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Restore the Green Pact in Karthdar.
Zone: Grahtwood
Objective: Karthdar — Help the people of Karthdar return to harmony with nature.
Quest Giver: Alandis or Mollorn near Karthdar
Location(s): Karthdar
Reward: Pactbreaker
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 4815
The Karthdar Judgment Chamber
Nature itself has turned against the Bosmer village of Karthdar and its citizens are desperate to restore peace.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Get the quest from either Alandis or Mollorn near Karthdar.
  2. Talk to Treethane Rolon.
  3. Conduct your investigations.
  4. Present your findings to Treethane Rolon.
  5. Execute the Treethane's ruling.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Get InvolvedEdit

There are two ways to acquire the quest. Either on the fork in the road from Elden Root north towards Cormount a Bosmer female, Alandis, will approach you and ask for your help:

"Oh, thank Y'ffre. I wasn't sure I would find anyone out here. My village needs help. The forest has turned against us!"
What do you mean? What's going on?
"I don't know how else to describe it. Spriggans and senche just started tearing through our village in numbers!
We've had to take refuge in the sacred cave, where we hold our religious ceremonies."
What can I do?
Treethane Rolon sent me to look for outside help. I don't know what he intends.
He said something about a horrible crime — I think he thinks the forest is trying to exact justice for something. He's in the sacred cave with the others."
All right, I'll speak with him.

Alternatively, you may come across the entrance to the sacred cave by yourself. In that case talk to Mollorn, one of the guards in front of the entrance to begin the quest.

"I don't know how you found us, but we need your help. The forest has turned against our village, and we've been forced to take refuge in this cave."
What is happening here?
Something has caused the spriggans and senche to come out of the forest in droves and attack us. We've taken shelter in the cave, but we can't live there for long."
Why don't you just kill these creatures?
That would only make matters worse. This is clearly a punishment visited on us for something we did wrong.
Treethane Rolon inside the cave is trying to set things right. You should talk to him.
I'll speak with him.

Meeting with Treethane RolonEdit

The defiled Sanguine Alendil

Once you have started the quest, you can enter the sacred cave to find the Treethane Rolon who is standing on the elaborate ground next to the dead remains of a plant and speak with him.

"I can't tell you how glad I am you're here. Something is horribly amiss, and we can't leave this cave without fearing for our lives until it's put right."
What exactly is happening here?
"We are followers of the Green Pact, pledged to protect the forest from all harm. In exchange, the forest shapes itself to our needs.
But now, the forest has turned against us, stirring the senche to attack us, and driving us into hiding."
What could cause that?
"Only a gross violation of the Green Pact could cause the forest to attack us in this way.
My suspicions were confirmed when we entered this cave. We found the sacred blossom, Sanguine Alendil, cut from its stem. No wonder the forest is angry."
How can we find the responsible party?
"The requirements for correcting a violation of the Green Pact are well established. Three kinds of proof are required for judgment: witness testimony, physical evidence, and a magical omen.
Without all three, no judgment can be rendered."
Why haven't you collected these things already?
I've been able to narrow the suspects by talking to the villagers, but to gather more evidence, we'd need to leave this cave.
For as long as justice is denied under the Green Pact, the forest will destroy any of us who set foot outside this cave."
I'll find the evidence of the pact breaker.
"You have my gratitude. There are three suspects whose behavior has been called into question. Aranak the Khajiit merchant, Spinner Eranas, and his wife Gathiel. I suggest talking to my people to find possible witness testimony before venturing into the town."

Conducting the InvestigationEdit

After agreeing to help the Treethane, you will need to find and collect evidence. You may get the testimonies, the evidence and the omen in any order you like.

Witness TestimonyEdit

Now look around in the cave to find the three Bosmer that are willing to provide testimony against one of the suspects. You will find all three of them within the first chamber of the cave and, after a short introduction, may ask them about each of the suspects as often as you want; you have to end the dialogue by exiting after any of their answers by using the Goodbye option.


Sendranir will be convinced that Gathiel is the culprit and is willing to testify.

