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Race Orc Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Warrior

Bashgara is an Orc warrior and bodyguard working in The Stitches who has been hired by Ras'jaba. She can be found on the western side of the Stitches with J'luk and Ras'jaba.


When after first arriving in town, she'll say one of the following:

"The cat there's under my protection. You mess with her, you mess with me."
"Big upswing of bodyguard work since Khasda took over. Works for me. His pissant thugs give me a wide berth. Easy money."

After Thick as Thieves has been completed, her greetings will change, according to who is now in charge:

"Hmph. All this honor among thieves garbage is going to put a cramp on my business, but just because we're all supposed to play nice doesn't mean people won't need me to watch their back. Tasnasi especially."
"If things are starting to go soft around here, maybe it's time I take a vacation. Dragon hunting sounds like a good bit of fun."

However, if Tasnasi didn't stay:

"Time to start taking bids on my services before the gang war breaks out. The highest bidder's going to run this town. Mark my words."
"Khasda should have made me an offer instead of buying that overgrown cow. He put his life in the hands of the dinner course and got skewered as well."

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Quick Strike