all right?
"But still better than most, right? Luckily, they spared my face most of the punishment. Must be that High Elf appreciation for beauty.
Don't worry your pretty little head over me. It'll take more than a few love taps to sink old Jakarn."

Eventually you will come across Sarydil, once she is killed Captain Kaleen will come racing in after Jakarn:

Captain Kaleen: "Jakarn, wait—"
Jakarn: "See, Kaleen, they already dealt with Sarydil! I owed her a lump or two."
<Jakarn then walks over to a scroll sitting on one of the shelves along the wall.>
Jakarn: "Ah hah! She had the letter. No sign of the medallion though."
Jakarn: "Varallion must have kept it on him. Come on!"
Captain Kaleen: "If you run off again, so help me I'll break your knees!"
Jakarn: "Since when are you so concerned about my well-being? Have you finally gone sweet on me, Kaleen?"
Captain Kaleen: "I'm sweet on the gold I'm owed for bringing you back alive. You can get killed on your own time."

You can speak with Jakarn about the letter, though he will be tight-lipped:

"Damn, they broke the seal on it! I'm sure to hear about that later."
What's it say?
"Hey! No peeking! I was hired in confidence, for my discretion. My employer might be willing to forgive me if I can convince her that the only people who ever saw this letter won't be speaking about it ever again."
Who is "she"?
"A very special lady. Very pretty. Very rich. That's all you need to know.
This debacle is going to blacken her adoring eye if I don't go above and beyond to save face. A little embellishment couldn't hurt. And a lot of flattery."

Continuing to search for Varallion, you travel through the Gryphon's Aerie and Kaleen and Jakarn will follow after you. In one of the rooms there will be a stack of papers and books and Kaleen will start going through it. Bringing to light why the Ascendant Order is here:

Captain Kaleen: "Hold up. These aren't some old soggy papers. These belong to the Ascendant Order."
<She kneels down and starts going through the papers.>
Captain Kaleen: "Looks like plans. Varallion's trying to turn this into a gryphon hatchery for the order."
Jakarn: "And here I thought they setup this whole hideout just for me."
Captain Kaleen: "Still not big enough to contain your ego."
Jakarn: "It must at least mention me? Let me look!"
<Jakarn notices a bag and goes over to it.>
Jakarn: "Hey! My gear!"
<Jakarn gets dressed.>
Jakarn: "Much better. Was feeling a bit clammy in all this damp."

You can speak with Jakarn now finally clothed:

"Well, this little development should help paint myself in a better light. Being abducted is embarrassing. Being abducted by gryphons? That's an adventure."

Through the door you will eventually reach the Cove Lagoon where Varallion is waiting:

Jakarn: "Varallion! I believe you have something of mine."
Varallion: "You are prideful for an errand boy. Come and take it."
<Jakarn begins to run up to him but stumbles in pain.>
Jakarn: "Oh, bet your arse I w—ow, ow, ow!"
Captain Kaleen: "Reopened your wounds, didn't you?"
<Kaleen crouches next to Jakarn.>
Captain Kaleen: "Would you take care of Varallion while I mummify this idiot? Thanks."

Once Varallion is dead, Captain Kaleen and Jakarn will begin to talk as they go through Varallion's belongings:

Captain Kaleen: "For all this trouble, that medallion better be here."
Jakarn: "This bag looks promising."
<Jakarn takes the medallion from it.>
Jakarn: "What did I tell you?"
Jakarn: "We can pretend this little detour never happened."
Captain Kaleen: "It's going to take a lot of bribery for me to forget this, Jakarn."

After accepting your reward from Captain Kaleen, they will continue their conversation.

Captain Kaleen: "I'm sure our friend here would agree."
Jakarn: "I think I can convince my enchanting lady-friend to provide an appropriate bonus, if we regale her with the tale of our heroics. Particularly my heroics."
Captain Kaleen: "I'll say you were the second-incarnation of Pelinal Whitestrake if it fills my pockets."

You can speak with Jakarn a final time before leaving the dungeon:

"I'm sure I would have found my way out of that eventually, but you spared me a lot of embarrassment and dislocated joints.
Thanks to you, I can return to my lady a hero deserving of her tender mercies."
Sounds like you're close to your employer.
"I'm close to everyone, just closer to some more than others. It's my gift of charisma—sometimes a curse when jealousy rears its ugly head. I saw this lady in need and did what I do best.
Now she has more to be satisfied with than just my company."

