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Race Senche-raht Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Shohazi is a Senche-raht who can be found in the Stitches.


Before you complete any quests around the Stitches, she talks about Jubani.

"Keep your nose clean around Jubani's. She doesn't like snoops."
"Hope you brought your purse. You don't want to know how Jubani deals with browsers."

If you choose to encourage Tasnasi to kill Khasda at the end of the quest Thick as Thieves, Shohazi will comment:

"Heard Tasnasi was the one who gutted Khasda. Guess she wasn't content with just Dasalzo's blood on her hands. The price on her head's gonna be huge."

If you choose to spare Khasda, she will say:

"Between you and me. Jubani's pretty miffed about Tasnasi's takeover. It won't come to nothing. She won't cross someone as popular as Tasnasi is around here."
"With Tasnasi in charge, most of Jubani's crew are back to sorting scrap. You know the best part about not having thumbs? Never getting picked to root through garbage."