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Search Anequina for a legendary gemstone.
Zone: Northern Elsweyr
Quest Giver: Jakarn near the Baandari Caravan Stop
Location(s): Rimmen, Rimmen Palace Recesses, Darkpool Mine, The Tangle, The Stitches
Prerequisite Quest: The Usurper Queen
Reward: Sandstorm Mask
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
ID: 6365
Jakarn has some risky business
I crossed paths with a scoundrel named Jakarn. He invited me to join him on a job that could make us both rich. Unfortunately, some seedy Khajiit are intent on stopping him.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Jakarn
  2. Meet Jakarn at the Sugar Bowl
  3. Retrieve the note
  4. Return to Jakarn
  5. Talk to Tu'heiba
  6. Find the Slave Trader's Ledger and return to Tu'heiba
  7. Talk to Jakarn
  8. Meet Jakarn at the Tangle
  9. Find Fez'skar
  10. Find the trapper's key
  11. Talk to Fez'skar
  12. Talk to Jakarn
  13. Search the Stitches for Fez'skar
  14. Talk to Jakarn
  15. Go to the Goider's Gulp

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

As you pass through the Bandaari Caravan Stop in Rimmen, Jakarn will fall out of a window above and land on a crate. He will invite you to meet him in the The Sugar Bowl to discuss some business. Once there, he will ask you to search Rimmen's sewers for a barrel near an altar to Clavicus Vile. The barrel has a note with the location of Tu'heiba, the Elsweyr crime boss. She's holding Jakarn's Friend Fez'skar. Tu'heiba hired Jakarn and Fez'skar to steal the Jewel of Baan Dar. Fez hid it and Jakarn doesn't know where. Further discussion reveals the jewel was originally a Khajiit treasure stolen by the Euraxians and Tu'heiba hired them to steal it back. Jakarn sends you to retrieve the note while he gambles to raise the ransom money.

Enter the Rimmen Palace Recesses and retrieve the note from the barrel. The note indicates Tu'heiba is camped near the Darkpool Mine. Return to Jakarn at the Sugar Bowl, where he has been quite successful with his gambling. He gives you the gold for Fez'skar's ransom. As he prepares to leave, Daizaba approaches, obviously displeased with his gambling success. He sends you ahead while he deals with the situation.

As you step outside the in, Daizaba charges out from upstairs, looking for Jakarn. You can talk to her and she will ask you where Jakarn went. When you say you don't know, she will accuse Jakarn of cheating, saying she saw cards fall out of his pockets as he fled and that she will collect payment in fingers, not gold.

Find Tu'heiba northeast of the Darkpool Mine and give her the ransom. She tells you that she sold Fez'skar to a slave trader who sold him to someone else. The slaver died, but you should be able to find the new owner's name in the slaver's ledger, which is in Darkpool Mine. Continuing to talk to Tu'heiba reveals she tried to beat the location out of Fez'skar, but was surprised at her lack of success. She suspects something kept him from speaking.

Enter Darkpool Mine to retrieve the slave trader's ledger. The ledger can be found in a pack on a platform near the waterwheel in the northeast room, next to Sagara's corpse. Retrieve the ledger and return to Tu'heiba. The ledger is encoded. When you ask Tu'heiba to decode it, she says Fez'skar was sold to slavers based in the Tangle.

Jakarn appears just to the west of the camp. Tell him what you've learned, and he will tell you to meet him at The Tangle. When you get there, he says to split up inside to cover more ground. You will find Jakarn and Fez'skar in the first room of the delve, in the middle of a spike trap. You must find the key that unlocks the chain to disable the trap. The key is in a chest in the eastern room. When you return, you have a choice of disabling the trap or telling Fez'skar to reveal the location of the jewel.

If you tell him to reveal the jewel's location, he will reply that you have to free him first.

Once you disable the trap, Fez'skar sets off a poison spray, knocking out you and Jakarn while he escapes. When you recover, Jakarn recommend looking for him in The Stitches.

When you find him, Fez'skar is preparing to jump off a platform to a ledge with a chest containing the jewel. Jakarn tries to convince him not to jump, but he goes anyway and falls to his death. Jakarn is now thinking he can make the jump, but you convince him not to go. He realizes it's a bad idea and tells you to meet him at the Goiter's Gulp. There you will find Tu'heiba waiting for you. She tells you there is a hex on the jewel that drives people crazy with greed. Jakarn arrives with the quest reward. He and Tu'heiba drink a toast to the late Fez'skar.



  • The Torval Fragment needed for the Mural Mender achievement is located in a tree stump east of Tu'heiba's camp.