High Isle PrologueEdit

Jakarn during the High Isle prologue

Ascending DoubtEdit

When you close to him, he will say:

"Hey, over here!"

The quest can be started either by starting the quest through the Crown Store or finding Jakarn in one of the Alliance Capitials. His initial dialogue will depend on how you start the quest and if you have met him before:

If you started the quest through the store:

"Hey there, good-looking! Are you the one Lady Arabelle promised to send to me? I could use the help!
I'm neck deep in a secret mission that involves a beautiful missing woman. It's a mystery straight out of an Investigator Vale novel!"
It's good to see you again, Jakarn. What have you been up to since we last saw each other? (If you have met before [verification needed — Dialogue does not loop back to start, may be bug])
Tell me about this secret mission.

Starting the quest after coming across Jakarn, as you approve you may hear him say the following, "Hey, over here!"

Speaking with Jakarn:

"We meet again! I know our time apart must have been as difficult for you as it was for me.
Now that we're together, I've got a secret mission for you complete with my missing lady-love and a tantalizing mystery. What do you say, care to assist?"
Tell me about this secret mission.

At this point the dialogues converge:

"Ah, that part comes later. The darling Valessea has disappeared, so that takes precedence.
I was hired by Lady Arabelle to pick up some medallions from Valessea. But when I got to her workshop, I found the place ransacked and she was gone."
Any idea where we should look for Valessea?
"People in my line of work tend to acquire various contacts. I put the word out and finally got one of mine to bite. I'm off to meet up with Tarazka now.
So, want to help me find Valessea and talk to my contact? You'll be paid, naturally."
I'll help you find your missing friend and talk to your contact.
"Here's the location where my contact, Tarazka, wants to meet. I hired a wagon to take us there. Hope you don't mind being in close quarters for a bit, my good-looking friend!
Hop in and we'll be on our way."

Once you have agreed to help, you can ask Jakarn some questions:

Tell me about these medallions.
"Valessea crafted them from a master medallion. Lady Arabelle says they're crucial to the success of our mission, but I stopped listening when I realized they weren't worth any gold.
They're invitations of some sort, but she didn't tell me what for."
Was the medallion at Coral Aerie an invitation, too? (If you completed Coral Aerie)
"No, that was the master medallion. It was the template used to make the others. So we secured that one, at least. Good on us!
The medallions I was supposed to pick up from Valessea are the actual invitations, but they were missing, too."
Why not just send regular invitations?
"I asked the same thing! Lady Arabelle said, and I quote, "don't be foolish, dear." She really knows how to wound with her words.
It has something to do with Valessea's enchantments. They permit the wearers to enter a protected location."
Tell me more about Valessea.
"Valessea's a gorgeous young wizard making a name for herself in the Mages Guild.
I've only met her twice, but she's wild for me. She probably stays up every night dreaming of this handsome face. I have that effect on people, you know."
Wait, you've only met Valessea twice?
"Exactly! First at one of those stuffy Society of the Steadfast events that Lady Arabelle forced me to attend. Then I saw her again after I recovered the master medallion and delivered it to her workshop.
All that matters is that we find her!"
What's the Society of the Steadfast?
"Some philanthropic organization that Lady Arabelle works for. They provide aid to those displaced or wounded by the ongoing war in Cyrodiil, among other charitable works.
Now, can we go find Valessea, please?"
It's good to see you again, Jakarn. What have you been up to since we last saw each other? / What have you been up to since we last saw each other, Jakarn? (Met Before)
"Did you miss me, good-looking? I can't say I blame you. Most people find it hard to go long periods of time without gazing upon this impressive visage.
I've been doing odd jobs, making myself available wherever they need a handsome face."
Anything worth mentioning?
"Plenty, but you'd never believe most of them. My memories of our adventures together always make me smile, though. You're a great companion, and easy on the eyes to boot!"

After getting in the cart, you will find yourself on the island of Vvardenfell, standing outside Pulk, or Khartag Point. Tarazka will be waiting for you both:

Jakarn: "Tarazka! You're looking well, you old cat!"
Tarazka: "Save it, Jakarn."
Jakarn: "You haven't changed a bit! Friend, go ahead and speak with him."

Speaking with Jakarn, he will ask you to talk to Tarazka instead:

"Why don't you talk to Tarazka? He's still cross with me over a little incident involving a card game and a circlet. Maybe he'll be more receptive to a third party. See what he knows about Valessea and where she might be."

