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Clear out the vampires in Goldfolly.
Zone: Grahtwood
Objective: Goldfolly — Help the vampire hunters destroy the vampire lord.
Quest Giver: Sabonn
Location(s): Goldfolly, Faltonia's Mine
Reward: Blood Groove
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
File:ON-quest-Blood Hunt.jpg
Defeat the Vampire Lord
A group of vampire hunters has come to this area to cleanse it of its infestation, including a powerful vampire lord. They've asked for my assistance.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Sabonn.
  2. Drop the bloodstone in the well.
  3. Regroup with the hunters.
  4. Find the vampire lair.
  5. Talk to Sabonn.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

At a small campsite, in between the Tarlain Heights Dolmen and Goldfolly, you may see a lone Bloodfiend enemy lurking about. When you kill it, a Nord comes out of nowhere and compliments your kill. Talking to him starts this quest:

Sabonn: Nice kill. You interested in hunting something a little more dangerous?

"Do you smell that? The air here, it's almost sweet.
Be wary. There are vampires about and that smell means they're on the prowl. It's best you didn't wander alone."
I can handle myself.
"I can see that. You didn't flinch when that vampire attacked.
Name's Sabonn. Me and my partners came here to hunt a certain Vampire Lord, but the infestation is worse than we thought. We could use someone like you."
What is the plan?
"The beasts are feral with hunger. We're going to use it against them. Lure them into a trap.
Before we get started, you really ought to meet the team. That is, if you're still interested."
"The camp is just south of the abandoned Orc settlement."
I'll meet you there.
"Excellent, when you arrive I'll introduce you to the rest of my team."

Meeting the TeamEdit

Follow his instructions and head to the camp south of Goldfolly. When you get there, you'll notice that it's empty, save for the Nord:

"You made it, excellent!"
Where is the rest of your team?
"Closer than you might think. You want to meet them?"

Sabonn: "Zungarg! Agalir! Come meet our new friend!" Out from the shadows appear an Orc and a Redguard. Zungarg: "No need to shout, Sabonn!" You can talk to both of them, if you'd like, but it isn't necessary as they don't give much insight. Whether you choose to acquaintance yourselves with the two of them or not, talk to Sabonn:

"All right. Pay close attention. I'll try to be brief, but if we don't all focus on doing our job, we're as good as dead.
The vampires in this area are controlled by a single, powerful vampire lord. He likely sired most of them himself."
What's the plan?
"Take this bloodstone. Don't lose it. It has the power to turn water to blood and whip up a ferocious hunger in the most sated vampire.
When the time is right, we're going to use it to lure the vampire lord out of his hidey-hole."
All right.

After that, he will address the group:

Sabonn : "Listen closely. This is the plan."
Sabonn : "We're going to lay our trap in the abandoned village up the hill. Zungarg, you guard the west gate."
Zungarg : "No one's getting by me."
Sabonn : "Agalir, you're on the ridge by the east gate."
Agalir : "May the Divines guide my bow."
Sabonn : "I'll take the north. Our new friend will use the bloodstone to lay the bait in the well at the center of town."
Zungarg : "I love this part."
Sabonn : "Drop the bloodstone into the well. Blood will spout forth, and it'll draw the vampires out of hiding. We'll be waiting to cut them down."
Sabonn : "The vampire lord won't sit by while we thin his flock. If you see him, whistle."
Sabonn : "If everyone's ready, let's get into position."
Zungarg : "Whoever kills the fewest bloodsuckers buys the drinks!"
Agalir : "Don't joke, lest the Divines punish your frivolity."

Follow Sabonn's instructions and head into Goldfolly.

Executing the PlanEdit

Once you head into the town, you'll notice that it's completely desolate. In the center of the settlement is a sizable well— the one you will place the bait into. Interact with the well to activate it, and it will start gushing blood. Waves of Bloodfiends will start to rush at you from different directions. Sabonn will make a few statements with each wave:

Sabonn : "Look out! They're coming from the stables!"
Sabonn : "I think I hear something in the old smithy. Stay sharp!"
Sabonn : "I could kill these things all day."
Sabonn : "They are swarming out of the longhouse! Stand firm!"
Sabonn : "That's the last of them. Good work."

Despite your slaughter, the vampire lord hasn't shown himself. Sabonn will run a bit eastwards. Follow, then talk to him:

"Damn it. What went wrong? The vampire lord should have appeared by now.
Where are Zungarg and Agalir?"
I haven't seen them.
"Everyone was in their places. The plan was working perfectly. This doesn't bode well.
I'll go west and see if I can find Zungarg. You go to the east gate and look for Agalir. But keep your guard up. There's no end to vampire tricks."

Head further east until you see a blackened body on the side of the road— Agalir's body. Interacting with it will confirm this; after you do so, Sabonn will run towards you, devastated: Sabonn: "Oh no, not Agalir."

