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Cave of Broken Sails
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Giant Bat, Mudcrab, Mutineer Brigand, Mutineer Deadeye, Mutineer Slayer, Mutineer Tempest, Preserved Guardian, Preserved Infernal, Preserved Nightweaver, Preserved Soldier, Prodigious Mudcrab
Quest-Related: Bosun Firen, Brauti Bloodshark
Long CoastGrahtwood
West of Haven
Crafting Stations
  • ON-icon-Cooking Station.png Cooking Fire (x3)
Loading Screen
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The corsairs of the Southern Sea may not have as fierce a reputation as the pirates of the Abecean, but that's probably because they keep a lower profile, as they must constantly dodge the warships of the Altmer and Maormer. The corsairs may be of any race, but most are Khajiit.
The Cave of Broken Sails

The Cave of Broken Sails is a cave in southern Grahtwood, west of Haven. It originally consisted of an Imperial fortification which has since long been abandoned. Following their mutiny, the Bloodsharks moved in.

Albatross Crewmen can be found in and around the cave. After Brauti is killed and Faenir is rescued, Bloodshark Brigands, Deadeyes, Slayers, and Tempests can be found tied up in the Great Cavern.

There are cooking fires in the east and western rooms in the hall just outside the Great Cavern. Another cooking fire can be found at Brauti Bloodshark's camp on the west side of the Great Cave.

The Great Cavern

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A map of the Cave of Broken Sails