ON-icon-skill-Clothing-Tailoring.png Tailoring
Line Clothing
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 free 1
Rank II 2 5
Rank III 3 10
Rank IV 4 15
Rank V 5 20
Rank VI 6 25
Rank VII 7 30
Rank VIII 8 35
Rank IX 9 40
Rank X 10 50
Tailoring I: Allows the use of Jute and Rawhide.
Tailoring II: Allows the use of Flax and Hide.
Tailoring III: Allows the use of Cotton and Leather.
Tailoring IV: Allows the use of Spidersilk and Thick Leather.
Tailoring V: Allows the use of Ebonthread and Fell Hide.
Tailoring VI: Allows the use of Kresh Fiber and Topgrain Hide.
Tailoring VII: Allows the use of Ironthread and Iron Hide.
Tailoring VIII: Allows the use of Silverweave and Superb Hide.
Tailoring IX: Allows the use of Void Cloth and Shadowhide.
Tailoring X: Allows the use of Ancestor Silk and Rubedo Leather.

Tailoring determines the quality of Clothing items you can make. This includes Light Armor (made from cloth) and Medium Armor (made from leather). You start with one free point already in this skill, allowing the crafting of Jute and Rawhide armor.

The materials used to craft Clothing items are as follows:

Light ArmorEdit

Raw Material Refined Into Used To Make... Level
ON-icon-raw material-Raw Jute.png Raw Jute ON-icon-processed material-Jute.png Jute 00Homespun Armor 1 - 14
ON-icon-raw material-Raw Flax.png Raw Flax ON-icon-processed material-Flax.png Flax 01Linen Armor 16 - 24
ON-icon-raw material-Raw Cotton.png Raw Cotton ON-icon-processed material-Cotton.png Cotton 02Cotton Armor 26 - 34
ON-icon-raw material-Raw Spidersilk.png Raw Spidersilk ON-icon-processed material-Spidersilk.png Spidersilk 03Spidersilk Armor 36 - 44
ON-icon-raw material-Raw Ebonthread.png Raw Ebonthread ON-icon-processed material-Ebonthread.png Ebonthread 04Ebonthread Armor 46 - 50
ON-icon-raw material-Raw Kreshweed.png Raw Kreshweed ON-icon-processed material-Kresh Fiber.png Kresh Fiber 05Kresh Armor Champion Points10 - 30
ON-icon-raw material-Raw Ironweed.png Raw Ironweed ON-icon-processed material-Ironthread.png Ironthread 06Ironthread Armor Champion Points40 - 60
ON-icon-raw material-Raw Silverweed.png Raw Silverweed ON-icon-processed material-Silverweave.png Silverweave 07Silverweave Armor Champion Points70 - 80
ON-icon-raw material-Raw Void Bloom.png Raw Void Bloom ON-icon-processed material-Void Cloth.png Void Cloth 08Shadowspun Armor Champion Points90 - 140
ON-icon-raw material-Raw Ancestor Silk.png Raw Ancestor Silk ON-icon-processed material-Ancestor Silk.png Ancestor Silk 09Ancient Silk Armor Champion Points150 - 160

Medium ArmorEdit

Raw Material Refined Into Used To Make... Level
ON-icon-raw material-Rawhide Scraps.png Rawhide Scraps ON-icon-processed material-Rawhide.png Rawhide 00Rawhide Armor 1 - 14
ON-icon-raw material-Leather Scraps.png Hide Scraps ON-icon-processed material-Leather.png Hide 01Hide Armor 16 - 24
ON-icon-raw material-Leather Scraps.png Leather Scraps ON-icon-processed material-Leather.png Leather 02Leather Armor 26 - 34
ON-icon-raw material-Thick Leather Scraps.png Thick Leather Scraps ON-icon-processed material-Thick Leather.png Thick Leather 03Full-Leather Armor 36 - 44
ON-icon-raw material-Thick Leather Scraps.png Fell Hide Scraps ON-icon-processed material-Fell Hide.png Fell Hide 04Fell Armor 46 - 50
ON-icon-raw material-Topgrain Hide Scraps.png Topgrain Hide Scraps ON-icon-processed material-Topgrain Hide.png Topgrain Hide 05Brigadine Armor Champion Points10 - 30
ON-icon-raw material-Iron Hide Scraps.png Iron Hide Scraps ON-icon-processed material-Iron Hide.png Iron Hide 06Ironhide Armor Champion Points40 - 60
ON-icon-raw material-Superb Hide Scraps.png Superb Hide Scraps ON-icon-processed material-Superb Hide.png Superb Hide 07Superb Armor Champion Points70 - 80
ON-icon-raw material-Shadowhide Scraps.png Shadowhide Scraps ON-icon-processed material-Shadowhide.png Shadowhide 08Shadowhide Armor Champion Points90 - 140
ON-icon-raw material-Rubedo Hide Scraps.png Rubedo Hide Scraps ON-icon-processed material-Rubedo Leather.png Rubedo Leather 09Rubedo Leather Armor Champion Points150 - 160

Patch NotesEdit