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Join a group of thieves and steal a legendary treasure.
Zone: Grahtwood
Objective: Redfur Trading Post — Discover the secrets of Jode's Chariot and the Hollow Moon.
Quest Giver: Cinder-Tail
Location(s): Redfur Trading Post, Tomb of Anahbi
Reward: Hollow Moon Cowl
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
The treasure of Anahbi
On approaching Redfur Trading Post, I came upon Cinder-Tail, a Khajiit in trouble with the local authorities.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Tulira about Cinder-Tail.
  2. Talk to Cinder-Tail.
  3. Talk to Fadi in town.
  4. Talk to Valirr.
  5. Talk to Tulira at the entrance to the Tomb of Anahbi.
  6. Obtain the treasure of Anahbi.
  7. Take the treasure to Shan-ra.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

At the entrance to Redfur Trading Post, you come across Cinder-Tail and his senche-tiger, Gobani, being interrogated by a guard. Cinder-Tail says you chased after a thief and asks you to clear up a "misunderstanding." You can lie to her about the "thief" or say you didn't see anything. There are no consequences for answering either way. As you continue to talk to her about thieves in the city, she reveals that Shan-ra, the leader of the city's merchant group, may have to punish thieves more harshly. Jode's Chariot, the guard organization Tulira works for, protects the merchants and keeps order in the trading post.

After you finish talking to her, she leaves, and you will talk to Cinder-Tail again. As it turns out, he did steal the moon-sugar. He tells you about the Hollow Moon, a group of thieves who steal things for those who can't afford them. He gives you a Hollow Moon Token to redeem at the ruined temple so you can see for yourself.

Talk to Fadi inside the trading post. and give her the token. You offer to help, and she tells you to speak to Valirr if you want to prove yourself.

Valirr is upstairs. He tells you about his organization. The Hollow Moon and Jode's Chariot have an understanding with each other, and all the locals, even the merchants, appreciate the Hollow Moon's work. The Hollow Moon consists of thieves, but the work they do is beneficial. They keep any one merchant from becoming too rich, redistribute wealth, feed the poor and nurse the sick back to health. However, with the Redfur Trading Post's reputation for the guard being easy on thieves, many thieves who don't share the Hollow Moon's values have come into the trading post and left with their haul, which has harmed the economy. Shan-ra has threatened to call the in the Thalmor as a result. Valirr needs to change Shan-ra's mind, as the Thalmor would not tolerate the Hollow Moon like Jode's Chariot does. Valirr wants someone to plunder Tomb of Anahbi and give its treasure to Shan-ra as a gift to win him over. However, the only entrance is in Jode's Chariot's home territory. He says you should speak to Tulira by the entrance to the Tomb of Anahbi, as she is probably just as unhappy about the situation as the Hollow Moon are. You can persuade him to tell you why Tulira will dislike the Thalmor if you have the necessary perk. According to Valirr, the Thalmor's presence will put Jode's Chariot out of work, as the Thalmor will bring guards of their own to deal with the problem.

Tulira is northwest of your location. She gives you the key to the Tomb of Anahbi. The trap door leading in to the tomb is behind her. You will need to dodge spike traps and fire traps, which are on the floor in the first few corridors. The spikes can be jumped over, and the fire can be dodged. There are two stone senche-tigers guarding the entrance to the tomb's reliquary. Their names are Esh'tabe and Raakhet, and they will only awaken if you walk between them. You can easily avoid fighting the senche guardians if you walk around them.

Enter the reliquary and examine A Dance in Moonlight. You need to help the statue of Anahbi cross the room by pressing the tiles on the floor. The quest markers show available moves. You can only move the Thief Statue one square at a time.

Tile SolutionEdit

Press the third tile from the left in the first row. Next, press the third tile from the left in the second row. Press the third tile from left in the third row. The thief should kneel and take the chest as the guards move forward. The guards will follow the Thief after she moves now that they've been activated.

Activate the third tile from left in the top row. Activate the second, then first tiles from left in the same row, then activate the first tile in the third row. The thief should open the last chest. This unlocks the reliquary.

Take the last treasure of Anahbi from the chest in front of the altar. There is a ladder to the south you can use to bypass the traps and leave the ruins quickly. You will end up at the Hollow Moon's little section of ruins. Valirr isn't there, but Feathers is. She tells you that Valirr and Tulira have gone to see Shan-ra at the Redfur Trading Stalls.

Find Shan-ra at the market in the center of town. After Tulira and Valirr approach him, you will be able to present him with the treasure. It is a beautiful gemstone known as Jode's Tear. He will allow you to name your price for the jewel. You can ask him not to call the Thalmor, or you can ask him for gold and glory.