"I heard you've been made Pact Advocate. Is this true?
I want to help in any way I can. The Green Pact is sacred and the person who broke it must be brought to justice."
We'll get to the bottom of this. Do you mind answering some questions?
"Anything to fix this."
Have you had any dealings with Aranak, the merchant? / :Actually, I'd like to hear your thoughts on Aranak the merchant. / I see. How about the merchant, Aranak?
Aranak's been in our town for years, why would he suddenly decide to do this?
Besides, the Pact is a special bond between the Wood Elves and the forest. I don't think the forest would react this way if Aranak were guilty."
What can you tell me about Spinner Eranas? / And Spinner Eranas? / Do you feel Spinner Eranas is just as bad?
"Eranas is a good man. He's the village Spinner, so it's his job to pass on the stories of the Wood Elves and the Green.
I learned about the Green Pact from his stories when I was a child. He would never endanger the village or break the Pact."
What are your thoughts on the Spinner's wife, Gathiel? / What about the Spinner's Wife, Gathiel?
"A real piece of work. Always scheming, that one is. Spinner's wife or not, I'm sure she's guilty.
She's been sick for weeks and just happens to get better the night the Pact was broken? I'd testify against her in a heartbeat."

Naeldil believes it was the Khajiit that did it and is willing to testify.

"So Treethane Rolon wants you to investigate the violation of the Green Pact. I don't see what there is to investigate. The culprit is plain enough, but I'm happy to help."
I'd like to ask you a few questions if you don't mind.
"Ask what you want, but I think's [sic] obvious who did it. That Khajiit has always held our traditions in contempt."
What can you tell me about the Khajiit merchant, Aranak? / And what about Aranak the Merchant? / Can you tell me about the merchant, Aranak?
"The night the Green Pact was broken there was a terrible storm. I was sitting by the window, watching the lightning.
That's when I saw that filthy cat sneak off into the woods, toward the cave. I will happily testify against him."
How do you feel about Spinner Eranas? / Do you feel that strongly about Spinner Eranas? / What about her husband, Spinner Eranas?
"Spinner Eranas is our guiding light. He helped heal my cousin when she got sick and has always been a staunch defender of the Green Pact. It's offensive he's even under suspicion."
How would you describe the Spinner's wife, Gathiel? / Would you also testify against Gathiel, the Spinner's wife? / I see. How about his wife, Gathiel?
"Gathiel has her moments of ego, but she's a loyal member of this community. We were all praying for her during her recent illness and were thrilled at her recovery. I don't think she's capable of this crime."

Orchelos sees that Spinner Eranas' unnatural alchemical ways lead him to commit the crime.

"So Treethane Rolon has you looking into the destruction of the sacred flower.
I hope you understand this isn't just about a plant. The Green Pact defines us. Our whole way of life is based on it. I hope you take the investigation seriously.
I'd like to ask you about the accused.
"I'm happy to answer any questions you have, but I can tell you already that it was our Spinner."
What makes you so sure it was Spinner Eranas? / I see. What about Spinner Eranas? / And her husband, Spinner Eranas, what about him?
"He's an alchemist. He makes unnatural concoctions with plants. He claims to never use anything forbidden but everyone knows that alchemists need lots of herbs to do their work. I am willing to testify against him for bringing this down on us."
Are you certain? What are your thoughts on Aranak, the Khajiit merchant? / What are your thoughts about Aranak the merchant? / Are you aware of anything out of the ordinary with the Khajiit merchant, Aranak?
"That merchant is harmless. He only gets what people ask him to acquire and I've never seem him harm a leaf. If it weren't for him, we'd be cut off from the rest of the world entirely."
I'd like to hear your thoughts on Gathiel, his wife. / Do you feel similarly about the Spinner's wife, Gathiel? / Have you noticed anything unusual about Gathiel, the Spinner's wife?
"I won't stand any badmouthing of Gathiel. Sure, she's married to that alchemist, but she's nothing like him, rooting around in the dirt for dead leaves.
The way she carries herself, her beauty, her refinement. She would never stoop so low."

Physical EvidenceEdit

While witness testimony is well enough, it will also be necessary to find physical evidence to corroborate their testimonies.

Book of InvoicesEdit

At the merchant booth in the village, you will find a book, Khajiiti Merchant's Invoice, laying on a barrel. Within you find an entry about being paid for the delivery of one flower of Sanguine Alendil to a place in the woods. This will give you physical evidence against Aranak.

Cutting of PlantsEdit
A bowl with suspect plant cuttings

In Spinner Family House there is a bowl with some blossoms on a worktable, Interact with the bowl:

<A large cutting of a vibrant but wilting plant lays here on Spinner Eranas' alchemy stand. Most of the blossoms have been removed.>
<Pick up Plant Cutting.>.