After speaking with the Khajiit, he informs you that his located a high elf mage being transported by the Ascendant Order and he tracked them down the nearby cavern. You can then speak with Jakarn:

"Thanks for talking to Tarazka. He's as cranky as ever. Anyway, that prisoner he mentioned must be the lovely Valessea. We need to rescue her.
Come on, let's get inside and find Valessea and her kidnappers!"
Tarazka mentioned the Ascendant Order.
"I should have expected that. We ran into the Ascendant Order back at the Coral Aerie. They got their hands on the master medallion before we recovered it. Makes sense they'd go after the others. But why take Valessea? That's not their style."
Tarazka followed them inside. He left a lantern near the opening they disappeared into.
"Good old Tarazka, always thinking. All right. Let's go find that lantern. And if the Ascendant Order has harmed one beautiful hair on Valessea's beautiful head … well, we'll find some way to make them regret that. Mark my words!"
All right, let's go find Valessea.

You can then enter the delve with Jakarn to find the hidden entrance.

Jakarn: "Ugh, it stinks in here. This is no place for the lovely Valessea. We need to find her."

You have the option of speaking with Jakarn before continuing:

"The Ascendant Order must have a hideout in here somewhere. Tarazka said he left a lantern at the entrance, right?
Let's look around for any signs of Valessea."
What do you expect us to find in here?
"Could be anything, really. Just keep your eyes open. And deal with anything that wants to stab, burn, or eat us.
Remember, Tarazka said he left a lantern by a cave opening covered in vines."
I'll keep an eye out. Let's go.

While exploring the delve, you will find clues pointing in the direction of Valessea. Jakarn will comment as you find things: Piece of cloth:

Jakarn: "That looks like a piece of Valessea's robes. She always did look great in that color. Come on, we must be close!"


Jakarn: "Looks like there was a scuffle here. The smaller footprints could be Valessea's."

Ascendant Order Note:

Jakarn: "Ascendant Champion, hmm? I don't like the sound of that."

Speaking with Jakarn during this:

"I trust you can handle yourself in a fight, yes? Come on, we need to hurry. If Valessea is somewhere inside this gods awful place, I want to find her before the skeevers do."

Once you reach the hidden passage marked by the lantern:

Jakarn: "Look, that must be Tarazka's lantern! I think we found our entrance!"
<Jakarn crouches down
Jakarn: "Valessea must be inside here. Let's go!"

You can then follow him into the Ascendant Order Hideout. Once inside, Jakarn announces himself:

Jakarn: "Valessea! Your dashing hero is here to rescue you!"
Valessea: "Is someone out there? Let me out of here!"
Jakarn: "That was Valessea! This way!"

If you talk to him, he will ask that you deal with the Ascendant Order guarding the area:

"We have to find Valessea. Just keep an eye out for any of those Ascendant Order bruisers."

While you fight your way through Ascendant Order members, Jakarn will notice a side room and run into it:

Jakarn: "Don't worry, Valessea! Your hero has arrived!"

Following him inside you will find Valessea who has had her hands tied behind her back. Speaking with Jakarn before Valessea:

"We found Valessea! And isn't she as radiant as I described her?
Go ahead and talk with her. She might swoon at the sight of my bulging muscles and we don't have time for that."

Speaking with Valessea, you will learn the Ascendant Order took the medallions she made further into the hideout. Jakarn will stay with Valessea while you search for clues:

"You start tracking down the medallions. Valessea and I will catch up with you in a moment.
I want to make sure she's not too shaken up by all of this. I'll be her handsome shoulder to cry on. My shoulders are handsome, right?"

After you find the Ascendant Champion Orders you can return to Jakarn and Valessea:

Jakarn: "There you are, good-looking. Did you find the medallions? Let Valessea know."

Before you speak with Valessea:

"Did you find anything important? I'm sure Valessea can't wait to see it."

When you speak with Valessea, she will give you an enchanted seashell to help you find the medallions that were taken to Sareloth Grotto. Jakarn says he will meet you there:

"I'll make sure Valessea gets back to the camp safely. I'm sure she'll feel much better with me at her side, most people do. I have a … calming presence.
I'll meet you at Sareloth Grotto soon! We'll retrieve the medallions together."

