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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Join Divayth Fyr on a unique expedition to a land of curiosity and contradiction.
Zone: The Clockwork City
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Eldrasea Deras or Lilatha
Location(s): Tribunal Temple, Clockwork City Vaults, Brass Fortress
Previous Quest: Of Knives and Long Shadows
Next Quest: In Search of a Sponsor
Reward: Living Shadow Skin
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6050
"My shadow! My power! Don't let it escape!"
A servant of the Dark Elf sorcerer, Divayth Fyr, sought me out to extend an offer. Fyr plans to take a "unique expedition," and requires a heroic companion. (if accepted from Eldrasea Deras)
The Psijic sorceror, Lilatha, asked me to seek out Divayth Fyr, a powerful Dark Elf mage. Divayth may know more about the shadows I encountered, and the Daedric artifact they seek. (if accepted from Lilatha)
The famed wizard, Divayth Fyr, has put out a call for aid in seeking a powerful Daedric artifact. I can find him in Mournhold. (if accepted from the Collections interface)

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Eldrasea Deras or Lilatha at the Clockwork Crossroads Wayshrine in the Clockwork City, the City Center in Mournhold, the Treasury in Wayrest, or the Treasury of the Tree in Elden Root.
  2. Seek out Divayth Fyr at the Tribunal Temple in Mournhold.
  3. Meet Divayth Fyr at the waterfall north of Mournhold.
  4. Find the entrance to Clockwork City.
  5. Chase the shadowy assailant through the Escapement.
  6. Defeat the shadow.
  7. Reach the Brass Fortress.
  8. Talk to Proctor Luciana Pullo.
  9. Talk to Divayth Fyr.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

While meandering in Mournhold's City Center by the merchants or loitering near the Clockwork Crossroads Wayshrine, you may encounter a Dunmer mage by the name of Eldrasea Deras. Speak with her and she'll introduce herself as a servant of Divayth Fyr, one of the oldest sorcerers in all of Tamriel. Divayth Fyr is looking for someone to accompany him on a quest to find a powerful Daedric Artifact, and Deras has been tasked with finding and receiving you as his partner.

Alternatively, if you have completed the Of Knives and Long Shadows prologue quest, Lilatha will appear in her place as a projection to contact you. It is also possible to speak to Lilatha immediately after completion of the prologue quest while still on Dranil Kir, or by the boat in Vulkhel Harbor. She brings news that Divayth Fyr is also looking into the artifact, and despite their differences she asks you to go and warn him before his shadow attacks him like the other researchers.

Either way, you must go to the Tribunal Temple in Mournhold to speak with Divayth Fyr.

The Tribunal TempleEdit

Divayth Fyr greets you when you enter the Temple.

Divayth Fyr: "Ah, you've arrived at last. Come forward, we have much to discuss."

You will have to speak with him. He will greet you differently based on if you've met him through the Halls of Fabrication, or if you've completed Of Knives and Long Shadows. He will explain that he needs to travel to the Clockwork City to investigate and needs someone with your skillset, and if you have completed specific quests he will use them as an example of your skills. If not, he simply says you will do great things in the future.

Regardless, you agree to help him out. He asks you to meet him at the waterfall north of the city and leaves the temple.

Divayth Fyr: "Prepare if you must, but make it quick. Time is not on our side."

Head north of Mournhold, just behind the Temple to find the waterfall. When you arrive, Divayth Fyr will call out to you to come through the waterfall. Once you do, you'll find yourself in a small cave with a wooden door. You can ask him further questions about Sotha Sil and the Clockwork City, but he asks you to make it brief. Some notable information he will share includes the fact that the Clockwork City is an "incomprehensibly powerful world-shaping device" hidden to keep it safe from those who may misuse it, and that he hopes to find the Daedric artifact since it seems much more significant than most due to most researchers dying over it.

Once you finish questioning Divayth Fyr or decide not to, step into the secret cavern and enter the Clockwork City Vaults.

Journey to the Clockwork CityEdit

Divayth Fyr "Hmm. Even draftier than I remembered. Follow me."

Follow Divayth Fyr through the cave. The interior is full of fungi and foliage, and the entrance opens up to a massive cavern. As you cross a narrow plank bridge, Divayth will comment on the Dwemeri architecture dominating the center of the cavern.