This will give you physical evidence against Spinner Eranas.

Dear Diary...Edit
A revealing Diary

In the sleeping area of the Spinner Family House you also find Gathiel's Diary where she describes how she tricked her husband into using Sanguine Alendil blossoms for her cure.

This will give you physical evidence against Gathiel.

Magical OmenEdit

A scroll with an astrology chart

In Treethane Rolon's House, you can find a scroll on the table next to the door. It is Gathiel's Astrology Chart wherein an astrological sign is described together with a note by the Treethane about how it is related to Gathiel.

This will give you a magical omen hinting to Gathiel. The omens relating to the other two suspects can be found outside in the village: in front of the large tree in the middle of the village, you will find the Spinner's Broken Sigil. Near the merchant booth will be Aranak's cart, which has been struck by lightning. A charred rock nearby will serve as the omen against the Khajiit.

Confronting the SuspectsEdit

Once you have collected all of the evidence, you can return to the sacred cave and confront the suspects with your findings. You will find them rounded up at the right back end of the second chamber of the cave.

Aranak the MerchantEdit

"Please, it wasn't me. How could it be me? I'm a Khajiit. Only Wood Elves can break the Green Pact!"
How do you explain this Charred Rock next to your lightning shattered cart?
"Yes, there was a storm the other night, and storms bring lightning. What does that prove? I should have chosen a better place to keep my cart. That's all."
I found a book of invoices that says you delivered a stalk of the sacred flower.
"And if I did cut the flower? That doesn't solve the Wood Elves' problem. The Green Pact is their custom.
I got an anonymous order for a flower and I filled it. I didn't know the flower was sacred. The one who placed the order is guilty, not me."
I have an eyewitness who says you were creeping around outside the night the pact was broken.
"I was out in the storm, trying to clear away fallen branches and protect my cart. For all the good it did."
Thank you for the information. (Repeated after each piece of evidence is presented.)

Spinner EranasEdit

"It's truly terrible what has come upon the village, but I promise I'm not the one responsible. It's my duty as Spinner to teach the children about the Green Pact. I would never violate it."
One of your fellow villagers says that as an alchemist, you use illicit plant material.
"Alchemy is not a common practice among Wood Elves, so it's understandable that there's some confusion.
The only plant material I've ever used were leaves and flowers that naturally fell to the ground, as per our laws."
What do you think caused your sigil to break like this?
"My sigil. It's unfortunate, but there was a fierce storm the other night. What's a tangle of dead branches against a gale like that?
That's assuming the storm did it. Someone could have easily destroyed my sigil to make me look guilty."
How can you possibly defend this cutting of the sacred plant that I found on your alchemy stand?
"I know what it looks like, but I didn't cut that plant. I found it in the forest by the dead tree. It was already cut. I thought it was a gift from Y'ffre, to cure my wife of her wasting sickness.
Please, you must believe me."


"I would never violate the Green Pact. I have lived by it all my life, it is unthinkable."
One of the other villagers said you recovered unnaturally quickly from a severe illness.
"I was sick yes, but my husband and I prayed to Y'ffre, and she saw fit to heal me.
I suppose to a jealous eye it could look suspicious, but it's not evidence of guilt. On the contrary, some might say Y'ffre has rewarded our faithfulness."
This astrology chart shows the sign of the Lady was shining brightly the night the pact was broken.
"Why yes, that is my sign, and the sign of several others in this village.
Surely it was shining because I was being blessed with good health after a period of such long sickness. I am still thanking the Divines for choosing to spare me."
In your diary, you write that you will do anything to recover from your illness.
"How dare you! You read my most private thoughts and then hold them against me as evidence? Last I heard, thinking was not a crime."
As advocate, I was told to leave no stone unturned in my investigation.
"So callous. How would you feel if you were dying? Wouldn't you seek a cure?
Of course I looked for something that would help, but in the end it took faithful prayer and nothing else."
Thank you for the information. (Repeated after each piece of evidence is presented.)

The TrialEdit

[verification needed — this whole section is wrong do not use]

After speaking with the suspects you can now approach the Treethane and present your findings against your chosen culprit.

"We stand ready to hear your findings, advocate. I encourage you to ask the suspects about any evidence you've found before making an accusation."
I believe I have what is needed.
"Remember, once you have made an accusation, you must present the supporting evidence as requested."
I need more time to decide.
"I understand. This is not something to be taken lightly.
Return when you have reviewed the physical evidence, witness testimony, and mystical signs. Remember, you can ask the suspects about any evidence you find as well."
I understand. I am ready to make an accusation.
"If you are truly ready, please name the accused."
Aranak, the merchant.
Eranas, the spinner.
Gathiel, the spinner's wife.

