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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Reclaim Haven from pirates.
Zone: Grahtwood
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Haven — Stop the pirate attack upon Haven.
Quest Giver: Captain Jimila, Lieutenant Kazargi, Norendo
Location(s): Fisherman's Isle, Haven, The Aquifer
Next Quest: Trouble at the Tree
Concurrent Quest: The Great Tree
Reward: Jackdaw's Galoshes
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
A group of Khajiit soldiers try to recover Haven from pirates
Haven, the largest port on the Long Coast, has been taken by a powerful band of pirates!

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Lieutenant Kazargi.
  2. Find out where Lord Gharesh-ri has gone.
  3. Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri.
  4. Investigate the pirate leaders.
  5. Locate the Aquifer.
  6. Find a way into the fort.
  7. Open the gate.
  8. Stop the ritual in the Fighters Guild.
  9. Talk to Lieutenant Kazargi.
  10. Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

After sailing to Haven, you will find yourself on deck of the prowler amid the aftermath of a fierce battle. Talking to Captain Jimila reveals that Haven is besieged by pirates. You will need to jump off the deck and into the water to find Lieutenant Kazargi on the beach northeast of the Prowler, amid a group of refugees. When you talk to her, she'll recognize the Prowler. She introduces herself as a soldier in service to Lord Gharesh-ri, the Speaker for the Mane. Lord Gharesh-ri left some time ago to retake the city from the Jackdaws, the invading pirates. She doesn't know where he's gone off to, but she points you in the direction of Naaril, a merchant, and Curinwe, the woman leading the fisher-folk who live here.

Naaril can be found just east of Lieutenant Kazargi, sitting at the campfire. Curinwe can be found north of Lieutenant Kazargi, guarding a stone archway leading into the refugees' camp on Fisherman's Isle. They both tell you that Gharesh-ri crossed the marsh and entered the city, noting that he should be near the gate.

To find Gharesh-ri, go northwest. There is no path, and the swamp is filled with Hoarvor. Along the way, you may find Eryarion, who will give you the quest Lost Treasures.

"I wanted to show them life outside of Elsweyr, for them to see what it means to be a Dominion citizen! I never expected this."
Eavesdrop on the pirate leaders to learn about their orders

Upon entering the city of Haven, you will notice that a number of Ghaja's Fangs have fortified a house just in time for another attack by the Jackdaws. Inside of the Abandoned House, you will find Lord Gharesh-ri with a small contingent of Fangs. Without the luxury of having large numbers, Gharesh-ri must resort to more subtle means to retake the city. He suggests that you find crucial members of the Jackdaws' crew and retrieve your orders. You can eavesdrop on them, or kill them and steal their orders. Gharesh-ri insists that if the people you're looking for are important enough to the pirate captain, they'll likely have written orders nearby.

Two of the Jackdaw Lieutenants you are looking for, Artificer Hlana and Warleader Yngold, are both west of the Abandoned House. Jeer-Tei is located south of Haven on a boat. Hlanas' orders are apparently to obtain materials for a ritual from the Mages Guild. Yngold's orders demand more corpses for some kind of necromantic ritual. Jeer-Tei's orders are strangest of all, demanding that a drugged wamasu is brought into the sewers below the city.

Locate the entrance to the Aquifer. You will find it just northwest of Jeer-Tei's ship, Lieutenant Kazargi will already be there. Tell her about the Jackdaw's plans, and she suggests you go through the sewers and find a way into the fort from there. She'll grab Gharesh-ri and inform him of the pirates' scheme.

Stop the necromantic ritual

The Aquifer's entrance is a sewer tunnel just beside Lieutenant Kazargi. You will find yourself at the southern end of the complex, and have to find your way to the north. There are many Jackdaws and hoarvors in the Aquifer. In the final chamber, you will find a giant wamasu named Tsonamot being tended to by Beast Handler Mahei-Ma. Killing them is optional. In the chamber behind them is a rope that you can use to climb into the fort's gatehouse. Unlock the gate, and talk to Lord Gharesh-ri just outside.

The pirate's leader intends to flood the streets of Haven with the undead. They are conducting a ritual in the abandoned Fighters Guild hall. You need to enter the hall and disrupt the ritual while Gharesh-ri and his company distract the pirates outside.

Haven is saved

Though Gharesh-ri claims that the Fighters Guild will be heavily guarded, the building will at first appear to only be inhabited by Gjarma Raven-Hair, and it is only after you defeat her that the necromancers and their focus crystals appear. Destroy the three focus crystals and exit the building. Lieutenant Kazargi lies wounded a little ways down the stairs in front of the guild hall, and she appears to be gravely injured. Regardless of how you respond to her, she is glad to have fought beside you, and tells you not to let Gharesh-ri worry about her.