Like the letter said, there will be a boat further in the hidehout which will take you to outside the Sareloth Grotto. Jakarn will be waiting for you:

Jakarn: "Mind your step and don't get caught in the muck. I almost lost a boot over there."

Speak with Jakarn before continuing:

"Welcome to the arse-end of nowhere! This is the place Valessea described to me, the entrance to Sareloth Grotto. The five medallions must be somewhere inside. Let's hurry and get them back.
You still have that shell Valessea gave you, right?"
Yes, I have the shell right here.
"Good, that will help us find the medallions once we get inside. Valessea said if you concentrate on it, the medallions will glow.
I suspect the Ascendant Order won't make this easy for us. The bad guys never do."
What kind of resistance do you think we'll run into?
"No way to tell. But if we meet the Ascendant Champion, I owe her for tying up the beautiful Valessea. There's no call for that sort of rough stuff unless all parties agree.
Anyway, remember—our priority is retrieving those five medallions."
I'll meet you in the grotto.

If you talk to Jakarn again before entering the Grotto:

"Go ahead, good-looking. I'll make sure we weren't followed and meet you inside. Then we can track down those medallions."

Once you are well inside the grotto, you will find various campsites in the area, filled with the Ascendant.

"We need to find the five medallions. The enchanted shell Valessea gave you should let you know when to use it. Maybe it tingles when a medallion is close?
But keep your guard up. If the Ascendant Order is here, we may have to get rough with them."

In the campsite near the entrance, Jakarn will suggest you use the seashell:

Jakarn: "Use the shell and see if a medallion is nearby."
<When you use the shell a nearby chest will begind to glow purple.>
Jakarn: "I see something over there!"

Opening the chest you will find of the medallions:

Jakarn: "Valessea is as brilliant as she is beautiful! The shell works! Now, let's find the rest."

Speaking with Jakarn while searching:

"Hopefully Valessea's shell will make finding the medallions a piece of cake. Go ahead, try using it."

When you reach camp that may contain a medallion:

Jakarn: "There might be a medallion around here. Use the shell and look for something glowing."
Jakarn: "Use the shell again, and keep your eyes peeled for anything glowing."
Jakarn: "Use the shell again, there might be something here."

When Jakarn sees a glowing chest:

Jakarn: "Ah, there's the sneaky bastard!"
Jakarn: "I see something over there!"
Jakarn: "There's one!"

The last medallion is located in the deepest part of the cavern. As you approach it, you will encounter the Ascendant Champion speaking with someonee. They ask if she wants to take the hidden medallions with her but she declines, ordering them to leave them where they are. She then leaves to deal with other matters.

Once you take the last medallion:

Jakarn: "That's all five medallions! Come on, I think I saw a way out of here!"

Speaking with Jakarn:

"We recovered all five medallions. And we got to witness a surprise appearance by the mysterious Ascendant Champion we've been hearing so much about. Lucky us.
A job well done, if I do say so myself."
So what now, Jakarn?
"Now, we get these medallions to Lady Arabelle. I can't wait to introduce you!
She's quite remarkable—a former Lion Guard officer, spy, agent for High King Emeric, and world-famous author! But don't mention that last part."
Lady Arabelle's an author?
"Oh, she doesn't like to brag. In fact, she'll adamantly deny it if you ask. But she writes those wonderful Investigator Vale novels! At least, that's the word on the street.
Anyway, we should get going before more of the Ascendant Order shows up."
Where do we find Lady Arabelle?
"I'll mark the location of her camp on your map. It's safer if we split up, so I'll meet you there.
You hang onto the medallions for now. It pains me to admit it, but I think you can protect them better than I can. I'm more of a lover than a fighter."
All right, I'll meet you at Lady Arabelle's camp.

Once you finish speaking with Jakarn, he will head towards the exit:

Jakarn: "See you at Lady Arabelle's camp!"

Lady Arabelle's camp is located east of Vivec City, as you approach you will hear Jakarn speaking to Lady Arabelle:

Jakarn: "Ah, there they are now! Over here, good-looking! Lady Arabelle, this is the one who helped me recover the medallions."

