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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Head to the Aldmeri Dominion's capital at the request of the queen.
Zone: Grahtwood
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Quest Giver: Queen Ayrenn in Firsthold
Location(s): Skywatch, Vulkhel Guard, Elden Root
Prerequisite Quest: Sever All Ties
Next Quest: The Honor of the Queen
Concurrent Quest: Unsafe Haven
Reward: King Camoran's Boon
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
I should find Captain Jimila in Skywatch and book passage to Haven.
Queen Ayrenn has heard rumblings of discontent in Elden Root, the Aldmeri Dominion's capital. She wants me to travel ahead of her and assess the situation.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Captain Jimila in Skywatch.
  2. Talk to Captain Jimila on the Prowler in Vulkhel Guard.
  3. Talk to King Camoran Aeradan in the Elden Root Throne Room.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

After defeating High Kinlady Estre during Sever All Ties, Queen Ayrenn will be waiting outside the Firsthold Castle with Elendarie, High Kinlord RIlis XIII, and Battlereeve Urcelmo. When you talk to her, she will send you to Elden Root:

"High Kinlady Estre may be defeated, but there are still those who would oppose the Dominion. The Veiled Heritance is proof of that. High Kinlord Rilis and I still have our work cut out for us here."
How could I be of help?
"The king of the Wood Elves informs me there's some manner of discontent in Elden Root, our capital city.
Meet with King Camoran Aeradan and work to end the discord. Once local matters are in hand, I'll meet you in Elden Root."
How do I get to Elden Root?
"Travel to Skywatch and look for Captain Jimila. I've heard she's a reliable captain with a fast ship. She can bring you to the port of Haven, which is just south of Elden Root.
And if she gives you trouble, tell her I sent you."
I'll head to Elden Root, your majesty.

At this point, Prince Naemon will run up to Ayrenn and confront her over his wife's death:

Naemon: "My Queen. How may I further the Dominion's goals today?"
Ayrenn: "Little brother. You're here."
Naemon: "You only call me that when you've done something you regret. Or expect to regret."
Ayrenn: "Naemon... then what have they told you?"
Naemon: "When you snatched father's crown for yourself, you never once called me 'little brother'. Did you know that?"
Ayrenn: "Please, I must know."
Naemon: "I heard you declared my wife a traitor, that you ordered Estre's death. Well, she's gone now. Isn't she."
Ayrenn: "Little brother... I would have told you myself, if I could."
Naemon: "No regrets, dear sister. You did what must be done, for the glory of the Dominion. How could there be shame in that?"
Ayrenn: (sigh)

You'll find Jimila at Skywatch, beside the stage near The Mercantile. When you talk to her, she'll say:

"It's good to see you, friend. You will always have a place aboard the Prowler."[verification needed — Is this just her default greeting for completing her Khenarthi's Roost quest?]
Queen Ayrenn said you could take me to the port of Haven.
"The queen? Of course we can do this!
We shall set out for Haven at once, if you are ready."
Where is your ship?
"Where we left it, I'd hope. But come, join me for a drink! It's good luck to share a glass before a long voyage.
Unless you can't handle the stuff. Then you can meet us in Vulkhel Guard."
No thanks. I'll meet you in Vulkhel Guard.
"Suit yourself. The Prowler will be ready to sail when you arrive."
All right. I have time for a drink.
"How about a friendly wager? We match each other, glass for glass. Win, and you travel to Haven in the privacy of your own cabin.
But if I win, you launder our clothes for the entire voyage. Deal?"
On second thought, I don't have time for a drink. I'll meet you in Vulkhel Guard.
"Suit yourself. The Prowler will be ready to sail when you arrive."
If you buy the drinks, we have a deal.
"Ha! Deal. Bottoms up.
And speaking of bottoms, my quartermaster prefers a crisp fold in his breeches."
Ready when you are.

If you did not accept her wager, she'll only say if you try to talk to her again, "Meet us in Vulkhel Guard. We'll head there right away. As soon as we finish our drinks."

If you choose to accept her wager, the screen will then go black, and you will wake up behind a rock near where you fell unconscious, and Captain Jimila will already be in Vulkhel Guard.

Meet her on board of the Prowler, where she will be confused about the results of your drinking contest:

"My head feels like a thunderbug crawled inside it.
But I did win our contest. Oblan will bring the laundry for you. Every morning."
[Intimidate] That's not true! I won the contest! Don't try to cheat me!
"Fine, fine! You won, as long as you promise to be quiet.
Now it feels like the thunderbug lays eggs in my head."
It's good that we understand each other.
[Persuade][Lie] What? I clearly remember you making a fool of yourself.
"Yes, well I was hoping you'd forgotten that raunchy song about the queen.
But what else could I rhyme with "Vulkhel Guard?"
That would have been a sight to see.
I'll take your word for it. I don't really remember.
"Are you ready? And can you stop thinking so loudly?"
I'm ready to leave for Haven.
"Yes, yes. We'll cast off as soon as the Prowler stops spinning ...."
I have to take care of some things before we leave.

Welcome to GrahtwoodEdit

Captain Jimila takes you to Haven, a port city south of Elden Root. You will awaken after a loading screen in the lower deck of the Prowler. Exiting the Prowler, you will notice that Khajiit crewmen putting out fires and Argonian corpses. The Prowler has been attacked by pirates.

At this point, you can either continue immediately to Elden Root, or talk to Captain Jimila to begin the quest Unsafe Haven.

The king is inside the Elden Root Throne Room. Enter the tree and go through the door to the right. This takes you to the Upper Level of Elden Root.

Take the first left into an open area where the shops and bank are. The door to the Throne Room is the one in the middle on the opposite side. The king is sitting in the throne across from you. Speak to him to complete the quest:

"You're a bold one, to approach so fearlessly.
Give me a good reason to speak with you. I'll make it seem like you're here at my request. Otherwise, my subjects will think you cut the line and start sizing you up for dinner"
Queen Ayrenn sent me to help deal with the unrest.
"How thoughtful! I can hardly turn down such a generous gift.
Especially with the trouble brewing in Elden Root."

The quest will complete, and King Camoran will send you to quell the unrest, true to your word.

Quest StagesEdit

The Great Tree
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should find Captain Jimila in Skywatch and book passage to Haven.
Objective: Talk to Captain Jimila in Skywatch
I spoke with Captain Jimila. She says I should meet her in Vulkhel Guard when I'm ready to leave for Haven.
Objective: Talk to Captain Jimila in Vulkhel Guard
Finishes quest  The queen asked me to speak with King Camoran Aeradan about quelling the unrest in Elden Root. I should be able to find him in his throne room.
Objective: Talk to King Camoran Aeradan in Elden Root
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