Quest StagesEdit

The Jewel of Baan Dar
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
If I want to learn more about the job Jakarn mentioned, I should meet him in Rimmen's tavern, the Sugar Bowl.
Objective: Talk to Jakarn at the Sugar Bowl
Two angry Khajiit emerged from the building that Jakarn leapt out of. If I talk to them, perhaps I can learn more about what's going on.
Optional Step: Talk to Ak'an
To recover the Jewel of Baan Dar, we must first free Jakarn's friend, Fez'skar. Unfortunately, he's being held prisoner by a nomadic crime boss named Tu'heiba. I can find Tu'heiba's current location on the bottom of a barrel lid in Rimmen's sewers.
Objective: Find Tu'heiba's Location
According to the note I found in Rimmen's sewers, Tu'heiba and her retinue recently set camp near Darkpool Mine, a sulfur pit. I should return to the Sugar Bowl and deliver this information to Jakarn.
Objective: Talk to Jakarn
While I explored the sewers, Jakarn raised enough gold to secure Fez'skar's release. Given Jakarn's strained relationship with Tu'heiba, I need to deliver the payment in his stead. I can find Tu'heiba near Darkpool Mine in southwestern Elsweyr.
Objective: Talk to Tu'heiba
The gambler who accosted Jakarn as he tried to leave chased him out of the Sugar Bowl, obviously enraged. It might be worth asking her about what happened.
Optional Step: Talk to Daizaba
Tu'heiba sold Fez'skar to a sulfur-mining labor camp inside Darkpool Mine. Unfortunately, cultists sacked the mine.To locate Fez'skar, I need to find the slave trader's ledger somewhere inside the mine.
Objective: Find the Slave Trader's Ledger
I found the slave trader's ledger, but the former owner encoded its contents. I should take the ledger to Tu'heiba to see if she can translate it.
Objective: Talk to Tu'heiba
Tu'heiba translated the slave trader's ledger. Apparently, the trader sold Fez'skar to a gang of bandits based in the Tangle. I should find Jakarn and let him know what I learned.
Objective: Talk to Jakarn
We learned that bandits in the Tangle are holding Fez'skar. Jakarn asked me to meet him there so we can free Fez'skar from captivity.
Objective: Meet Jakarn at the Tangle
Objective Hint: Talk to Jakarn
Jakarn waits outside the Tangle. If I have questions, I can ask them now. If not, I can head straight into the bandit lair.
Objective: Enter the Tangle
Jakarn seems confident we can free Fez'skar from his captors in the Tangle. The first step is finding him.
Objective: Find Fez'skar
I found Fez'skar standing on a spike plate. I should speak to him to find out why he hasn't fled.
Objective: Talk to Fez'skar
According to Fez'skar, if he shifts his weight, the spike plate will activate and impale him. To free Fez'skar, I must disarm the trap with a special key. The key is in a chest deeper inside the Tangle.
Objective: Find the Trapper's Key
I found the key that can safely disarm the spike plate. I should return to Fez'skar and deliver the good news.
Objective: Talk to Fez'skar
Fez'skar hasn't told us the location of the Jewel of Baan Dar yet. I can force him to tell us where to find it before I free him, or free him without extorting him for the jewel's location.
Complete one: Extort Fez'skar or Free Fez'skar
I must disarm the spike plate mechanism using the key before Fez'skar can step off and escape.
Objective: Disarm the Spike Plate
Fez'skar escaped the spike plate without triggering the trap. Now he should lead us to the Jewel of Baan Dar.
Objective: Wait for Fez'skar
After we freed him, Fez'skar knocked me out with some sort of sleeping gas and escaped. I should speak to Jakarn about our next move.
Objective: Talk to Jakarn
Jakarn revealed that Fez'skar grew up in the Stitches—a cliff-side settlement overlooking the Scar. He suspects that Fez'skar may have hidden the Jewel of Baan Dar there. He suggested we split up and search the Stitches for Fez'skar.
Objective: Search the Stitches for Fez'skar
I found Fez'skar standing on the edge of a platform waving a sword at Jakarn. He seems agitated. I should watch him carefully.
Objective: Watch Fez'skar
Fez'skar leapt to his death in an attempt to reach the Jewel of Ban Daar on a distant ledge. Now Jakarn looks like he's going to jump, too. I need to convince him that isn't a good idea.
Objective: Talk to Jakarn
I successfully talked Jakarn off the ledge. He isn't going to jump after the jewel now, but seems saddened by the death of his friend. He asked for some time to mourn and suggested I meet him at the Goiter's Gulp—a tavern in the Stitches.
Objective: Go to Goiter's Gulp
When I reached the Goiter's Gulp, I found Tu'heiba and her thugs waiting for me. I should speak to them to ensure there's no more trouble.
Objective: Talk to Tu'heiba
Finishes quest  Jakarn arrived as I was speaking with Tu'heiba. I should conclude my business with him and see what happens next.
Objective: Talk to Jakarn
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