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Home Settlement The Stitches
Location Western side of the Stitches at ground level
Race Wood Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Melleron is a Wood Elf Rotmeth brewer and the husband of Tarazur. He has recently been experimenting with the creation of a sweeter rotmeth brew, for a potential Khajiiti customer base. The brewer can be found at the Stitches, where he is setting up shop, along with Tarazur.

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Quest Related-EventsEdit

After you find a keg of his brew in the wilderness, you can bring back to him at the Stitches near his wagon.

"Hmm? Something you need, stranger?"
I found this keg of rotmeth beside the road. I believe it belongs to you.
"Well, wouldn't you know it! The keg does, in fact, belong to me.
That right there is the finest sample of sweet rotmeth brew ever made. Well, truthfully, it's the only sample of sweet rotmeth brew ever made."
Sweet rotmeth brew?
"My own invention, if you can believe it!
You see, the Khajiit aren't typically fond of rotmeth. I think the rancid meat smell is what turns them off. That's why I added plenty of moon-sugar to my brew! It's sure to be a hit now."
Seems odd that such a large keg went missing.
"The keg must have dropped out of our wagon. Which is a little odd, given that my husband should have been sitting right by it.
Ah, well, no harm done. And here's a reward for your troubles. Not sure what we would do if we lost this beauty!"
"And it should be nice and fermented by now. You can finally test it!"

He will then set the keg on the ground and happily announce the news to a dismayed Tarazur.

Melleron: "Dearest, come look at this! A stranger found my rotmeth keg on the side of the road. Can you believe it?"
Tarazur: "Oh, look at that. Must have fallen right off the wagon. How lucky someone found it."
Melleron: "And it should be nice and fermented by now. You can finally test it!"
Tarazur: "Of course! Let me just … drink this … oh, so delicious brew."
Melleron: "Well? How does it taste?"

<Tarazur takes a sips and faints.>

Melleron: "Huh. Looks like I'll need to tweak the recipe a bit."

After Tarazur's taste test, you can talk to Melleron and he will make you an offer.

"Seems like I have quite a bit of work ahead of me.
Still, Imperial City wasn't built in a day! I just need to tweak the recipe a bit and try again.
Are you still going to ask Tarazur to test the brew?
"Of course not. It's obvious now that the poor dear can't handle his rotmeth. I just wish he'd said something sooner.
But hey, if you're looking for a bit of extra gold? I could always use a new taster!"
I'm afraid I'll have to pass on that.
"Well, your loss. I'm positive my next batch will be the best one yet! I'll soon be selling my sweet rotmeth brew all over Elsweyr, no doubt about it.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go find my husband a healer."
Of course I'll test it for you!
"That's what I like to hear!
Unfortunately, the next batch will take a few weeks to properly ferment. But hey, I'll be sure to let you know it's ready if I see you around."


  • His journal can be found during the quest.