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Maxus the Many
Location Vale of the Surreal, Maelstrom Arena
Race Golden Saint Gender Male
Health Normal246684Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Maxus the Many

Maxus the Many is a Golden Saint found in the Maelstrom Arena. He is the final boss of the Vale of the Surreal, the first stage. During combat, he will summon elementalist and militant copies of himself, and will absorb them back to regain health if they have not been killed.

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"You are only oneā€•but I am many! Now die!" (When summoned)

Before/after summoning clones:

"Come forth, my other self!"
"Kill. No survivors."
"Now, we kill the mortal."

Absorbing his clones:

"Return! Give me your strength!"
"Rejoin me! I command it!"
"To me! At once!"


  • In Aureal hierarchy, males are by definition much weaker than females, so Maxus being a powerful Golden Saint is somewhat of an oddity.
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