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Online:Master Shelreni's Notes: The Restoration

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Book Information
ID 7604
Collection Telvanni Tomes
Needed for Conclave of Fate
Found in the following locations:
Master Shelreni's Notes: The Restoration
Notes on the restoration of a statue of Vaermina

After long months of preparation, we're finally ready to begin the work to fully restore the ancient statue of Vaermina. While I still don't understand the significance of this effigy, I have devoted myself to determining exactly how to rebuild the statue and restore it to its former glory.

Torvesard works by my side, learning all he can. When I ask why, he refuses to answer. He just says that restoring the statue is the key to restoring what was lost. And now I have an army of Vaermina's followers, bolstered by those devoted to Peryite. Blightcrown disgusts me, but I cannot fault his brilliance or the strength of his charges.

The supply of malachite from the Alavelis quarries have finally arrived and we can begin. Soon, Vaermina shall reward me with the power I need to become archmagister of House Telvanni.