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Gratidia Arius
Location Senalana
Race Imperial Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Legion of the West Weald
Gratidia Arius

Gratidia Arius is a wounded Imperial member of the Legion of the West Weald found inside the ruins of Senalana.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Inside the entry of Senalana, you'll find an injured Imperial soldier:

"You've made it … down here … just to die. Aldmeri dog."
What do you mean?
"Ha ha ha. The traps, dog. You'll never get past the traps. The Ancients were too good at their craft. You'll never … you'll never get to the circlet."
Why have you people come here?
"We came for the circlet. General Lavinia has great plans. We've … we've started with Arenthia. With the circlet, we'll take the Dominion apart piece … by … piece."
Tell me, now. Have you seen a Khajiit down here?
"The Queen's agent, you mean. The Eye of the Queen. Yes, he's down here. We have him cornered. Trapped. He'll never leave these ruins alive. I'm going to go to Aetherius knowing my death is worth it … if the Queen's paw is lopped off."
Circlet? Is that the relic they hid down here? / You mentioned a circlet? Is that the relic they hid down here?
"Why not tell you? There's nothing … nothing you can do to stop us. The Ayleids hid many things down here. But we came for the circlet. The Grand Circlet of Elven Authority."
What does it do?
"The circlet's wearer … has complete domination over Elves. Every mer, every descendant of Aldmer blood must bend a knee to its wearer. We'll deliver it to Lavinia. She'll rule the world!"
Why would the Ayleids create such a thing?
"I don't know. And I don't care. With that circlet on the General's head, your precious Ayrenn will be just another groveling Elven wretch. Ha ha ha!"
I guess I'll be leaving you here, then.
<Arius falls unconscious>
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