"No. Not Agalir. I'm such a fool. Clearly the vampire lord saw through our trap. Agalir's death is on my head."
Did you find Zungarg?
"No. No body either. That's no comfort. When dealing with vampires, the lack of a body usually only means one thing. I pray I'm wrong."
What do we do now?
"We need to keep looking for Zungarg, and if he's—oh, praise Stendarr! There he is! I never thought I'd be so happy to see that stupid Orc in all my days."

Facing the Vampire LordEdit

Zungarg approaches the two of you briefly, but his mannerisms are stilted; regardless, Sabonn sees nothing off about it:

Zungarg : "I followed the vampire lord right to his lair. It's in the cave, north of town."
Sabonn : "Quick, follow him. Slay the vampire lord. For Agalir!"

Zungarg will then run away, but Sabonn will stay at your side. The vampire lord's lair is in Faltonia's Mine, northwest of Goldfolly and directly south of Redfur Trading Post. You can either walk all the way there or take the nearby Wayshrine to Redfur's own Wayshrine; in either case, Sabonn will eventually catch up to you. Head into the mine, only to find Zungarg's fate:

Sabonn : "Zungarg! It's as I feared. He's turned. You'll pay for this, vampire scum!"

Vampire Lord Lenendore stands at the back of the chamber, his Bloodfiend thralls scattered about and a turned Zungarg beside him. You must kill both the Vampire Lord and Zungarg; afterwards, Sabonn will rush out of the mine. Follow him, and talk to him to complete the quest:

"So that's it, then. The vampire lord is dead. As are Zungarg and Agalir.
I've lost partners before, but you never get used to it. I feel responsible."
What are you going to do now?
"I'll bury my friends. Then, I suppose I'll seek out more companions in the next vampire lair.
I can't rest until this scourge is wiped from Tamriel. Zungarg and Agalir felt the same. Thank you for your help, friend."


  • While accessible beforehand, Lenendore won't exist in the mine before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.


  • Sabonn appears twice over himself when you are needing to speak to him after defeating the feral vampires in Goldfolly. One of the versions will remain idle while the actual Sabonn runs off to check on Zungarg. ?
    • This ceases after finding Agalir.
  • If you leave and return to Goldfolly while having Sabonn as a follower, his dialogue will break completely upon regaining him as a follower. This includes his initial greeting upon regaining him as a follower, his boxed dialogue and quest-related dialogue at the mine. ?
    • This ceases after defeating Lenendore and speaking with Sabonn outside the mine.

Quest StagesEdit

Blood Hunt
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
After witnessing me destroy a feral vampire, Sabonn the Nord leader of the group has asked me to meet him at his camp.
Objective: Go to the Vampire Hunter Camp
I've found Sabonn at his camp but I don't see the rest of his team. I should speak with him further.
Objective: Talk to Sabonn
Sabon has suggested I introduce myself to the rest of his team. I may simply ask him to go over the plan instead.
Objective: Talk to Sabonn
Hidden Objective: Talk to Zungarg
Hidden Objective: Talk to Agalir
Sabonn is going over the details of their plan to draw out the vampire lord. I should stay nearby and listen closely.
Objective: Listen to the Plan
I've been asked to get into position to prepare for the execution of the plan. I am to head to the middle of the abandoned settlement.
Objective: Get Into Position
Now that everyone is in position to execute the plan, I must activate the blood fountain to draw in the vampires. Hopefully this will cause the vampire lord to reveal himself.
Objective: Activate the Fountain
The blood fountain has been activated as per the plan, and they are attacking from all sides. I need to hold my ground.
Objective: Defeat all Feral Vampires
We've successfully executed the plan, but the vampire lord failed to show himself. I should regroup with the others and speak with Sabonn to determine our next step.
Objective: Talk to Sabonn
After we fended off the feral vampire attacks in the middle of town, we realized the others had not rejoined us. Sabonn is checking the west gate for Zungarg while I check the east for Agalir. I should hurry.
Objective: Check on Agalir at the East Gate
I've spotted Agalir's body outside the east gate of town. I should take a closer look and determine cause of death.
Objective: Examine Agalir's Body
The plan seems to have had unintended consequences. The Redguard's body is a burnt husk, and Sabonn has returned without Zungarg. I should talk to him to see what he found.
Objective: Talk to Sabonn
As I spoke(?)
Objective: Listen to Zungarg
After discovering Agalir's body, Zungarg appeared to direct us to the vampire lord's lair before running off again. Sabonn and I should make our way there as soon as possible to help him.
Objective: Find the Vampire Lord's Lair
Sabonn and I have discovered the vampire lord's lair, but Zungarg has been turned and enthralled. We must destroy them both.
Objective: Kill the Vampire Lord
Finishes quest  We've defeated the vampire lord but at a heavy cost. Sabonn has lost both of his companions. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Sabonn
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