It is ultimately up to you whom to judge as the guilty party, as each of the accused play a part in the disaster befalling the community. This can be divulged from the available evidence:

Spinner Eranas
  • Was researching the alchemical effects of the plant as a cure for his wife's disease.
  • Found the dead plant and cured his wife with a potion made from it.
  • She placed an order with Aranak for one dead Sanguine Alendil.
  • Her diary explicitly mentions that she arranged for her husband to find a cutting of the plant.
  • Fulfilled an order for one dead Sanguine Alendil.
  • Delivered the cut plant to the riverside.

If accusing Aranak:

"You have formally accused Aranak the Khajiit merchant of violations against the Green Pact.
Who do you have to stand in testimony against the suspect?"
I ask Naeldil to stand in testimony.

If accusing Eranas:

"You have formally accused Spinner Eranas of breaking the Green Pact.
Who do you have to stand in testimony against the accused?"
I ask Orchelos to stand in testimony.

If accusing Gathiel:

"You have formally accused Gathiel, the wife of our Spinner, of breaking the Green Pact.
Who do you have to stand in testimony against the accused?"
I ask Sendranir to stand in testimony.

Presenting the EvidenceEdit

After accusing a suspect and the witness steps forward with their testimony, the Treethane will ask for any physical evidence pertaining to their guilt.

"Citizen, please step forth as accuser. Advocate, what physical evidence do you have to present to us?"
Gathiel's diary, detailing the intention to acquire Sanguine Alendil to cure an illness.
A plant cutting of the sacred plant, found on an alchemy stand.
This invoice, showing an order for Sanguine Alendil that was filled by the merchant.

If presenting Gathiel's diary as physical evidence:

"We accept this diary into evidence. Please place it on the table."
<Place Gathiel's Diary on the table.>

If presenting the plant cutting as physical evidence:

"We accept this cutting from the sacred plant. Please place it on the table."
<Place the plant cutting on the table.>

If presenting the invoice as physical evidence:

"We accept this order invoice into evidence. Please place it on the table."
<Place the invoice on the table.>

After placing the physical evidence on the table, the Treethane will ask for any omens of their guilt to be placed in front of them.

Please present the final piece of evidence, an omen from the heavens, portending the guilt of the accused.
A lightning charred rock, taken from near the wreckage of a cart.
Gathiel's astrology chart, showing the recent prominent signs.
The spinner's broken sigil, found near his home.

If presenting the lightning charred rock as evidence of an omen:

"We accept this lightning charred rock into evidence. Please place it on the table."
<Place the lightning charred rock on the table.>

If presenting the astrology chart as evidence of an omen:

"We accept this astrology chart into evidence. Please place it on the table."
<Place Gathiel's astrology chart on the table.>

If presenting the broken sigil as evidence of an omen:

"We accept this broken sigil into evidence. Please place it on the table."
<Place the broken sigil on the table.>

Once the final piece of evidence has been presented.

"Please allow me a moment to review the evidence you have presented, advocate."
Of course.

The Treethane's VerdictEdit

To get a successful verdict, the accused and the evidence against them must match. Below is a table showing which pieces of evidence must be used.

Witness Evidence Omen
Aranak Naeldil Invoice Lightning Charred Rock
Spinner Eranas Orchelos Plant Cutting Broken Sigil
Gathiel Sendranir Gathiel's Diary Astrology Chart

Based on the evidence provided, Treethane Ralon will announce a verdict. If the suspect and the presented evidence do not match:

After a careful review of the evidence provided to this court ….
We find the evidence presented inadequate to prove the guilt of [Aranak the merchant/Spinner Eranas/Gathiel, the Spinner's wife].
Advocate, please return once you have reviewed your findings and are ready to present us with a different set of evidence."

However if the suspect and the presented evidence do match:

"I find [Aranak the merchant/Spinner Eranas/Gathiel, the Spinner's wife] guilty as charged.
Advocate, we have asked much of you on this terrible affair, but I must rely upon you for one final sacred task. Please escort the prisoner to the judgment chamber below."

The PunishmentEdit

The verdict is executed

Now that the trial is over, speak with the prisoner and escort them into the judgment chamber.