Jakarn will be with Valessea and Lady Arabelle, you can speak with him before completing the quest:

"I told Lady Arabelle all about you. I gave her the quick version of everything we learned, but she wants to hear your version. I don't think she completely trusts me.
Go ahead. Just keep quiet about the author thing. I never said a word."
Remind me about that author thing.
"You're really trying to get me into trouble, aren't you? And after all we've been through? All I've done for you?
Lady Arabelle writes those Investigator Vale novels. But she keeps that a secret. Doesn't want to be overrun by adoring admirers."
What happens now?
"That's for smarter minds to figure out. I'm a thief. My skills don't lend themselves to uncovering mysteries and determining motives. Want me to steal something, find something, or seduce someone? I'm your man. Otherwise, I just go where I'm told."

Speaking with Jakarn before handing over the medallions to Lady Arabellle:

"Make yourself at home, good-looking. Since Lady Arabelle told you more about the secret mission than she ever told me, that makes you an official member of the team!"

A King's RetreatEdit

Before starting the quest:

"Lady Arabelle is everything I said, right? Tough as a battleaxe but with a voice like an Aedra. Anyway, I'm glad you decided to stick around. There's more to do and I could use the help.
Talk to Lady Arabelle and she'll give you the details."

Once you have started the quest, Jakarn will be entrusted with two of the medallions to deliver to the alliance leaders.

"Well, this is where we part ways, good-looking. We saved Valessea and retrieved the stolen medallions. All that's left is to deliver them!
Be careful out there. I'd be surprised if the Ascendant Order doesn't try to get their hands on them again."

Jakarn will afterwards enter one of the portals Valessea creates.

When he is gone, you will soon learn that the medallions have been sabotaged when Arch-Magister Delric after putting his on. Valessea will create a dispelling powder and asks you to catch up with Jakarn to stop him from handing over the medallions. While you missed him in Windhelm, you are able to uncurse the medallion delivered there. Captain Danylva will inform you that Jakarn was heading to Skywatch next to deliver the Dominion medallion to someone in Queen Ayrenn's court. As you approach the tavern on the Skywatch Docks, you will find Jakarn arguing with Seneschal Nomaadhel:

Jakarn: "I appreciate your dedication to this uptight, surly demeanor, but I'm just here to deliver a medallion to Queen Ayrenn."
Seneschal Nomaadhel: "Be that as it may, a ruffian like you will not be allowed anywhere near our queen. I shall examine this medallion myself."

Speak with Jakarn to let him know what is going on:

"Hey, good-looking! I wasn't expecting to see you again so soon.
Oh, and I wasn't giving this fine seneschal a hard time. I was just … building a trusting rapport. Anyway, I delivered the Aldmeri Dominion medallion. We can be on our way."
The Ascendant Order altered the medallions. Delric was killed when he put on his medallion.
"What? Seriously? I'm glad I decided not to try on the medallions on my way here.
Hey, I already delivered the Ebonheart Pact medallion! We have to get back to Windhelm. I am not willing to add regicide to my growing list of bounties!"
I took care of it. Valessea made a powder to dispel the magic. I have it right here.
"Oh! Good! Maybe start with that next time?
Anyway, if you can dispel the evil magic, then don't let me keep you. You can fill me in on the details later. Just hurry before that pompous bureaucrat decides to try on the medallion."

Talking to Jakarn again before using the dispelling powder:

"Don't worry, I'll smooth things over with our disgruntled friend here once where finished.
You just focus on dispelling the evil magic."

After you use the dispelling powder, a projection of Valessea will appear.

"Valessea! I knew she couldn't resist my charms!
She seems rather distressed, however. Must have something to do with these damned lethal medallions. Go ahead and speak with her."

Valessea will explain she was attacked again by the Ascendant Order just before she delivered the Fighters Guild medallion. More worryingly, she can no longer get in contact with Lady Arabelle and thinks she may be in trouble. Lady Arabelle went to Sword's Rest isle to deliver the Covenant medallion directly to High King Emeric. Jakarn will give some instructions to the Seneschal:

Jakarn: "The medallion's safe now. Please make sure you get it to the queen. Hey good-looking, I'll meet you at the docks."

Talking with Jakarn before leaving:

"Damn the Ascendant Order! If they've harmed one hair on Lady Arabelle's distinguished head, I'll….
No, no. I can't think like that. Lady Arabelle is crafty beyond reason. I'm sure she's fine. But we should hurry—just in case."
Do you know anything about Sword's Rest Isle?
"First I've heard of the place. But if it's really High King Emeric's personal retreat, we can expect it to be heavily guarded.
Hopefully, the Lion Guard can hold off the Ascendant Order until we get there to help them."

