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Name Price In-game description Notes Date Added / Removed

ON-crown store-Ayleid Furnishing Bundle.jpg Ayleid Furnishing Bundle 040004000 Crowns Ayleid ruins dot the landscape of Tamriel, allowing adventurers and other intrepid folk hints at how these Elves once lived. Not least among the treasures within these structures are the furnishings, which are conveniently packaged in this bundle.

ON-crown store-Furnishing Pack Mad Alchemist.jpg Furnishing Pack: Mad Alchemist 04000Unavailable 4000 Crowns At last, you can demonstrate your true genius! Enhance your laboratory with these tanks and specimens then experiment to your heart's content! And, because the simple-minded may fear your work, keep your combat arts well-honed on a sturdy Bloodknight.

ON-crown store-Daedric Set of Azura Furnishing Pack.jpg Furnishing Pack: Daedric Set of Azura 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns Furnishings associated with the Daedric Prince Azura.

ON-crown store-Coldharbour Arcanaeum Furnishing Pack.jpg Furnishing Pack: Coldharbour Arcanaeum 05000Unavailable 5,000 Crowns A selection of furnishings for the true connoisseur of Molag Bal's darkest secrets. Includes a tear in the fabric of reality itself, perfect for impressing guests (voluntary or otherwise.)

ON-crown store-Furnishing Pack- Deepmire Expedition.jpg Furnishing Pack: Deepmire Expedition 2000)Unavailable 2,500
(ESO Plus 2,000) Crowns
The strange heart of Murkmire holds forgotten ruins, curious plants, bizarre creatures, and no end of peril. A safe return from such an expedition is sure to benefit the research of any scholar—or the gallery of any courageous adventurer.

ON-crown store-Dibella's Garden Furnishing Pack.jpg Furnishing Pack: Dibella's Garden 04500Unavailable 4,500 Crowns The Lady of Love, Art, and Affection teaches us to treasure the gifts of friendship and to open our hearts to the mysteries of love. In her divine words, "No matter the seed, if the shoot is nurtured with love, will not the flower be beautiful?"

ON-crown store-Heart's Day Retreat Furnishing Pack.jpg Furnishing Pack: Heart's Day Retreat 03500Unavailable 3,500 Crowns Set the scene properly for Heart's Day with this romantic furniture bundle, which includes flowers, sweetrolls, and more! Each item helps those so inclined fulfill on the day's delightful promise with their partners in the adventure called life.

ON-crown store-Hubalajad's Final Treasure Furnishing Pack.jpg Furnishing Pack: Hubalajad's Final Treasure 05000Unavailable 5,000 Crowns No Prince of the Ra Gada would be caught dead without the appropriate (and extravagant) funerary offerings for his tomb. Not to mention the requisite Mournful Aegis to give a sharp welcome any unexpected guests!

ON-crown store-Khajiiti Life Furniture Pack.jpg Furnishing Pack: Khajiiti Life 035003,500 Crowns Moon-sugar farming implements and wares, an alchemy station, a merchant tent, and more await you in this bundle. Each item represents a slice of Khajiiti life, enabling you to live like the Moons-blessed moon-sugar lover you are!

ON-crown store-Malacath's Chosen Furnishing Pack.jpg Furnishing Pack: Malacath's Chosen 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns Honor Malacath and his Orc-children with these furnishings from the ancient mountain strongholds of Wrothgar.

ON-crown store-Moons-Blessed Oasis Furniture Pack.jpg Furnishing Pack: Moons-Blessed Oasis 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns Bring the stark beauty of an Anequine oasis to your courtyard with this bundle of Elsweyr plants and statuary, complete with a luminous fountain blessed by Jone and Jode.

ON-crown store-Furnishing Bundle- New Life Festival.jpg Furnishing Pack: New Life Festival 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns Welcome your friends with these essential New Life decorations, complete with ice sculptures, Bounteous Ladles for the younger guests, a hearth for roasting festive feasts, and even a trio of snowmortals!

