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The University of Gwylim (also called the University of Gwilym or Gwylim University) is an ancient scholarly organization dating back to the late First Era, and was founded by the Ayleid scholar Tjurhane Fyrre.[1] The University of Gwylim Press has been responsible for many publications throughout history. It is known that the university awards the Gwylim Prize to scholars at times.[2]

The University of Gwylim itself is found in Cyrodiil.[1] Phrastus of Elinhir originally taught at the university before being forced to flee to Elinhir due to the Alliance War.[UOL 1] There is a forbidden section of Gwylim University containing books,[3] and it is unknown what else it carries. They have a satellite campus called the Gwylim Annex in Solitude.[1]

The Antiquarian Circle is the University's most prestigious historical society, which scours the continent for lost antiquities to collect and catalogue.[1]

History and OverviewEdit

The university's faculty are known to have an interest in practical pedagogy,[4] and is known to offer training in the magical school of Illusion.[5] Tjurhane Fyrre was also one of the finest sages of the university. His book on Ayleidic culture, Nature of Ayleidic Poesy, was published by the university in 2E 12.[6] Fyrre was also responsible for writing a number of unpublished biographies on various Ayleid kings, including King Narilmor of Garlas Malatar.[7] Other Ayleidic texts were also published by the university, including Ayleid Cities of Valenwood, written by the Esteemed Historian Homfrey in 2E 455.[8] "The Gwylim Praxis" by the Aureate Serpent is a book that describes methods of draining magicka from intelligent creatures at the moment of death, but it is unknown what its connection to the university is.[9]

The wizard and prominent author Gabrielle Benele was once a member of the university before she joined the Mages Guild around the time of the Alliance War.[4] She would later rejoin the university through the Antiquarian Circle and serve as their chief arcanist and leader.[10][11] She also invited a number of important figures to the University of Gwylin for interviews and discussion seminars, such as Madam Whim of Fargrave, Azandar al-Cybiades, and Master Malkhest.[12][13][14] The famed sorcerer Divayth Fyr also attended one of these discussion seminars, and revealed himself to be a generous patron to the university.[15]

At some point, the university funded a scholarly expedition to the ruins of Skyreach in Craglorn, led by Historian Reginus Buca and Ancientist Verita Numida.[16] The scholar Mederic Vyger was a lecturer at the university and an expert on Nedes who helped the Scaled Court in their study of the Skyreach ruins in 2E 582, although he left the cult after awakening the ancient Celestial creatures in Skyreach Pinnacle and subsequently aided the Vestige in restoring their wards.[17]

Ancient Tales of the Dwemer, Marobar Sul's infamous eleven volumes of fictional stories about the Dwemer published around 2E 670, was originally presented as a serious, scholarly work based on research in the archives of the University of Gwylim. The stories proved popular, and were accepted as fact. However, scholars later surmised that Marobar Sul was simply a pseudonym for Gor Felim, a prolific writer of the era, and the writings were debunked.[18] The university continued to publish the surviving fragments of Sul's writings, although they were noted as being works of fiction.[19]

Opusculus Lamae Bal ta Mezzamortie, written by the scribe Mabei Aywenil, was first translated and published by the university in 3E 105[20] (In The Elder Scrolls Online, the translation date was changed to 2E 105). The university first published Frontier, Conquest, and Accommodation: A Social History of Cyrodiil in 3E 344.[21] Doctor Intricatus of Gwylim University was noted for his ethnographic research into the "Primal" style of weapons and armor, worn by goblins and other primitive beastfolk.[22] The Gwylim Praxis is a rare book written by the Aureate Serpent, which details methods of draining magicka from intelligent creatures at the moment of death.[9]

Known MembersEdit

Known PublicationsEdit


The University of Gwylim doesn't appear in Oblivion, even though The University is supposed to be found in Cyrodill.[28]


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