Jakarn will follow you down to the docks, where he locates a dingy and sits down on it:

Jakarn: "Let's take this one. The quarters will be close, but I'm a fair hand with an oar. We'll be there in no time!"

When you arrive on Sword's Rest Isle you will find no one to greet you:

Jakarn: "Hmm, no one to greet us. I don't like this. Keep your guard up, good-looking."

Speaking with Jakarn:

"This is definitely Sword's Rest, but where are the Lion Guard? Something's very wrong here.
Let's look around and find Lady Arabelle."
Why do you think something is wrong?
"I want to tell you it's just a feeling, but it's more than that. This is the high king's retreat, and none of his soldiers are here to meet us. Plus, see that ship over there? It's not flying any colors. I bet the Ascendant Order arrived on that."

Nearby to the pier you arrived at, you will find the bodies of some of the Lion Guard:

Jakarn: "Oh no, those are members of the Lion Guard. What happened here? Let's look around."
Jakarn: "The Ascendant Order must have overwhelmed them. The Lion Guard are no slouches."

Further along the path you will find some bodies identifiable as the Ascendant Order:

Jakarn: "Definitely the Ascendant Order."

After reading the Ascendant Champion's New Orders:

Jakarn: "Damn! I can't believe they're really trying to kill High King Emeric! Come on, we have to get inside!"

When you enter Sword's Rest Keep, you will find it ransack and the surviving Ascendant Order roaming the halls. Speaking with Jakarn while here:

"We need to find Lady Arabelle first. Hopefully she knows where High King Emeric is. Let's watch out for the Ascendant Champion, too. I have a feeling we might finally get introduced."

The only unblocked way is down in the basement, once you go down there Jakarn will hear voices in the distance:

Jakarn: "Listen! I hear someone up ahead!"

Through a metal grate, you will witness a conversation between the Ascendant Champion and her superior—the Ascendant Magus:

The Ascendant Magus: "Have you breached High King Emeric's quarters yet?"
The Ascendant Champion: "Soon, my lord. We are almost through the wards."
The Ascendant Magus: "I will suffer no more delays. You have this last chance, Champion."
The Ascendant Champion: "Yes, Magus."
<The pair will walk away from the location.>
Jakarn: "Just how many people are in charge of the Ascendant Order?"

Moving along the passage, you will witness another conversation between the Magus and the Champion. This time about Lady Arabelle:

The Ascendant Magus: "What news of the woman?"
The Ascendant Champion: "She still eludes us, Magus. But there are only so many places she can hide."
The Ascendant Magus: "A careless mistake. Deal with Emeric. Then find the woman and kill her."
The Ascendant Champion: "It will be done, my lord."
<The Magus opens a yello-red portal and disappears.>
Jakarn: "It sounds like they haven't found Lady Arabelle yet. Come on, let's get to her first!"

At the end of the passage, near the ladder, you will find Lady Arabelle surrounded by a few bodies. You can then speak with Lady Arabelle to update her on what happens and to see what she wants to do. She will want you to confront the Ascendant Champion while she and Jakarn come at her from behind.

Jakarn: "All right, good-looking. Be careful up there, we'll handle the mage."

Talking with Jakarn before leaving the basement:

"Looks like I'm going with Lady Arabelle. We'll take care of the mage, you just worry about giving the Ascendant Champion a taste of her own medicine.
We'll meet up after when High King Emeric is safe."

While Jakarn and Lady Arabelle were dealing with the mages breaking the wards, the Champion attacked them. Once you have defeated the Ascendant Champion, Lady Arabelle and Jakarn will come down from behind the gate:

Jakarn: "Ugh. At least I didn't land on my face."
Lady Arabelle: "Ah, good work, my dear! How exciting."

Speaking with Jakarn before Lady Arabelle:

"The Ascendant Champion didn't stand a chance! You were amazing! And slightly terrifying, truth be told.
Go ahead and speak with Lady Arabelle. I'll make sure she's not injured."

Talking to him after Lady Arabelle:

"Seems like our work here is done.
I'll meet you and Lady Arabelle back at camp. Then we can properly celebrate our victory."

When you reach Lady Arabelle's camp again, you will overhear Jakarn worrying over Lady Arabelle:

Jakarn: "Lady Arabelle, are you sure you're not injured? Everything happened so fast at the keep."
Lady Arabelle: "Enough, Jakarn. I've been dealing with worse villains since before you were born!"

