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Mederic Vyger
Location Skyreach Pinnacle
Race Breton Gender Male
Health Varies
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Scaled Court (formerly)
Mederic Vyger

Mederic Vyger is a Breton scholar and former member of the Scaled Court found at Skyreach Pinnacle. He requests your help to seal away dangerous creatures inside Skyreach.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

When you reach Skyreach Pinnacle, Mederic will greet you.

"Your name is spoken of with a mixture of fear and respect among the Scaled Court. I know what you have accomplished against my former comrades. Now I need your help to undo what those fools have done."
What are you talking about?
"While exploring this section of the city, we came across strange, runic circles. I realized what they were, but before I could stop them, the fools disrupted the wards.
Do you understand? They were prisons! And now the creatures have been released!"
And that's bad?
"That's terrible! The Nedes sealed those creatures away for a reason!
The texts I discovered gave me an understanding of the wards. I need to try to replicate them. But I can't do it alone. Will you keep the creatures at bay while I cast the spell?"
I'll keep the creatures busy while you reestablish the wards.
"I knew I could count on you! The smaller creatures should pose little threat, but be warned. One of the fell beasts is of immense size. It slaughtered half of my former companions before I escaped!
I'll follow you inside after you clear the way."

You can ask him more about the Scaled Court, the creatures inside the ancient prison, or the Nedes:

I'm not sure I should trust a member of the Scaled Court.
"Former member.
I won't deny my involvement. Their beliefs and mine were once aligned. This era we live in, it's diseased. Contemptuous. A change would be welcome. Still, what the Court is doing ... this is not the way."
You don't worship the Serpent?
"No, not in the way you think. I believed in the idea of the Serpent. He was the symbol of our cause. But the being that has appeared before us? He's a deceiver. The others are just too blind to see it."
You mean the Serpent isn't the Serpent?
"I have learned much about the Nedes. They experimented on living creatures, such as the ones you will encounter within. They imbued them with incredible power.
But what if these were the failed experiments? What would a success look like, I wonder?"
You're suggesting that the Celestials ...?
"Believe as you will. They may be divine beings of Aetherius. Or they might be mortals given so much power that no one can tell the difference. Regardless, I refuse to follow the Serpent's whims.
I will try to rectify some of the harm I helped cause."
Tell me more about these creatures.
"The creatures appear to be a variety of natural and Daedric beasts, but they teem with magical energy.
I suspect they were transformed through some long-lost process, but I have no idea how it was accomplished."
And you believe the Nedes created these things?
"Based on my research, yes. I see a definitive correlation between Apex Stones, nirncrux, Aetherius, and these creatures.
I don't have all the answers, but I believe the Nedes created these beasts. And they didn't stop there.
What purpose did these creatures serve?
"I have suspicions. Perhaps they were experiments, a way to test processes. Or maybe they were an army created to use against the invading Yokudans. Perhaps both are true.
Whatever the case, the Nedes sealed them away. I believe we must do the same."
Tell me about the larger creature.
"The fell beast? It's a great, winged terror. I believe it is a more advanced version, created with a more perfected application of the technique. Unless it was a mistake.
Regardless, once I saw this monster, I knew I had to lock it away again."
How do you know so much about the Nedes?
"I have always been a scholar. When I joined the Scaled Court, they put my skills to best use and had me study these ancient ruins.
I studied carvings, read fragments of manuscripts, examined aged relics ... all to learn what I could about the Nedes."
And what else can you tell me about them?
"If we had endless hours and this were a class at the University of Gwylim, I could fill your mind with facts and mysteries, theories and suppositions.
But this is ancient Skyreach and we have mistakes to set right. Another time, friend."

Venture inside Skyreach and clear the way for Mederic. He will enter the chamber shortly afterwards.

Mederic Vyger: "I'm here! Do you see, just outside? The fell beast I told you about. Let me restore the wards before it notices what we're doing."

When Mederic starts to restore the wards, he reminds you:

Mederic Vyger: "Keep these creatures away from me while I restore the ancient wards!"

After disabled the first ward, he exclaims:

Mederic Vyger: "There! The first ward is sealed once more. Stay alert! The other three summoning circles are still active!"

After two of the wards are disabled, he yells:

Mederic Vyger: "So far, so good, but we aren't done yet. More of these creatures could appear at any moment. Just keep them away from me awhile longer."

During the restoration of the third ward, he shouts:

Mederic Vyger: "Keep these creatures away from me while I restore the wards!"

When only one ward remains, he says:

Mederic Vyger: "One ward remains and then the prisons will be sealed again! Do not falter!"

When all four wards are restored, Mederic yells:

Mederic Vyger: "Well done! With the wards restored, those creatures should trouble us no more. Take a moment to ... wait! It's aware of our presence. The fell beast approaches!"

After defeating Aetherion, Mederic is relieved.

Mederic Vyger: "Remarkable! We actually did it. The wards have been restored and our mistake has been corrected. Now I need to leave this place. Find me outside and we shall speak of what transpired here."

Outside the Pinnacle, Mederic is still astonished by what you've accomplished.

"I admit it. I didn't think our mission stood an Elf's chance in Orsinium of succeeding. But here we are!
Your reputation is rightly deserved. And with any luck, those wards will hold for another thousand years."
Are those creatures actually locked away again?
"Of course! And I will do what I can to dissuade others from entering this portion of the city again.
Perhaps some day we can seal the ruins completely, as the Yokudans tried to do. For now, be content that the wards have bought us time."

Speaking to him again after the quest:

"I'm impressed. You demonstrated a willingness to risk everything for the sake of others. You even helped someone you once called an enemy.
Maybe this world isn't as irredeemable as I imagined. Thank you for helping me correct this terrible mistake."