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Champion of Atrocity
Location Spiral Shadows, Maelstrom Arena
Species Spider Daedra
Health Normal487565Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Champion of Atrocity atop the sidelines
The Champion in the arena, disabled by the obelisks

The Champion of Atrocity is a Spider Daedra found in the Spiral Shadows round of the Maelstrom Arena. Throughout each wave, she will be atop the sidelines sending out various Daedra, Webspinners to cover obelisks, and waves of Spiderlings that are vulnerable to exposed obelisks. In the final wave, she serves as the boss for the arena and summons small Spider Daedra to help her, using lightning-based attacks. She can be periodically disabled by unveiling all five obelisks, as you can kill Venomous Hoarvors to remove webs from them.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Call Lightning

Related QuestsEdit


"Worm! You're making me angry!"
"Bah! Our supply of webs is endless!"
"Enough! I will silence you and these devices!"
"Think that light can protect you? Not for long!"
"The light will not save you!"
"You dare attack my children!"


  • Along with the Lamia Queen, she is the only arena boss that is seen before entering the ring.
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