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Rescue a stranded researcher from deep within an ancient ruin.
Zone: Grahtwood
Objective: Root Sunder Ruins — Discover the fate of Root Sunder.
Quest Giver: Sirdor
Location(s): Root Sunder Ruins
Concurrent Quest: If the Dead Could Talk
Reward: Token of Root Sunder
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
A researcher named Sirdor is trapped in the ruins of Root Sunder.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Sirdor.
  2. Find him in the lower hall.
  3. Read his journal.
  4. Use the Attunement Stone on the Welkynd stones.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Upon entering Root Sunder Ruins, speak to the projection of an Altmer a few paces in. Sirdor explains he's trapped in a lower chamber. The door is blocked, so he's using Welkynd stones to project himself throughout the ruins in search of help.

Head through the ruins until you find a chamber with large Welkynd stones. On the west side of the room is the door Sirdor mentioned. Descend into the lower chamber. Follow the passage west to another chamber with a massive, hollowed-out tree stump in the middle. You'll find Sirdor in the stump — or what's left of him. He's already dead. As soon as you near him, a mysterious voice will start speaking to you, saying that he's been dead for some time and they used his image to lure you here.

Sirdor's Journal is on the ground next to him. Read it to gain some background information on the ruins, as well as a way to reverse what the Ayleids did to drive the jungle mad. Pick up the Attunement Stone nearby and the Guardian of Root Sunder will attack you. Defeat it, then head back up to the main level. The voice will continue to speak as you travel, getting increasingly antagonistic. It is the jungle itself, whispering threats.

Once in the room with the Welkynd stones, activate the three stones around the edge of the circular platform. This will attune them. Then, activate the central stone and, in a brilliant flash, Root Sunder will be freed. Speak to its manifestation, the sparkling green light above the central stone.

It will apologize for threatening you and give you the Token of Root Sunder, a memento. Now all the creatures within the ruins (not including bosses) will be neutral, only attacking in self-defense.


  • Defeating the Guardian of Root Sunder is not required to progress the quest, as it is not marked with an objective marker. It simply serves as an obstacle on your path.


  • The creatures will become Hostile again after logging off and back on again. ?

Quest StagesEdit

Forgotten Soul
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should look for a chamber with a central Welkynd Stone to find the door that will lead to Sirdor.
Objective: Find Door to Sirdor
Sirdor is trapped in the lower level. I should find him and free him.
Objective: Rescue Sirdor
Sirdor is dead. I should check his journal for clues as to what happened to him, and what he was doing here.
Objective: Read Sirdor's Journal
The Attunement Stone rests by Sirdor's body. According to Sirdor's journal, I will need it if I'm to release Root Sunder, a jungle spirit, from the walls of this ruin.
Objective: Pick up Attunement Stone
Sirdor is dead. The Sirdor I met was actually the jungle spirit trapped within the walls of this ruin. I should retreat to the Welkynd Stones to escape its trap. According to Sirdor's journal, I can use the Stones to free the frenzied spirit.
Objective: Escape to the Welkynd Stones
Hidden Objective: Kill Guardian of Root Sunder
According to Sirdor's journal, three surrounding Welkynd Stones must be attuned before the central Stone.
Objective: Attune Surrounding Welkynd Stones: 0/3
Hidden Objective: Attune First Stone
Hidden Objective: Attune Second Stone
Hidden Objective: Attune Third Stone
I should use the Attunement Stone on the Central Welkynd Stone to free the spirit of Root Sunder
Objective: Use Attunement Stone on Central Welkynd Stone
Finishes quest  The Welkynd Attunement Stone has separated the spirit of the jungle from the ruins. I should speak to the spirit.
Objective: Talk to Root Sunder
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