Elder Scrolls Online: Events

The following are the known events of 2015 in Elder Scrolls Online.

Events in 2015Edit

Welcome Back WeekendEdit

April 16April 20, 2015

The Welcome Back Weekend allowed players who participated in the beta to log in and play without purchasing a copy of the game. Players could also enter a giveaway by logging in during the event, and an orienteering challenge was hosted on the official forums with a chance to win a Bristlegut Piglet pet. The Senche-Leopard Mount was first made available throughout this event, and was the first limited time Crown Store release.

Free Play WeekendEdit

December 7December 14, 2015

The Free Play Weekend allowed players to log in and play the PC/Mac and Xbox One versions of ESO without purchasing a copy of the game. Free play was not made available on PS4. Various discounts were also offered during the event.

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