Divayth Fyr "Welcome to the Dwarven hold of Bamz-Amschend … such as it is. Ironic that Ayem's holy city of Mournhold has Dwemeric roots, don't you think?"

Continuing behind Divayth Fyr, take the wooden walkways and bridges through the cave and past some ruined Dwarven machinery. He will comment on a few things as you progress.

Divayth Fyr "Curious. Practically no one knows this route, but this scaffolding looks new. Built by rogue ordinators perhaps? Stay watchful."
Divayth Fyr "Sotha Sil always did admire Dwarven industry, albeit quietly. Perhaps that's why he built his city here."

Eventually, he will lead you down some to a large Dwarven building, covered in ivy. The exterior has a few Dwarven Spiders, some destroyed and sparking while others are fully functional and still dangerous. Crates and barrels and sacks are to the sides of the platforms near the building. Inside is a lift, near identical to the ones in The Reach and Western Skyrim.

Divayth Fyr "This lift will take us to the nethermost depths of the ruin, and to our destination. Come along."

Activate the lever and descend to Seht's Vault. Follow Divayth Fyr through the door, and through the passage to find another grand chamber, the Dwarven architecture blending with a similar but distinctly separate style.

Divayth Fyr "Do you see, just across the ravine? That's our door."

Metallic humanoid figures stand around on the non-Dwarven bridge, either idle or performing repairs on various pipes or stonework. As you approach the stairs, you see a garrison of these metal guardians holding their shields up to stop anyone passing them, but they stow their shields and sheathe their blades when Divayth Fyr approaches.

Divayth Fyr "Sotha Sil's factotums still remember me. How touching."

The garrison parts down the middle, four to a side, and each member kneels at the sides of the passageway so the pair of you may pass.

Divayth Fyr "I'd say prepare yourself, but nothing can prepare you for what's to come. Touch the sphere. The Clockwork City awaits."

Beyond the guardians is a massive sphere, made of constantly rotating mechanisms. On a dias in the middle sits a smaller, fully enclosed version of the sphere, with a grand-looking tower on a rocky slab inside. Touch it and you will shrink down and be transported inside.

The Brass Fortress…?Edit

The moment you arrive, it becomes clear that something is amiss.

Divayth Fyr "What in the …. This is not the Brass Fortress."
Divayth Fyr "Someone diverted our passage. Audacious, but foolhardy. When I find them I'll …. wait. I feel … cold."

He starts shivering as shadows pool around his feet. Divayth Fyr's Shadow abruptly splits from its host, and he turns around to face it.

Divayth Fyr: "Back, creature!"
Divayth Fyr: <He blasts the shadow with magic, causing it to run away and disappear.>
Divayth Fyr: "My shadow! My power! Don't let it escape!"

He kneels over, exhausted from the exchange and his panicked outburst. You will have to venture further into the Factotum Depository to find the shadow. However, once you step through the door and Divayth limps in after you, he will call out in warning as the factotums along the wall begin to awaken in their docks, and then proceed to attack you. Without his shadow, Divayth Fyr has been weakened, so he can only provide minor healing for you. There are four waves of Factotums. He will call out at the beginning of each wave during the fight, but once the battle is over he seems to recover from his previous limp and runs into the Scrubbing Bore, urging you on as he does.

The pair of you are faced with a series of traps made of chains, pendulum-like axes, and spinning blades, or as Fyr calls the latter, "Swivel swords". The energy he displayed earlier only seems to have only been a brief burst, and if you speak with him he explains that removing his shadow removed a part of his soul, rendering him severely weakened. So he asks you to find a way to deactivate the traps so he can get through.

Navigate the Bore and flip the trap release switches you find along the path to deactivate the traps. To avoid the swivel-sword traps, stick to the wall. Be mindful of their positions, and hug the wall when they approach. For the pendulum traps, watch the axes' swings and time your movement so that you slink past each blade in the pause between each set of swings. Swing, swing, pause: slink on past. Rinse and repeat.

