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Return a keg of sweet rotmeth brew to its owner.
Zone: Northern Elsweyr
Quest Giver: Melleron's Journal
Location(s): The Stitches
Reward: Rotmeth Grips
Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low Experience XP
ID: 6364
Deliver a lost brew
I found a keg of sweet rotmeth brew. If I return it to its rightful owner, I may receive a reward.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Collect Melleron's Journal and the Keg of Sweet Rotmeth.
  2. Travel to The Stitches.
  3. Find Melleron.
  4. Talk to Melleron.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Little lost keg

You may stumble across a keg and a journal south of Star Haven Wayshrine. Apparently, a brewer has been attempting to create a sweeter version of the traditional Bosmer drink, rotmeth, so it will appeal to the palates of Khajiiti customers. According to the journal, the owner of the keg is in The Stitches with his husband. Travel south to The Stitches. Head down the hill from The Stitches Wayshrine and speak with Melleron. He's pleased as punch that you've found his sweet rotmeth. His husband, not so much.

After you've returned the keg, Melleron will urge Tarazur to try the Rotmeth within. Tarazur tries to keep a straight face for his spouse and chokes it down. He then passes out. Perhaps there was a little too much moon-sugar?

Quest StagesEdit

Sweet Rotmeth Brew
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should read the note in order to find out more about the owner of this lost keg.
Objective: Take Journal
According to the journal, the keg belongs to the Wood Elf Melleron. I should gather the keg.
Objective: Take Keg of Sweet Rotmeth
I gathered the journal and keg. I should return them to Melleron. According to his journal, I'm likely to find him in the Stitches.
Objective: Find Melleron
I found Melleron. I should speak to him about the keg of sweet rotmeth brew.
Objective: Talk to Melleron
Finishes quest  I returned the keg of sweet rotmeth brew to Melleron. I should speak to him about my reward.
Objective: Talk to Melleron
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