Talking to Jakarn before completing the quest:

"There you are. I'm happy to see that everyone got back from Sword's Rest Isle safe and sound. Lady Arabelle tells me that High King Emeric got his medallion. Among other things.
You should speak with her. This is my favorite part. When we get paid!"

Speaking Jakarn after completing the quest:

"We did it! We saved Valessea, restored and delivered the medallions, and defeated the Ascendant Champion. Well, most of that was you, but I helped! You're really something else, good-looking.
And Lady Arabelle paid me, so I'm satisfied."
Do you plan to continue assisting Lady Arabelle?
"So long as the gold keeps flowing, sure. I'm a man who lets the potential rewards dictate where I go and what I do. But I will admit to being slightly invested in this whole ordeal now. The Ascendant Order got under my skin. So now it's personal."
Well, take care, Jakarn.
"I always do, friend, I always do. Now, don't be a stranger. There's no one I'd rather have at my side when danger rears its ugly head. Or in a crowded wagon or a tiny boat. You're not bad as far as company in tight quarters is concerned, either."



On board the Spearhead docked at Daggerfall's southern port, if you decided to keep the relic, he'll say:

"So this is where we part ways, good looking. I still think you made the wrong decision, but I think I'll actually miss you."

If you destroyed the relic:

"I could get used to travelling around with you. It's never dull, I'll give you that."


"Hey, good looking. Long time.
What have you been up to, Jakarn?'
"This and that. One thing I'll say about wartime—there's never been a better chance to get rich. I've made more in the past few weeks than I made the year before we met."
"Let's not use harsh language. I've liberated certain objects from people who really don't need them anymore. Where's the harm?
A word of advice, though. If you see any contracts from a group called The Midnight Union, I'd stay away."
Why's that?
"Their leader is mad. I'll liberate some poor sap's purse as quickly as the next man, but murder and bloodshed is not on my agenda.
If you get a contact with them, tear it up and walk away, unless you want blood on your hands."
Did you get a contract, Jakarn?
"One never tells, my good looking friend. Let's just say I learned enough about them to know that it wasn't somewhere I wanted to be.
Captain Marck, by comparison, is my kind of scoundrel. We're going to work well together."


He can be found in the tea house, studying poetry.

"Hey, good-looking."
What are you doing in a tea house, Jakarn?
"Brushing up on my poetry. The Desert Star has a decent selection. No one turns a phrase like a Redguard."
I didn't know you were interested in poetry."
"You'd like it. Try gazing into your lover's eyes after a stirring rendition of Hazam's epic sonnet "The Sandborn Singer". Makes them weak in the knees."

If Lerisa has told you about his interest in her, Jakarn will instead say:

"Brushing up on my poetry. No one turns a phrase like a Redguard. There's a certain lovely lady I'm hoping to impress."
Captain Lerisa?
"You're a quick study, my good-looking friend. You'd think a relic from the remote isles of Vvardenfell would woo a woman, but Lerisa's something else. Something special.
I think I've finally found the woman for me."
Has Lerisa returned your interest?
"Not in so many words, but she keeps her cards close to her vest. That woman flirts with the best of them.
I'll win her over sooner or later. She's got a thing for me. I can see it in her lovely eyes."

Both incidences will lead to a poetry reading:

Will you read me some poetry, Jakarn?
"O, my desert jewel, eyes blue as the sea.
Hearken to my love for you, water of my tree.
Your soul is like the desert wind, warm and soft and free."
<Keep Listening.>
"One touch from you will drop my blade.
One kiss will quench my thirst.
My love for you is like the rain,
Drink deep, my love, my first."


  • NPCs interested in Jakarn include Irien, Nasmat, Elethien, and Majoll.
  • On Betnikh, Mercenaries will take the place of Jakarn when following other players.
  • After the events of Carzog's Demise, Jakarn can be found back on The Spearhead, where Irien, Elethien, and Nasmat have cornered him to make him choose between them.
  • In Shornhelm, Lerisa says that Jakarn is in love with her, though she does not reciprocate. Jakarn confirms this in Sentinel, where he can be found writing poetry for her. Majoll states that he and Jakarn retrieved a Daedric Artifact to impress her.
  • In Coldharbour, during the quest "A Thorn in Your Side," Jakarn appears at the Cliffs of Failure before the portal to the battlegrounds antechamber, asking the player for help.