It is relatively straightforward to navigate, but for progressing as efficiently as possible you must head left from the entrance, and then turn left again. Follow the path until you reach the chain trap and the first switch should be to your right. Turn left twice in a row and head south. Mind the swivel-sword trap as you turn right. The next trap is similar to the pendulum axes, but you can either wait for it to deactivate or hug the wall as closely as possible. The segments in the wall can put you in range of the blades, so if you want to avoid damage altogether make sure you pass by them just after a blade has passed you. From there, the second and last release switch is a short walk south and to the right.

As soon as the traps are deactivated, Fyr runs past and commends you on your work. Follow him into the Pneumatic Forge. He runs through, noticing something as he does.

Divayth Fyr: "I recognize this place now. The Pneumatic Forge. We should leave as soon as possible."
Divayth Fyr: "Sotha Sil constructs his clockwork servitors here—the factotums. They reject anyone who doesn't belong. Someone meant for us to die here."

With that chilling realization, follow him into the Pneumatic Approach. Head north, fighting factotums and dodging traps through the grid of corridors until you reach the Prime Pneumatorium. Here, you will finally confront Divayth Fyr's shadow. Again Divayth Fyr provides healing, as he's been doing throughout this whole adventure since losing his shadow. You will have to weaken it for Fyr to reclaim it. During the battle, it will duplicate itself, but you only have to attack the original to weaken it.(?) Once the shadow hits 0 health, the room will go black.

"More ridiculous machines? I've had enough of this!"
Divayth Fyr: "Stand back. Time to reclaim what is mine."
<The room becomes light enough to see again. Divayth Fyr waves his hands, channeling a spell while chanting. His shadow stands up.>
Divayth Fyr: "Maliad, khebeit tehir! Devahrokad sint molad!"
<He steps into his shadow, dusting off his hands as he reattaches it to himself.>
Divayth Fyr: "Finally. You never know how much you miss a thing until it tries to kill you."

As Divayth Fyr starts to get sentimental about his shadow, a massive swarm of Factotums appears and begins to advance on you, but with his full power restored Divayth Fyr can finally do something more than offering a weak healing spell.

Divayth Fyr: "More ridiculous machines? I've had enough of this!"
<Divayth Fyr slams down his staff and a massive flurry of flames burst forth around where he (and presumably you) are standing, quickly destroying every single Factotum.>
Divayth Fyr: "Come. We still have a long way to go."

Finally, Divayth Fyr's shadow intact, the pair of you can leave the Pneumatic Forge to truly enter the Clockwork City.

Arrival to the CityEdit

You find yourself on a road at the outskirts of the Clockwork City.

Divayth Fyr: "Behold, the Clockwork City. Finally. Sotha Sil's Brass Fortress waits at the end of this road."
Divayth Fyr: "We should go there at once. I'm keen to find out who sent us on that delightful jaunt through the Pneumatis."

Take the road north, and Fyr will follow. You may have to fight some fabricants, if you stray too close to them, but the path is relatively fabricant-free. Alternatively, you can teleport directly to the Clockwork Crossroads Wayshrine and head directly north to the city. If you start wandering, Divayth Fyr will tell you to meet him outside the Brass Fortress before running off.

Head to the gates of Brass Fortress. As you approach, a woman in golden clockwork armor will appear in a flash of light.

Proctor Luciana Pullo: "Divayth Fyr! I warned you never to come back!"
<She slams her mace on the ground, creating a flash of light that Divayth Fyr shields his eyes from.>
Proctor Luciana Pullo: "And you? One of Fyr's lackeys, I take it?"
Divayth Fyr: "Luciana Pullo. Hospitable as ever. Go talk to her. I'll not waste my time speaking with a petulant toy soldier."

Fyr will step to the side to let you do the talking. She is wary, and says that only citizens are allowed within the fortress. When asked about how to become a citizen, the good Proctor tells you that you must secure an endorsement from a citizen in good standing. She leaves the task of finding a sponsor to you, offering little advice or assistance. Reminding Fyr to behave, Luciana takes her leave.

Report back to Divayth Fyr, who seems to dislike the Proctor in return. He has inconveniently forgotten that you will need a sponsorship, as he is Sotha Sil's old friend and doesn't require one, and says you will just have to wait outside the fortress until he calls on you. He also cannot sponsor you, since he isn't a citizen, and offers no help in getting one either aside from some mediocre encouragement. With that, Fyr rewards you and sends you off.