Aranak is found guilty:

"I'm sorry for what I did. Isn't it possible to look the other way? Isn't it possible to forgive?"
Let's go.
"Please, I don't want to die. I'm not ready.
I did not mean to hurt anyone! It was just a plant!"

If Eranas is found guilty:

"I didn't cut Sanguine Alendil, but I did make a potion from its flowers. I accept the judgment against me."
Please come with me.
Lead on, Advocate.
I was foolish. I tried to convince myself that I was keeping the Pact, that my actions wouldn't catch up with me
I'm sorry. At least Gathiel lives."

If Gathiel is found guilty:

"This isn't real. This is all a bad dream."
Follow me.
"This can't be happening. This can't be happening.
Don't you understand? I was dying! That plant was my salvation. You would've done the same!"

The judgment chamber can be reached through the remaining door of the first cave chamber. Walk down the espalier of spriggan ghosts until you reach the pile of bones in front of a sentient tree. The prosecuted will then kneel in front of this tree and then Green Pact justice will take place.


A relieved treethane and a restored Sanguine Alendil

You can now return to Treethane Rolon to receive your legal fees:

"You have done what we could not—you have restored us to the Green Pact. All is right, even if all is not yet well. Thank you."
Aranak is dead. (If Aranak was found guilty)
"It's a painful loss. Aranak was an important part of this community. He gave us contact with the outside world.
I hope you'll be able to fill that role for us. You're welcome here always."
Spinner Eranas is dead. (If Eranas was found guilty)
"I can't help but feel that losing our Spinner makes us twice-punished for this crime. Is it the sense of betrayal? Or knowing how hard he will be to replace?
But we are in your debt. Thank you."
Gathiel is dead. (If Gathiel was found guilty)
"Gathiel was the gem of our village. It's still hard to believe – but who could blame her for wanting a cure to her illness? The Green Pact is a harsh burden, sometimes.
Still, we are grateful to you. You're welcome here anytime."

Collect your reward by ending the Quest. You may recognize that the Sanguine Alendil is now blooming again.


  • The items of evidence won't exist in the town before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • The wildlife in the village is removed and those in the woods surrounding the village become neutral after completing the quest and clearing the location.


  • The NPC you are escorting may disappear upon entering the Judgment Chamber. ?
    • Relogging the game will let you progress with the quest but you will miss the interaction with the sentient tree.

Quest StagesEdit

Pact Advocate
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I've been directed to speak with the Treethane of Karthdar to get details on what's happening. He and the rest of the town are holed up in a nearby cave.
Objective: Talk to Treethane Rolon
I've been asked to speak with the treethane of Karthdar to get details on what's happening. He and the rest of the town are holed up in the cave behind Mollorn.
Objective: Talk to Treethane Rolon
Treethane Rolon has explained to me that someone has broken the Green Pact, and he needs me to figure out who. I have three possible suspects and will need to collect testimony, physical evidence, and some magical omen against any of them to make my case.
Objective: Collect Testimony and Evidence
Objective: Find Evidence Against Gathiel
Objective: Find Evidence Against Aranak
Objective: Find Evidence Against Spinner Eranas
Hidden Objective: Acquire Testimony
Hidden Objective: Acquire Evidence
Hidden Objective: Check Spinner Family House for Evidence
Hidden Objective: Check Treethane's House for Evidence
I have collected all the testimony and evidence I need to accuse any of the suspected pact breakers. I need to decide who I feel is responsible and present my case before Treethane Rolon.
Objective: Talk to Treethane Rolon
I have accused the Spinner's wife, Gathiel, of breaking the Green Pact. I now need to prove it.
Objective: Prove Gathiel's Guilt
I should wait for Treethane Rolon to consider the evidence I presented.
Objective: Listen to the Verdict
My evidence spoke for itself and Treethane Rolon was convinced of Gathiel's guilt. I must now bring her to the judgment chamber. I should speak with her about her fate.
Objective: Talk to Gathiel
My evidence spoke for itself and Treethane Rolon was convinced of Gathiel's guilt. I must now bring her to the judgment chamber.
Objective: Escort Gathiel to the Judgment Chamber
I have brought the guilty to the judgment chamber, and shall now watch her fate.
Objective: Witness Judgment
Gathiel has met her fate. I should return to Treethane Rolon and let him know the deed is done.
Objective: Return to Treethane Rolon
* Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold>) is dynamically set by the game and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.