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Elven Ruin:
Root Sunder Ruins
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Public Dungeon
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Dungeon Yes
# of Zones 1
Skyshards 1
Long CoastGrahtwood
Between Elden Root and Haven
Crafting Stations
  • ON-icon-Cooking Station.png Cooking Fire
Loading Screen
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The name of these Ayleid ruins implies they were abandoned because of encroaching tree roots. But the Wood Elves whisper that the sundering roots were not those of normal Grahtwood trees.
The Root Sunder Ruins

The Root Sunder Ruins are a set of Ayleid ruins between Elden Root and Haven in Grahtwood.

Sitting now long-abandoned, the ruins have now become inhabited by all manners of local wildlife who have come to reclaim it for the forest.

The skyshard is located in the chamber second-left from the entry point (southwest), near one of the quest markers for "If the Dead Could Talk".

Root Sunder Ruins Interior
Lower level

Bosses have a chance to drop the Coral Clasp antiquity lead for the Pearls of Ehlnofey.

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Normal EnemiesEdit


Group EventEdit


There's a cooking fire in the camp outside the ruins, northwest of the entrance. Tandare stands beside a campfire next to the ruin's entrance. Sirdor, Tancaano the Elder, and Uryaamo's journals can be found next to her fire after the objective quest is complete.



  • Once "Forgotten Soul" is completed, all of the creatures in the dungeon (with the exception of the bosses) will be passive. This effect will end upon exiting the dungeon or logging off and back on while still in the dungeon.


There are three Achievements associated with this location:

Achievement Points Description
   Root Sunder Group Event 50 Destroy the Bonemonger and its captors in Root Sunder Ruins.
   Root Sunder Vanquisher 10 Defeat three of the champions in Root Sunder.
   Root Sunder Conqueror 50 Defeat all of the champions in Root Sunder.


A map of the Root Sunder Ruins