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Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Tu'heiba is a Khajiit crimelord who can be found in the Stitches. Jakarn the rogue will get you involved with her gang in their quest for the Jewel of Baan Dar.

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Darkpool MineEdit

Arrive at Darkpool Mine, and Tu'heiba and the gang will be waiting.

"Is what Ak'an says true? Do you find common cause with the Breton, Jakarn?
I should warn you—people who travel with Jakarn rarely meet pleasant ends."
Yes, I know Jakarn, but I'm here to pay for Fez'skar's release.
"Ha! A ransom is it? And why would anyone pay gold for that foolish backstabber?
Ah, let me guess. Jakarn believes Fez'skar will lead you to the Jewel of Baan Dar if you free him. Because they are friends, yes? Adorable!"
Will you accept this gold for Fez'skar or not?
"You are direct! Good. I will be direct also.
Give me this ransom of yours. If it is a fragrant sum, I will tell you where to find Fez'skar. Beyond that, I offer nothing. Now, shall we do business, or shall I tell Ak'an and Eljhan to remove you?"
[Give Ransom] You have a deal. Now, where's Fez'skar?
"Fez'skar would not give up the gem, so we sold him to a slave trader. The slaver died, but his ledger should contain the name of Fez'skar's new owner. Look for it in Darkpool Mine.
What is that look? You paid for information. I provided it. Go now."
Fine. I'll find the slave trader's ledger in the Darkpool Mine.
"I would be careful in Darkpool Mine, sweetmeat.
Soft-headed cultists took it over shortly after we sold your friend. That is how the slave trader died. The cultists tug on Merrunz's tail in hopes he will scratch their bellies. Pathetic."
So, you couldn't beat the location of the jewel out of Fez'skar?
"No, we could not. This troubles me, because I take great pride in my creativity. People always speak, eventually.
But something sealed his lips tight as a drum. Something more than simple force of will."
What do you mean?
"A small-time cutpurse withstands hours of aggressive interrogation, then suffers enslavement to protect his prize? A simple gem? No. This does not add up.
That jewel has buried its claws in your friend. I do not know how or why, but it has."
Did you know about this power when you hired Fez'skar and Jakarn to steal it?
"I did not. But I do now.
This will not stop me from claiming it eventually, though. Charms like this only work on weak minds. My mind is far from weak."
Why are you willing to sell a fellow Khajiit into slavery?
"Mind your tone. Ak'an loves cutting out self-righteous tongues.
You are an outsider, so I will assume you speak from ignorance. Baan Dar rewards the clever and frowns on the clumsy. Fez'skar, despite his charms, was clumsy."
So you're saying it's Fez's fault you sold him into slavery?
"There you are. Spoken like a true child of Baan Dar.
Fez'skar and I made a bargain in good faith. Fez'skar reneged on that bargain, in the dull-witted fashion that is his trademark. His clumsiness and dishonesty made him a slave, not me."
If you catch Jakarn again, do you plan to sell him into slavery too?
"From what Ak'an tells me, Jakarn did not know Fez'skar betrayed us. Good news for Jakarn, yes?
Return my gem, and I will consider showing your clever friend some leniency. I make no promises though."

Speak to her after returning from the mine and she'll say:

"You return. Lightly singed, but no worse for the wear, eh?
Why do you come back to me? You have what you seek, yes?"
I found the ledger, but it's encoded.
"So it is encoded. What do you want me to do about it?"
I gave you the gold. Can you translate this or not?
"Can you believe the tongue on this one, Bihargo? Oh, you have not been introduced yet. Bihargo is my senche-brother. He eats people for me. Ha! So serious!
I respect your bull-headed insistence, even if it smacks of disrespect. Give it here."
What does it say?
"Hmm. It seems Fez'skar is as poor a miner as he is a thief. They sold him to another batch of slavers based in the Tangle—an overgrown cavern that Ruddy Fang bandits use as a base.
So, there. Our business is concluded, yes? Off with you."
"Do not forget my warning. This Jewel of Baan Dar carries a power none of us understand. Be careful what you wish for, yes?"

The StitchesEdit

Go to the terrace under the Goiter's Gulp and Tu'heiba and her gang will be waiting:

Tu'heiba : "Well look at this, Ak'an. It's just who were waiting for."
"So, we meet again, walker. I see you, but not your friends. Where are Jakarn and that mangy idiot, Fez'skar?"
Fez'skar is dead. He jumped off a cliff trying to get the Jewel of Baan Dar.
"Truly? Dark moons, eh? Fez was stubborn and foolish, but he did not deserve to die. This may surprise you, but I did not want Fez'skar dead—just soundly punished.
Seems I was right about the jewel after all."
What do you mean?
"I warned you before. There is a hex on the jewel. I do not usually place much stock in folktales, but the clan-mothers say Baan Dar created this gem to teach the Khajiit that some prizes are not worth the risk.
Lesson learned, I'd say."
So the jewel drives people crazy?
"With greed, yes.
Perhaps I made a mistake in sending young Fez'skar to recover it. Perhaps I made a mistake in sending that sweet-tongued Breton as his partner."
Speaking of Jakarn, are you still angry with him?
Tu'heiba : "Let's find out, shall we? Hello, Jakarn."

Speak to her again before speaking to Jakarn and she'll say:

"You should speak to your friend. Who knows how this will turn out?"

After speaking to Jakarn, he will then turn to Tu'heiba:

Jakarn : "So, here we are, Tu'heiba. Ready to clear the air, or should I start throwing stuff?"
Tu'heiba : "Peace, Jakarn. All I want is the gem. Now, I will ask you this one last time. Where is the Jewel of Baan Dar?"
Jakarn : "I'll take you to it. Just promise me you'll feed it to your cat, or toss it in a vault, or something."
Tu'heiba : "You have my word."
Jakarn : "Look at us, making nice. This calls for a toast! Suggestions?"
Tu'heiba : "To bold, foolish Fez'skar, I think. A Khajiit who died as he lived."
Jakarn : "Ha. Yeah. To Fez."

If you speak to her again, she'll say:

"Moons light your back, rhook. You dealt wisely and well. If ever I have need of another thief, I'll be in touch."
So you're done hunting Jakarn?
"He agreed to lead us to the gem, so why would I harm him? Grudges do nothing but make us bitter and poor, yes?
Besides, I respect Jakarn's guile. He has the touch of Baan Dar, that one. Very clever. For a Breton, I mean."
What will you do with the Jewel of Baan dar after you retrieve it?
"I have not decided. For now, it is enough to know it no longer rests in Euraxian hands. Something so valuable and dangerous belongs to the Khajiit, but we cannot have others jumping off cliffs, can we?
I will figure something out."

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