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Help an Altmer captain overcome a mutiny.
Zone: Grahtwood
Objective: Cave of Broken Sails — Stop Brauti Bloodshark from pillaging the Cave of Broken Sails
Quest Giver: Engor
Location(s): Cave of Broken Sails
Concurrent Quest: Forever Bound
Reward: Bloodshark's Cutlass
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 2296
Brauti Bloodshark led a mutiny against the captain and crew of the Albatross as they searched the Cave of Broken Sails for ancient treasure.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Engor.
  2. Talk to Captain Linwen.
  3. Search for survivors in the cave.
  4. Locate the Imperial vault.
  5. Talk to the Captain.
  6. Distract the mutineers in the great cavern.
  7. Kill Brauti Bloodshark and rescue Faenir.
  8. Talk to Linwen and Bulag.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Ebbed fortunesEdit

Halfway on the road between Gray Mire Wayshrine and Haven, you will find a bosmer named Engor talking about how he is seeing double. Talk to him and he will address you as "Captain". When you ask him what's that about, he will tell you he's been seeing double and hallucinating after a headwind he gained during a mutiny that happened to him and his crew, directing you to the actual captain. Follow the path behind him and go talk to captain Linwen. She will tell you they found a map to an Imperial treasury which they were trying to find, so they could give it to the Thalmor to become privateers. However, Brauti Bloodshark led a mutiny capturing most of her crew and kidnapping her wife. She will tell you he will kill them once he got the treasury. She will gladly accept your help and will give you any info she has regarding the place.

When you're done talking to her, enter the Cave of Broken Sails and search for survivors. The start of the cave is filled with giant bats and some dead crew members' bodies. Fight your way through the cave while inspecting the bodies. After inspecting the third body, a voice will call for help and the objective changes to "locate the survivor". Continue further down the cave, and nearby Bulag will come running towards you. As soon as he realizes you're not part of the mutiny crew he will ask for your help. He will tell you Brauti forced the crew to set off traps killing crew members and causing some of them to run for safety. However, he hasn't seen any other crewmembers after running himself, excluding Nuttall, his fully trained monkey who works as a crew member. While you send him to find the captain, he asks you to find the other crew members promising to return with the captain after finding her. He will give you some dried fruit that you can use to make Nuttall disarm the trap mechanisms.

Treasurable during warEdit

Make your way through until the next point listed on your map, where another unnamed crew member will escape at your arrival. Note that the trap mechanisms will have a blue flame when active, which burns out when the mechanism is deactivated by either you or Nuttall. Once you arrive there, investigate the two rooms both of which contain fire traps and mutiny crew members. Note that Nuttal can only deactivate spike traps, and not fire traps. In the Northern room, read the weapons report which will give some background on the skeleton guards and the history of the Imperial Sanctuary. In the Southern room, read the letter Sanctuary: Final Assessment. These papers together will tell you that there is no treasure hidden in the Imperial vault, only war Imperial supplies. After reading it, Nuttall will become the new objective. Talking to him will simply reveal that he wants you to follow him. Note that this part may cause a bug, see bug section. Do so and eventually the objective should update to "talk to Captain Linwen". Talk to her and tell her about your findings. After she checks the papers, she will tell you Brauti is creating a skeleton crew to man the Albatross, using the current crew to turn them into undead minions. After this, you can optionally talk to Bulag, who will reveal that Hironi and Raedir may know more about Brauti's plans.

Saving the crewEdit

Continue further down the cavern, until you reach Bosun Firen. While killing him is optional, he is standing in the middle of the opening to the next part, attacking you when you come near so likely you will fight him anyway. Kill him or get around him, and enter the Great Cavern. Talk to Captain Linwen. She will tell you you need to draw Brauti out, otherwise her crew members and her wife will die. She tells you to burn the imperial war supplies on the docks to make him come outside looking at what's going on, then kill him when he does. She will give you a whistle to summon the crew to help you kill mutineers along the way, but her crew will be busy keeping the mutineers away from you once you're fighting Brauti. Grab some kindlepitch, then go find the three war supply storages and burn them. Each of them is guarded by three mutineers. After this, Brauti will come out as planned. Kill him.

A change for the betterEdit

After Brauti is dead, go inside the stranded boat to save Faenir. Once inside she will run to you. She will be in panic but calms once you tell her Brauti is dead. She will ask about Captain Linwen right away. She will explain that the crew has debts caused by raids they did in the past, and that the treasure wasn't to impress the thalmor as much as to pay those debts. She will also tell you war supplies will also be useful to the thalmor and work just as well, after which she will go out to find her wife. Go outside and talk to Captain Linwen. She will tell you some mutineers were coerced into it, but she feels they still deserve some kind of punishment. When confronted with the fact they were raiders, she will admit it but say those days are over and imply it went wrong because Brauti didn't agree to that. She will tell you that those who planned it will hang, but those forced into it will be let free. She also will tell you to speak to Bulag for a reward. Bulag is on the northern side of the map near quick exist. Talk to him for your reward and complete the quest. After this, you can use the door next to him to quickly return to Grahtwood.


  • Bulag and Nuttall won't exist in the cave before completing the objective to interact with all the survivors.
  • While presented as a hint to be used to complete the objective, using Nuttall to disable the traps is more of an optional help as it is not required to proceed. The traps aren't lethal on hit if triggered. You can also disable them yourself by reaching the flaming trap switches.
  • The readable notes won't exist in the Imperial Vault before reaching the related objective.
  • Bosun Firen won't exist in the ruins before reaching the related objective.
  • The whistle is removed after lighting the fires in the cavern, meaning it's not possible to summon a swashbuckler to help fight Brauti Bloodshark.
  • While the objective description after defeating Brauti states he was seen exiting the beached ship in the center of the cavern, he was instead at a camp southwest of the ship.
  • After completing this quest, most mutineers will be removed from the Cave of Broken Sails, besides those in the area Nuttall leads you after following him. These mutineers will now have a neutral disposition to you. Furthermore, the spike traps will be inactive, although the fire will burn on their mechanisms.


  •   When following Nuttall, if you speak to anyone before the objective changes, the quest may get stuck on "follow Nuttall" ?
    • Keep following Nuttall and don't speak with anyone until the quest updates telling you to do so should prevent this.

Quest StagesEdit

Luck of the Albatross
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Talk to Captain Linwen
Objective: Enter the Cave of Broken Sails
Hidden Objective: Albatross Crewman
Objective: Search for Survivors
Objective: Talk to Bulag
Objective: Locate the Survivor
Objective: Locate the Imperial Vault
Objective: Investigate Northern Room
Objective: Investigate Southern Room
Objective: Examine Nuttall
Objective: See where Nuttall goes
Objective: Follow Nuttall
Objective: Enter the Great Cavern
Objective: Get Kindlepitch
Objective: Burn Battering Ram
Objective: Distract the Mutineers
Objective: Burn Packed Fire Salts
Objective: Burn Siege Weapon
Objective: Kill Brauti Bloodshark
Objective: Rescue Faenir
Objective: Kill Bosun Firen
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