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Online:Sun-Eater Despoiler

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Sun-Eater Despoiler
Location Teeth of Sithis
Race Argonian Gender Varies
Health 31364
Reaction Hostile Class Spellblade
Other Information
Faction(s) Sun-Eaters
Condition Vampire
Sun-Eater Despoiler

Sun-Eater Despoilers are Argonian vampires who can be found in the Teeth of Sithis.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Quick Strike
A basic melee attack that does minor physical damage.
Summon Daedra
The enemy summons a Daedra to fight. It can either be a Clannfear, Spider Daedra, Ogrim or Flame Atronach. The summon will die if the Despoiler is killed.
Freezing Edge
A charged melee swing that does moderate physical damage and roots the player in frost if it connects. This attack can be blocked to set the enemy off balance.
Hand of Flame
The enemy sends three fire lines towards its target dealing moderate flame damage to all opponents hit by it as indicated by red circles. This spell can be interrupted to set the enemy off balance or simply avoided.
Lightning Grasp
The enemy raises its arm to call down lightning to strike the area around it, as indicated by red circles. This attack does moderate shock damage.
Drain Essence
The enemy drains your life force, dealing high magic damage and restoring its health every 1 second for 3 seconds.
Mist Form
The enemy dissolves into a dark mist, reducing it's damage taken by 75% for 4 seconds. Entering this form removes and grants immunity to all disabling and immobilization effects. This ability is usually used when the enemy is on low health.