You can speak with him further before finding a sponsor to learn more about Proctor Luciana Pullo, the Clockwork Apostles, and Sotha Sil.


  • If you disconnect from the server and/or log out any time between entering the cavern behind the waterfall and defeating Fyr's shadow, you will be taken back to the entrance of the cave under the waterfall and have to redo all progress.
    • However, if you disconnect and/or log out after the shadow is defeated, you will be taken back to the entrance to the cave under the waterfall, but cannot enter. Instead, a portal behind the waterfall can take you to the Clockwork City, directly where you would have exited from the Pneumatic Forge if you hadn't logged out at all.

Quest StagesEdit

To The Clockwork City
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I must seek out the legendary Dark Elf mage, Divayth Fyr, in the Mournhold Tribunal Temple.
Objective: Talk to Divayth Fyr
I decided to join Divayth Fyr on his expedition to the Clockwork City. Our journey begins at the waterfall just north of Mournhold.
Objective: Meet Divayth Fyr at the Waterfall
Divayth revealed a secret door behind the waterfall that leads to a cavern deep beneath Mournhold. We must navigate this cave network to find the Clockwork City entrance.
Objective: Enter the Secret Cavern
Optional Step: Talk to Divayth Fyr
Divayth told me that the entrance to Clockwork City waits just ahead. I should delve deeper into the cavern.
Objective: Find the Entrance to the Clockwork City
I discovered an ornate clockwork globe, housing a miniature Clockwork City. I should use the device to enter Sotha Sil's realm.
Objective: Use the Clockwork Globe
Divayth Fyr and I arrived in a remote, underground section of the Clockwork City. Divayth Fyr seems concerned. I should stand ready to defend against any attack.
Objective: Protect Divayth Fyr
Divayth Fyr's shadow suddenly came to life and attacked its owner. It did not strike a mortal blow, but Divayth is clearly weakened. I must pursue this shadowy attacker deeper into the clockwork underground.
Objective: Chase Divayth's Shadow
Divayth's treacherous shadow led us into a room guarded by clockwork factotums. I must defeat them to clear the way forward.
Objective: Defeat the Factotums
Defeating the factotums appears to have opened a door to the next section of the clockwork underground. I must continue my search for Divayth's shadow.
Objective: Chase Divayth's Shadow
In his weakened state, Divayth Fyr cannot safely bypass the clockwork underground's defenses. I must move ahead and find a way to shut down the traps so he can travel safely through the halls.
Objective: Disable the Traps
Objective Hint: Throw the First Trap Release Switch
Objective Hint: Throw the Second Trap Release Switch
A slightly stronger Divayth Fyr arrived shortly after I disabled the final traps. We have to keep moving forward. His shadow must be nearby.
Objective: Chase Divayth's Shadow
We finally caught up to Divayth's Shadow. Now we must defeat it so Divayth Fyr can reclaim his lost power.
Objective: Defeat Divayth's Shadow
With Divayth's help, I beat the treacherous shadow into submission. I must defend Divayth as he attempts to recover his power.
Objective: Protect Divayth Fyr
A fully restored Divayth Fyr defeated the last of the factotums, allowing us to escape the Pneumatic Forge. We should make our way to the surface.
Objective: Exit the Pneumatic Forge
We finally reached the surface of the Clockwork City! Divayth Fyr suggested we take the road to the Brass Fortress—Sotha Sil's seat of power. I should make my way there.
Objective: Reach the Brass Fortress
I have reached the gates of the Brass Fortress and must escort Divatyh Fyr inside.
Objective: Escort Divayth Fyr
An imposing clockwork mage confronted us outside the gates to the Brass Fortress. She made it clear that she disapproves of Divayth's presence. I should try to defuse the situation.
Objective: Talk to Proctor Luciana Pullo
Protor [sic] Luciana Pullo, leader of the Clockwork Apostles, told me that all newcomers to the Brass Fortress must be sponsored before they can gain full access. Perhaps Divayth Fyr can act as my sponsor. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Divayth Fyr
Finishes quest  Divayth Fyr may be able to sponsor me for Brass Fortress access. I should speak with him outside the gates.
Objective: Talk to Divayth Fyr
* Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold>) is dynamically set by the game and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.