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Recover fragments of an ancient Ayleidoon tablet.
Zone: Grahtwood
Quest Giver: Eminaire, northeast of Falinesti Winter Site;
Runestone Fragment on a beach south of Gil-Var-Delle
Location(s): Tarlain Heights
Reward: Abaede Pauldrons
Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Leveled Experience XP
ID: 4977
Ancient Stones, Ancient Words
Eminaire, a scholar studying dialects of the Ayleidoon language, asked me to travel west to the coast to look for fragments of a tablet that she believes may further her research. [if taken from Eminaire]
I found an Ayleid runestone fragment that seems to be part of a larger tablet. [if a fragment is found first]

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Search for fragments around the Ayleid ruins south of Gil-Var-Delle.
  2. Take the fragments to Eminaire at an Ayleid ruin northeast of Falinesti Winter Site and southwest of Burroot Kwama Mine.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

While roaming the westernmost coast of Grahtwood, you may stumble upon a Runestone Fragment on the sands or in the shallow waters:

<A fragment of what appears to be Ayleid origin has washed up on shore, likely debris from the sunken ruins off the coast.>
<Look closer.>
<The fragment is etched with runic symbols you cannot decipher. It appears to be part of a larger tablet.>
If I can find the other pieces, this tablet would be of value to a proper scholar.'

You may also stumble upon an intrigued scholar who has set up camp at an Ayleid ruin west of Elden Root; if you talk to her, she tells you of a fisherman who has found a similar fragment. Should you desire to help her, she directs you to the same coastal area.

Regardless of how your curiosity brought you there, you are compelled to find similar fragments on this beach. These fragments are scattered about the smaller islands and ruins around a larger island; be careful, however, as many crocodiles have made the beach their home, and may attack you unprovoked.

Once you have collected the fragments, go to (or return to) Eminaire, who will be overjoyed upon your arrival.

"Is that? Yes! I can tell by the runes. The slight alterations in the design and structure is unique to the Valenwood Ayleids. I would be greatly interested in reassembling and studying this tablet if you are willing to part with it."
I thought someone might be able to make use of it. It's yours.
"How exciting! We still have much to learn about the Ayleids that settled here. I am most glad you sought me out with this."

She will give you Abaede Pauldrons and a small amount of gold as a reward.

Quest StagesEdit

Ancient Stones, Ancient Words
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should make for the coast to the west and see if there are Ayleid ruins there where the fragments might be found.
Objective: (?)
  If I could find the other pieces, the completed tablet might be worth something to the right person. I should look around for more.
Objective: Find the Upper Fragment
Objective: Find the Corner Fragment
Objective: Find the Bottom Fragment
Objective: Find the Center Fragment
I found several Ayleid fragments that might be what Eminaire is looking for. I should bring them to her back at her camp. (if quest started via Eminaire) <or>
I should find someone who might be interested in reassembling and deciphering this tablet. Scholars and researchers frequent the Ayleid ruins around Grahtwood. I should start with those. (if quest started by fragment)
Objective: Find a Scholar of Ayleid Language
Finishes quest  I should see if Eminaire has any interest in the fragments I recovered.
Objective: Talk to Eminaire
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