If you choose to ask him not to call the Thalmor, he will agree and decide to use the profit from the gem to bolster the security of the merchants. If you choose gold and glory, he will give you some gold and promises to tell his associates of your daring plunder, stating that greedy Khajiit from all over Elsweyr will stumble over themselves to contract your services. Either way, the Hollow Moon gets to continue their work and Jode's Chariot gets additional funding. Speak with Valirr to be rewarded for helping the Hollow Moon.


  • Prior to patch 1.6, there was an additional task before being sent to the Tomb of Anahbi. You would have to obtain valuable items from merchants (either by buying or by stealing), and then redistribute them to people in need. The Hollow Moon Garb was handed out as a means of avoiding the fine for stealing. The exotic goods you could procure consisted of an Enormous Egg, Exotic Fruit, Dried Herbs, a Honey Comb, and Heavy Cloth. If you were seen by the merchant or one of Jode's Chariots, you could interact after they knocked you down and Use the Quick Release on the disguise's collar and cause it to explode, making it easier for you to escape. If you were caught by a Chariot, you were sent over to the stocks and forced to restart.
  • Feathers won't exist in the trading post before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.


  • It's possible to exit the Reliquary without completing the puzzle or looting the chest, though the trap door becomes inaccessible if you wish to use it to reenter and must go through the gauntlet again to reach the puzzle. Oddly, the trap door ceases to be one-way only after completing the Reliquary. ?

Quest StagesEdit

Flipping the Coin
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I agreed to speak to the guard pursuing Cinder-Tail.
Objective: Talk to Tulira
Cinder-Tail is free to go. Speaking with him may reveal information about Redfur.
Objective: Talk to Cinder-Tail
Cinder-Tail gave me a token and told me to bring it to an organization known as the Hollow Moon. I should go to the ruined temple and see what it's for.
Objective: Redeem Hollow Moon Token
The Hollow Moon informed me that their token is only to be used by the desperate and needy. Their representative indicated that Valirr, their leader in Redfur, might have some work for me.
Objective: Talk to Valirr
Valirr may need my help with an issue at Redfur Trading Post.
Objective: Talk to Valirr
Valirr asked me to recover a lost relic from the Tomb of Anahbi beneath the headquarters of Jode's Chariot in Redfur. Tulira, their leader, holds the key to this trap-infested ruin.
Objective: Talk to Tulira
Key in hand, I should enter the depths of Anahbi's Tomb.
Objective: Enter the Tomb of Anahbi
My first barrier is a series of deadly traps designed to keep thieves and graverobbers out of Anahbi's Tomb.
Objective: Survive the Gauntlet
With the Gauntlet defeated, I must unlock the reliquary that holds Anahbi's treasure. Perhaps the statues are the key.
Objective: Unlock the Reliquary
Hidden Objective: YES!
Hidden Objective: NO!
Hidden Objective: Treasure 2
Hidden Objective: FAIL
Hidden Objective: Treasure 10
With the reliquary unlocked, I should recover Anahbi's treasure.
Objective: Plunder the Reliquary
Anahbi's treasure is a large gem set in an elaborate necklace. I should return to the surface and inform Valirr of my success.
Objective: Return to the Surface
Valirr has already gone to meet with Shan-ra, leader of the Redfur trading costers. I should deliver the treasure safely into his keeping.
Objective: Meet Shan-ra
When I gave him the treasure, Shan-ra offered me my choice of reward. When I asked for gold and glory, he said I would receive it. I should speak with him and collect my reward.
Objective: Talk to Shan-ra
(Appears if you picked "gold and glory")
When Shan-ra offered me my choice of reward, I asked him to call off the Thalmor inspection. I should speak with Valirr to find out what happens next.
Objective: Talk to Valirr
(Appears if you picked "Call off the Thalmor")
Valirr seems quite pleased with the outcome, though Jode's Chariot will also receive a token of Shan-ra's appreciation. I should speak with him to see if he has anything else for me in Redfur.
Objective: Talk to Valirr
(The following stages are deprecated)
Objective: Don Hollow Moon Garb
Hidden Objective: Steal Exotic Goods
Objective: Procure Exotic Goods: 0/5
Hidden Objective: Hollow Moon Garb destroyed
Objective: Acquire Hollow Moon Garb
Objective: Talk to Fadi
Objective: Distribute Exotic Goods: 0/5
Optional Step: Talk to Fadi
Hidden Objective: Talk to Aburapli
Hidden Objective: Talk to Caldil
Hidden Objective: Talk to Kubiba-ma
Hidden Objective: Talk to Erilthil
Hidden Objective: Talk to Uggald
Hidden Objective: Talk to Oosh
Hidden Objective: Talk to Niraniel
Hidden Objective: Talk to Hegaern
Objective: Return to Valirr
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