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King Camoran Aeradan
(lore page)
Home City Elden Root
Location Elden Root Throne Room
Race Wood Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion
King Camoran Aeradan

King Camoran Aeradan is the current de jure ruler of Valenwood and one of the leaders of the Aldmeri Dominion. He can be found in his throne room within the great graht-oak of Elden Root.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Depending on the quest that leads you to him, his dialogue options have small variations. In any case, he begins as you approach him:

"You're a bold one, to approach so fearlessly.
Give me a good reason to speak with you. I'll make it seem like you're here at my request. Otherwise, my subjects will think you cut the line and start sizing you up for dinner."

The Great TreeEdit

If Queen Ayrenn sent you, you can tell him as much.

Queen Ayrenn sent me to help deal with the unrest.
"How thoughtful! I can hardly turn down such a generous gift.
Especially with the trouble brewing in Elden Root."

Trouble at the TreeEdit

If you got a password from Meninel, this is the time to use it:

I'm supposed to tell you, "the vines are strongest at dusk."
"Were you indeed?
Meninel sent you from Haven, did she? A bit dramatic of her, but she does have an eye for talented people. Perhaps you could put your talents to use."

The Honor of the QueenEdit

You can start this quest after the ones above, or independently. He can be heard muttering to himself:

"The line never ends..."

This refers to the petitioners lined up before him. To the King's request to give him a reason to talk to you, you may say:

I'd like to be of service, your majesty.
"How are you at building embassies?
You see, Queen Ayrenn promised one would be built for the Khajiit, as a gesture of goodwill. But now a year has passed, and there's still no Khajiit Embassy. This has led to no end of headaches."
What has caused the delay?

If you completed Trouble at the Tree:

"Meninel doesn't give her recommendation lightly. If she thinks you can assist me, I take her at her word."
I'd like to be of service, your majesty. (Leads to start of the quest)

If you completed The Great Tree:

"Queen Ayrenn doesn't give her recommendation lightly. If she thinks you can assist us, I take her at her word."
I'd like to be of service, your majesty. (Leads to start of the quest)

Alternatively, you can start the quest by speaking to Maenlin or Elusara-la, who'll give you a letter to give to the king:

"Oh good, you have a letter for me. Never tire of the things.
You're certainly missing the meek spinelessness of a Dominion courier. You know the letter's contents, don't you? Why not tell me, and spare my eyes the strain?"
The Khajiit seem unhappy about their lack of an embassy.
"'Unhappy?' That's one way to put it. More livid, I'd say.
The problem is Queen Ayrenn's promise of help. From what I've seen, she's not the type to shirk commitments. Yet almost a year later, and no Khajiit embassy."
What has caused the delay?

Either way...

"Good question. You wish to serve the Camoran throne? You can start by asking Prince Naemon why his people aren't fulfilling their promises. He's the one who seems to have the entire Elden Tree lodged up his flue.
I can say that. I'm the king."
I'll ask Prince Naemon. (If you started the quest with a letter giver, this line will not be an option. The quest will immediately direct you to the Prince.)

This starts the quest. Talking to him further, he'll say:

"I take Queen Ayrenn at her word, and I'm sure there's a good reason for the delay. But it looks bad when she can't construct a simple building for the people she's sworn to lead.
I do hope Prince Naemon can clear things up."

After dealing with Ambassador Tarinwe, you can tell him about your success.

"You've returned. What have you learned of the Khajiit Embassy?"
Ambassador Tarinwe conspired against the Dominion.
"Oh, good. Nothing I enjoy more than talk of conspiracy. Did the ambassador have a manifesto? They usually have manifestos.
No matter. I trust you resolved it?"
I captured Ambassador Tarinwe.
"Splendid. I'll allow you the honor of informing Prince Naemon.
Why not tell him the duly selected High Elf ambassador was working against the very Dominion she pledged to support? I'll sit in my throne and try not to gloat."

Speak to him before finishing the quest, he'll say:

"Queen Ayrenn doesn't give her recommendation lightly. If she thinks you can assist us, I take her at her word."

If you talk to him again after starting the next quest, he says:

"I'm glad this Ambassador Tarinwe business is settled.
Between the two of us, I'm tired of all this talk of embassies."

The Orrery of Elden RootEdit

Talking to him still in the throne room after the quest starts, he says:

"The Orrery is of such importance to Elden Root. I've heard the stories since I was a child, and always wondered what would happen should it be restored.
I suppose I'll learn very soon."

The King, of course, will attend Ayrenn's ratification ceremony. Inside the Ayleid ruins, he can be heard talking to Azareth:

Azareth: I'll make sure everyone clears out, as you requested, but you don't need to be here, Your Highness.
King Camoran: I used to sneak in here as a child and climb through the orrery's rungs. Do you think I'd pass up on the chance to see what it actually does? Have no fear, I want you at the outer door.
Azareth: Thank you, Your Majesty. I won't let you down.
King Camoran: You never do!

Should you talk to him here, he says:

"How exciting! The Orrery has done nothing but spin for generations. To think, I'll be the king who sees it work again."

After speaking to Daraneth, she'll start preparing the machine:

Prince Naemon : "So this pile of moss and rubble determines the next emperor."
King Camoran Aeradan : "The Orrery is ancient. Show some respect."
Queen Ayrenn : "It's magnificent."
Daraneth : "Nearly there, your majesties, Your Highness!"

Activate the Orrery and he says:

"This is wonderful. After all these years... it's going to work, I know it."

After Naemon uses to Orrery and has to be killed after turning into an ogrim, he directs you to the queen if you try to talk to him:

"No, I'm all right.
You saved Queen Ayrenn's life by killing her brother. You should probably speak with her on the matter."

After Ayrenn uses the Orrery, he says:

"Queen Ayrenn shall lead us to glory. Of that, there can be no doubt."

If you speak to him again before leaving he'll say:

"What happened to Prince Naemon was a tragedy.
I hope that sounds believeable. I'll be saying it for the rest of my days."

The Staff of MagnusEdit

After you receive the quest from the queen and she declares her brother's death an accident, the King only says if you ask him:

"What happened to Prince Naemon was a tragedy. I hope that sounds believable. I'll be saying it for the rest of my days."

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