ON-crown store-Furnishing Pack Sinister Hollowjack Items.jpg Furnishing Pack: Sinister Hollowjack Items 03500Unavailable 3,500 Crowns Lanterns lure and pumpkins trip
Webs ensnare and grave hands grip
Crows will mock as wraith-scythes hack
All in thrall to Hollowjack!

ON-crown store-Molag Bal Furnishing Pack.jpg Furnishing Pack: Molag Bal Bundle 03500Unavailable 3,500 Crowns Decorate your ominous surroundings appropriately with these furnishings related to the Daedric Prince Molag Bal and Coldharbour.

ON-crown store-Morrowind Lord Vivec Set.jpg Furnishing Pack: Lord Vivec Set 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns Furnishings inspired by Lord Vivec, the Tribunal Temple, and Morrowind.

ON-crown store-The Intrepid Gourmet Bundle.jpg The Intrepid Gourmet Bundle 00700Unavailable 700 Crowns Polish your ladle and set out on a grand culinary adventure with this Provisioning-themed bundle! Whether baking at home or hunting for recipes abroad, this assortment of cooking paraphernalia ensures your heroic exploits never come out undercooked!

ON-crown store-Mephala's Larder Furnishing Pack.jpg Furnishing Pack: Trappings of Mephala Worship 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns With these furnishings, some from Mephala cultists and some that replicate the bizarre environment of the Spiral Skein, you can adopt the ambience of the realm of the Webspinner.

ON-crown store-Furnishing Pack Witches Coven.jpg Furnishing Pack: Witches' Coven 03500Unavailable 3,500 Crowns Bring the moody atmosphere of Hag Fen to your home with these tools and trappings of the witch's trade. Whether brewing potent poisons or cooking cauldrons of questionable stew, craft in true coven style with the included alchemy and provisioning stations!

ON-crown store-Vampiric Libations Furnishing Bundle.jpg Furnishing Bundle: Vampiric Libations 040004,000 Crowns Slake your undying thirst within your own estate. With a willing thrall at hand, you need never go without a tasty meal. And, for those times when you wish to tame your unceasing hunger, sip from an ancient basin that promises succor ... of a sort.

ON-crown store-Forge-Lord's Great Works Furnishing Pack.jpg Furnishing Pack: Forge-Lord's Great Works 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns "In the Deep Halls, Far from Men

Forsaken Red Mountain, Twisted Kin
Hail the Mind, Hail the Stone
Dwarven Pride, Stronger than Bone"
—Dwemer Inquiries I-III, Thelwe Ghelein''

ON-crown store-Moon Bishop's Sanctuary Furniture Pack.jpg Furnishing Pack: Moon Bishop's Sanctuary 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns Display your reverence for the Moons with this assortment of clerical Elsweyr furnishings. Luxurious tapestries, tasteful furniture, and even a large Suthay Moon Bishop statue and target dro-m'Athra will make your home the envy of Khajiiti adepts everywhere.

ON-crown store-Furnishing Pack- The Clockword God's Domain.jpg Furnishing Pack: The Clockwork God's Domain 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns A wide selection of furnishings from Sotha Sil’s mechanical simulacrum of Tamriel, the Clockwork City, including an Inactive Fabrication Sphere, a Grand Mnemograph, and a Powered Capsule Clockwork Illuminator!

ON-crown store-Furnishing Pack Tyrants of the Merethic Era.jpg Furnishing Pack: Tyrants of the Merethic 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns These relics date back to the height of the Dragon Cult's power, long before the bloody revolution of the Dragon War. Though this particular Dragon's name is long forgotten, its story is still told by the ancient friezes found in its barrow.

ON-crown store-Stone and Shadow Furnishing Pack.jpg Furnishing Pack: Stone and Shadow 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns By my hand blood enters the Marsh. By my deed the Marsh is fed and grows fertile. By my silent watch the Hist may thrive. Honor my doings, O Sithis, for my brethren show me but fear. Guard me not, O Sithis, for only my own strength honors you.