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ON-icon-achievement-Ancestral Tombs Hunter.png Ancestral Tombs Hunter
Type Morrowind Achievements
Points 50
Needed for Savior of Morrowind
Title Librarian
Furnishing(s) Vvardenfell Scale Model (collectible)
Find all 30 ancestral tombs in Vvardenfell, make a rubbing of the information they contain, and deliver these rubbings to Librarian Bradyn to discover the location of the lost Library of Andule.

Ancestral Tombs Hunter is awarded for finding each of the 30 ancestral tomb plaques in Vvardenfell and completing the miniature replica of the island.

Bradyn will direct you to the first tomb as part of the introductory quest The Ancestral Tombs. Rubbings can be collected prior to starting this quest, but it must be completed in order to begin handing them in. Note that unlike most quest items, these rubbings will take up space in your inventory until you turn them in. After turning all 30 in, Bradyn will offer the Lost Library quest before the collectible furniture is earned.


Name Great House Location Notes
Seran Ancestral Tomb Redoran West of Urshilaku Camp Wayshrine. (map)
Ginith Ancestral Tomb Dagoth Northwest of Gnisis. (map) Just south of the Dwarven bridge, and the Skyshard there.
Rethandus Ancestral Tomb Dagoth Northeast of Gnisis. (map) On a peninsula across the lake from the town.
Salothran Ancestral Tomb Indoril West Gash Wayshrine. (map)
Telvayn Ancestral Tomb Telvanni East of Khartag Point. (map)
Uveran Ancestral Tomb Hlaalu Southwestern side of Nilthog's Hollow. (map) Area is full of nix-hounds, in addition to the world boss Nilthog the Unbroken.
Norvayn Ancestral Tomb Hlaalu Northwest of Balmora. (map) Right next to the road, just off the northeastern corner of Hlormaren Stronghold.
Tharys Ancestral Tomb Hlaalu Just outside the southwest gate to Balmora. (map)
Heran Ancestral Tomb Redoran West-northwest of Zainsipilu, on the shore. (map)
Lleran Ancestral Tomb Telvanni East of Zainsipilu. (map) On the other side of the ridge from the delve, on the south side of a major roadway between there an Vassir-Didanat Mine.
Thelas Ancestral Tomb Hlaalu West of Seyda Neen. (map)
Sarano Ancestral Tomb Redoran Northern shore of Lake Amaya. (map) Guarded by Netch Gouger goblins. Northwest of the Skyshard.
Othrelas Ancestral Tomb Dres North of Vivec City. (map) This is the one Librarian Bradyn sends you to.
Aran Ancestral Tomb Indoril Halfway between Sulipund Grange and Nchuleftingth. (map) South-southwest of Galom Daeus, which you visit during Divine Intervention.
Velas Ancestral Tomb Dres East of Suran. (map) On the other side of the road from Inanius Egg Mine, in the hilly area.
Releth Ancestral Tomb Telvanni Southeast of Suran, on an island. (map) The island is roughly circular in shape, with the tomb in the center.
Raviro Ancestral Tomb Indoril West of Molag Mar, by the road. (map) A Buoyant Armiger offering the quest An Armiger's Duty is next to the tomb.
Redas Ancestral Tomb Redoran Just southeast of Molag Mar's map marker. (map)
Arano Ancestral Tomb Hlaalu South of Tel Branora. (map)
Hlervu Ancestral Tomb Telvanni South of the Holamayan Monastery. (map) Guarded by a few hostile kwama.
Maren Ancestral Tomb Dres Northeast of Nchuleftingth. (map) Just off the north-south road.
Arenim Ancestral Tomb Hlaalu On the peninsula northwest of Holamayan Monastery. (map)
Serano Ancestral Tomb Dres North of Galom Daeus. (map)
Andas Ancestral Tomb Telvanni East of Missir-Dadalit Egg Mine. (map)
Verelnim Ancestral Tomb Indoril East of Dreloth Ancestral Tomb, on an island. (map) Leave the road at the intersection nearest the Nchuleftingth Wayshrine and approach from the southeast.
Ieneth Ancestral Tomb Indoril Northeast of Falensarano Ruins. (map) Several hostile kwama nearby. This location was called Ienith Ancestral Tomb in ES III: Morrowind.
Sadryon Ancestral Tomb Telvanni Northwest of Sadrith Mora, on the same island. (map)
Venim Ancestral Tomb Redoran Southeast of Nchuleft. (map) Two nix-hounds spawn next to the tomb, as well as a chest.
Nerano Ancestral Tomb Hlaalu Halfway between Vos and the Cavern of the Incarnate. (map) Two kagouti spawn on the plateau above the tomb, as well as a chest.
Favel Ancestral Tomb Dagoth Just southeast of Valley of the Wind Wayshrine. (map)


  • This is a prerequisite for the quest The Lost Library. The Vvardenfell Scale Model earned upon completing this quest line (the first time) is a Collectible, similar to trophies. This means that it does not take space in your inventory, can be installed in multiple homes simultaneously, and is available to all of your characters as soon as it is first earned. The Model is unique in that it does not count against any of item limits, though there is a limit of one per house.
  • The description of the platform achievement of the same name states that you have discovered and explored the library. However, the achievement is unlocked upon just completing the replica of the island, before venturing to the library.