With the invasion quelled, you should inform Lord Gharesh-ri that you defeated the pirate leader and her plan. He will be pleased with your success.

Once you have finished in Haven, you may follow The Great Tree to Elden Root. If you have arrived in Grahtwood without picking up The Great Tree, you will be offered Trouble at the Tree instead (these two quests are mutually exclusive).


  • Only one of the two refugees at the camp can be spoken to about Lord Gharesh-ri, as the objective is completed upon asking either one of them.
  • The description of Lord Gharesh-ri's notebook mentions the Ebonheart Pact when they don't have any involvement in this quest.
  • The pirate lieutenants and order notes won't exist in the city before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • Gjarma's Orders: Yngol isn't physically removed once it's added to your quest items.
  • Gjarma and her necromancers will respawn quickly if the crystals aren't destroyed right away.


  • When you first meet Lieutenant Kazargi outside of the aquifer and accept the quest to proceed through it to the fort, the quest marker is erroneously placed at the fort's front door, which is inaccessible at this point, and you will be unable to proceed through the sewer as intended.
    • ZOS reports that this is working as designed in that, due to certain system limitations, it cannot be easily fixed.
    • Setting a different quest to your active quest and then changing back to Unsafe Haven can be enough to fix it.
  • When you finish the steps in the Fighter's Guild, the quest marker will lead you upstairs and out a door that leads to a balcony above the docks. ?
    • Don't go through that upstairs door; it is permanently locked from the outside, and you'll have to jump down and run around to the town wall entrance to get back in. Instead, go out the same door you came in, finish the other quest steps there if needed, then go to the north section of town by the fountain to find Lord Gharesh-ri.
  • The marker for Investigating Jeer-Tei appears in middle of a road southwest of the town on the outskirts. Three Jackdow pirates spawn close by but they do not have the orders. Exiting and entering the quest doesn't seem to fix it.
  • The Aquifer's gate, both from the outside and inside, is misplaced and clips into the ground. ?

Quest StagesEdit

Unsafe Haven
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
There's a Khajiiti soldier on the beach of a small island outside of Haven. She may know what's going on.
Objective: Talk to Khajiit Soldier
Lieutenant Kazargi arrived with Lord Gharesh-ri, one of the Dominion's leaders. It seems he has a plan to retake Haven from the pirates. I should speak with some of the refugees to see if they know where he headed.
Objective: Ask Refugees about Lord Gharesh-ri
The refugees said Lord Gharesh-ri was last seen crossing the marsh toward the outer walls of Haven. I should see if I can catch up with him.
Objective: Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri
Lord Gharesh-ri wants to learn the pirates' plan so he can figure where best to strike. If I'm unable to eavesdrop on the pirates and learn their plans, I may be able to kill them and search their bodies for orders.
Objective: Investigate Artificer Hlana
Objective: Investigate Warleader Yngold
Objective: Investigate Jeer-Tei
Objective Hint: Eavesdrop or Steal Orders
An old Imperial aquifer leads into Haven's fort, where the pirates plan some sort of necromantic ritual. If I can find the aquifer, I can use the secret entrance against them.
Objective: Locate Aquifer Entrance
Objective Hint: Search near the Docks
While searching for the aquifer entrance, I spotted Lieutenant Kazargi. I should speak with her and see what she's doing here.
Objective: Talk to Lieutenant Kazargi
Lieutenant Kazargi will bring what I found to Lord Gharesh-ri. If all goes according to plan, I will unlock the fort's front gates so the Speaker and his soldiers can make it inside.
Objective: Enter Aquifer
The old imperial [sic] Aquifer isn't completely deserted. If I can make my way through the aquifer and into the fort, I should be able to open the front gate so the Speaker and his soldiers can make it inside.
Objective: Enter Fort
Objective Hint: Search for a Way into the Fort
The pirates' necromancers have already begun their ritual to animate Haven's dead! I should make my way to the gatehouse so I can let Lord Gharesh-ri and his soldiers inside.
Objective: Open Gate
I opened the gate, and Lord Gharesh-ri arrived with his soldiers. I should talk to the Speaker about his plan to stop the pirates' necromantic ritual.
Objective: Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri
Lord Gharesh-ri will keep the pirates busy in the fort's courtyard. While he does so, I will slip into the Abandoned Fighters Guild and do what I can to stop the necromantic ritual.
Objective: Enter the Abandoned Fighters Guild
The pirate leader and her necromancers are in the middle of a strange ritual. I should stop them before the ritual completes!
Hidden Objective: Stop the Invaders' Ritual
The pirate leader is dead and her undead army disintegrated before me. I should inform Lieutenant Kazargi of my success.
Objective: Talk to Lietenant Kazargi
Finishes quest  The pirate attack on Haven has failed. I should inform Lord Gharesh-ri that I defeated the pirate leader and her plan.
Objective: Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri
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